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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Little Animal Shelter Spokesman

-L Munoz, ©Daily News, L.P. - Jan 9, 2006
AS THE SARCASTIC Detective John Munch on NBC's cop drama "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," Richard Belzer tracks down demented sexual predators. But in real life he's doing cuddlier work, signing on to be the first spokesman for a public service announcement campaign for the Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center, a no-kill center in Huntington.
"A lot of pets were abandoned in Hurricane Katrina," he said. "Plus, there's always a need to adopt so they won't be euthanized. "After seeing reports of the homeless pets, Belzer said, he had wanted to help out.
So last week he spent a day posing with Munch, an adorable Shepherd mix puppy, and Tater Tot, a 6-month-old male cat. "I had the greatest time. It was wonderful," Belzer said. "Whenever a dog comes into a room your blood pressure goes down."
The PSAs will appear on more than 2,000 city taxis and in the Daily News, Ladies Home Journal and Entertainment Weekly.
Founded in 1927, Little Shelter finds homes for about 2,000 pets each year, regardless of their age or injuries.As a kid, Belzer had pet turtles. At one point as an adult he had seven cats.At 61, he's now a first-time dog owner with a 10-month-old border collie-Beauceron mix, rescued in France and named Django after jazz great Django Reinhardt.

Reprint of Jan 30th post at Got Chutzpah??? (orig. Agape is A Five Letter Word For Chutzpah).
©2006 by Kat-Renée Kittel. All Rights Reserved. Please be kind and give laughter/funny credits to author and founder of the Laughter Safety Valve Commission™. (Thanks for the aider à sauver ma vie .)

Author's Note: Under the link to Richard Belzer in the News is an organization called Safe Horizons, a non-profit organization that helps move victims of violence from crisis to confidence. The link is to their 2005 November benefit called "No Laughing Matter." Many comedians and other actors helped make this benefit possible, including Richard Belzer and his wife, Harlee McBride.

Although the Laughter Safety Valve Comission™ is a place for satirical humor, silly fun and just plain ding battiness... understand that the LSVC is actually a gift to one dear soul who helped this writer, artist & comic relief find more than just her sense of humor again...

and to thank him for giving me a safe horizon once more. Simply by listening when I corresponded, by praying, by leaving three beautiful words ...and by watching from afar.
Richard and his family will always be in my prayers.

(Amazing what a pat on the back will do...helps save lives sometimes.)

Attitude is Everything.

Love y'all,
Katie Kat =^..^=


  1. I worked with Sam three times on Law and Order. I was the defence attourney and he Abe Lincoln. One can never win a case with Abe Lincoln.
    Be well in every way...

  2. OK I need to know... What happened to you? Your losses? If you don't care to talk about it. I understand..still I'm curious.

  3. waiting for
    Your older brother
    who gave you the dare...

    Beautiful... thank you


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