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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pavlov's Cat

Pavlov’s Dog experiments have been published extensively…

You know—

Day 1: Rang Bell
Dog ate food.

Day 2: Rang Bell
Dog ate more food…

Day 3: Rang Bell
Dog ate my leg…

But not much has been published of his cat experiments until recently.

Day 1: Rang Bell
Cat twitched ear and went back to sleep.

Day 2: Rang Bell
Cat went to answer the door.

Day 3: Rang Bell
Cat said, “There is a bell ringing.”

Day 4: Went to Ring Bell
But cat had stolen the batteries.

Day 5: Rang Bell
Cat put paw on bell. It only made a thunk, thunk, thunk noise.

Day 6: Cat Rang Bell.
I ate food.

-Eddie Izzard, Host. Wembley, "We Know Where You Live," Amnesty International Anniversary Celebration (His Day 1 for Cat--slightly different)


  1. Where in the world did you get this ????

    Must be a Cat Lover - ya know like "cat's are very, very smart, even intellectual, and dogs are ...." well you fill in the rest.

    (Myself, I see the pluses and minuses in both. - I know - not as funny)

    LUV YA

  2. Hello ulala!! france!! mi name is Luna as moon you know! I´m living in english is a little poor but try to learn more every day with my blogs friends..welcome to my blog too..a hug for you!! I live near to France meows! =^.^=

  3. I found this very amusing, not to mention accurate.

  4. Reni, You should visit my blog "The Sctatching Post" sometime.
    I am Michael Exum's wife. I like your kitties!

  5. helloooooo dou you have a nap so long =^.^=

  6. you hav a sum cat that can use a computor?

    i have a pony that can do sum computor fings too

    yesterday sunshine bort a vest in cyberspace


  7. do you know that moa in chinese means cat so chairman moa really is chairman meow or in fact chairman cat.

  8. Reni, Thanks for visiting my blog. It is funny we both have the same pics. I also wanted to share that my name is Katherine Renee'--isn't that funny. Drop on by any time. I would love to chat more--see what else we have in common! :) ^..^

  9. I am a Texas girl ya'll--I got to know Reni's blog through my hubby. I guess Reni commented on there and he visited her blog and saw that she likes cats. He thus, referred me to check it out. I assure you that I am a different person.

  10. Thanks Kat,

    I'll clear that up with UTO.

    Ima Katie Kat, not just Kat...


  11. You, silly...

    I waz just abbreviatin...

    cuz ima kitty n i cant spel.

  12. I have four cats and I had to go on the Atkins diet and start running. Now it all makes sense to me. Thank you so much.

  13. You're very welcome...

    I'm not up to stand-up alone comic status quite yet.

    But I'm getting there.


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