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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Qwik Mewz on Sunny Day

Maxie Mewz Frum Mawmee's Bedroom.
Maxie n Katie had a stare fight....Maxie won. Akshully hur started growling so Mommy won...
Mommy puts Katie outta da room n Daisy mayd a runnin jump on da bed.

Maxie gohz ta sniff Daisy, cuz him likes hur.
Daisy hisst n ran out of da room. Mawmee closed da door.

Bootsie playz wif hims feet under da door, but runz away when hur sees how big him iz.

Mousie duzn't like nobuddiez save hur Mum...nuffinz diffurent dehr.

Mawmee say so far dats 3 almost votes fur Maxie ta stay and one against. She gots da swing vote...

Hugz n Purrz
- Frum Da Katie Katz

Now A Quik Mewz Frum da Tuxie Two: Mawmee iz doin tooturin stuffomz soh she helps us katch ups wif da frindz awardzn our fotoh fun contest furry soonz.
Now dis iz Maxies idea - we jus makes da contest blog a fotoh fun blog! n Gives away stuffoms! I fink We coods doo dat!! Watcha fink? Dis here whats bin submitted so far.... ats

Weze still needs updatin wifs our squillions and catnip toys ta gives away!!

Bootsie Woo n Katie Too
Furry Funny Fotoh moderaturz

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunny Dayz Repurrt: morh Mirakulz!

Hiya evfurry buddiez - Dis our sunny dayz repurrt! Mawmee tellz u bout it:
Early Saturday, I checked Maxie. His back end still looked like "him wasn't closing right."
I called Indian Hills and got scheduled for 11:30, worrying how I was going to pay - having to borrow from someone til I downloaded the pay pal greenies that everyone has been so kind to send us.
Now the wonderful newz: No fever! Dr. Johnson said the incision on one of "himz furry sax" looked freshly pink and was just healing a little off center... that's all! Maxie's not sore, so not to worry...

He also gave me pointers to look for in case I need to bring him back in - like if it reopens or starts seeping pus - and listen to this... He did not charge for the visit!!!

Now that's why I go to this doctor! He loves animals and is in the business for all the right reasons. He didn't perform Max's surgery, but he treated the appointment like a follow up visit as if he did!!

That's also why I'm trying so hard to pay this clinic the 1900 plus dollars I owe for looking after my babies... I'm having to declare bankruptcy on all my debt, but not with this clinic. Last year I tried to pay them $25 every week, but now I can barely pay them that a month. I need the Pay Pal fund to help get Daisy and Bootsie spayed and to pay on our back bill.

I also pray when I reach my goals as a successful actress and independant movie producer, that I will be able to donate to this clinic so that others can benefit from the expertise and up to date equipment this staff uses. ... gotta a long way to go... worlds ta conquer and fings ta doo.

Luv and purrz,
The Mom of the Katie Katz
Kat-Renee Purrduckshunz

P.S. Ize give a repurrt soon about deze two awardz weze gotted and who weze furrwardin dem to!! During all dis stuff bout Maxie... Daisy waz outside all nite thursdee. Ifns babiez gotted concieved... we lets u knoh. -Katie Too.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Happy Caturday!

A Mirakul Caturday Repurrt!
as of 3pm Furry Day yesserday, Maxiez swellin wents down... and him not sore noh more!! Hims all bettur n Mom won't haves ta take him to da Vet purrson today!!!

Kin him gets an Amen!!
Him still needz himz vakseen shots soh Mawmee mayk pointmnt fur dat.

Katie Too.

It's 12:45 AM CST....Mawmee goh sleepi now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update On Maxie #2

(1:46pm CST) - A quick update note from the Mom{ Maxi is doing much better today. I talked to the clinic that did the surgery. They said to keep an eye on the swelling and seepage. If the drainage turns bloody to call them back.

The swelling has gone down quite a bit and he's just a little tender. I talked to Indian Hills, our regular vet about pain meds. They want an exam (another 48.00) on top of the take home oral liquid. I still don't like the way one of the sacs is healing. I may take him to Indian Hills in the morning. - Katie Kat}

Hi furry peeplez (babiez n beanz)!! Maxie hadz his surgeree Thursdee bout noon at da loh cost plase. Da clinik say dis wents off wif flyin colurz...
Mom brot him home bout 5 pm CT. Mom iz worreed cuz himz furry sax not closing likes she finks dey shood.
One uv demz bit too swollen. Dis been morh den 15 yehrz dats our brufferz needin a hoohaectomee doh.
Maxie gotted a 24 hour anesthetik, but dis fiesty boy already runnin round momz bedroom not settlin down. Himz bun bun iz sore, Mom tried ta help dem Sax cloz bettur. Him cried n gotted upset -- just a wittel cuz hims luvs mom. We thot dey givz pain pillz fur home, but whn she cums ta gets him - dis pill onlee fur dogz!?! Nuffin fur kittehz?!?
Mom finks dat dehr is stuffoms fur kitteez like shotz or liquid stuff, like I gotz wif my ladee opurayshun. Mom iz phonin Indian Hillz (our regular vet) when da sun cumz ups and ask fur a followup visit ta chek Maxie and get sum kinds of meds for dis soreness. Weze finds out and lets u knoh.
We also got dis frind award ta givs away!! We doo dat soon as Maxie iz bettur. Fanks fur Purrin n Prayin fur Maxie! We be purring fur all uv you babiez n beans Too!

Katie Ann Kitty Too
n Offishul Furry Mewz repurrter

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


FANKS TO ALL OUR KIND FRINDS, MAXIE GOTTED ENUF GREEN FINGS FUR HIMS SURGERIE...and fur hims rabies shot and pain killers too!

And you all sints more din dat!! About 80 morh green fings din 35!! Now Maxie kin gets all hims shots (FLV & Distemper) and Daisy n Bootsie gots a fund started fur dehr ladee opurayshuns! Fanks so much!!

We will lets u knoh when deyz is and which vet be doin dat fur dem.

U iz da bestest frinds!
(mawmee got leeky eyes now)

Katie Too Jr. CEO,
Kat-Renee Purduckshunz

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Mewz n Toosday Tailz


Itz still Mondee here and Toosdee n bout an hour (CST)!! Soh Daisy May n Katie Too gonna share dis postie. Weze still burrowing stuffomz ta gets our bloggin werks dun.

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
Furst Late Monday Mews: we gotz dis hear Luv Ya Award frum

Mawmee tellz you mohr bout dis award at da ends of da blog post. -Katie Too
...Ackshuallee Maxie iz gonna talks in a minnute too.

Herez my short tattle tail fur toosdy:
Katie n Bootsie n Mousie n Me dont knohs whats ta do bout dis kitty boy. Him luvs our Mawmee... but we still votin on if himz kin stay. - Daisy.
Him seems nice, but him skarez littel Bootsie cuz....

"Him needz hiz Hoohah-ectomee!!"
(-Dats frum all uv us)
We lets Mawmee n Maxie talks now. Did anybuddee guess who dat funny face was?
=^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Yep... datz Me!! Maxwell Imanuel Tigger. Datz what Katiez Mawmee callz me cuz Ize smart like da get smart movie guy and she finks an angel musta sents me ta getz looked aftur. I waz skinny cold and freezin an furry starvin! See how my tummy got big n cute? Datz cuz u guyz sent Katie Katz helps n stuff!
I luv dis mommy ladee, she been my life savur, buts Ize dont knoh whats ta do wif my hoo hahz... I finks datz everyfings sumtin ta luvz on... and I gettin bitey bout it! Ize needs less testotstironz... Mom, whatz that? I'm stuk in my dopted momz bedroom til I getz my surguree, cuz Daizy n Bootzie iz gurl katz dat not hadz dere ladee opurahuns yet!

Ize schedooled fur this Thursdee at a low cost clinik. Dey called Katiez Mawmee Monday Mornin and asked ifns she had da 35 dollarz fur dat yet! She said noh... but dey wants ta doo dis opurshun fur me if hur kins bring fifteen, but den I cants get my rabies shot. But hur dont evens have dat!! Soh pleze helps me haves a furry mirakul! I reely hate shots, but ize wants ta be a healthy boy! Pleeze use da donashun button on da upper rite cornur sohz I kins haves my opurashun and my rabiez shot! Dis lates in askin... Ize gotz til Thursday da 19th at 8am Central Time ta gets dis helps! Fanks fur ur kindness to me! Frum da sweet luving boy, Maxie Tigger.
Thanks for listening to my babiez... I do have some good nooze... uhm news. I have a small part-time job starting on Friday as a personal care assistant for a friend of mine whose husband is in hospice care. However I won't get paid until next week and only for four hours of work this Friday.
I will be working about eight to ten hours a week to start. My friend has another PCA helping, but he isn't as reliable. She is thinking of letting him go, depending on how I well I look after her husband. Please pray and purr with us that I am able to get more hours.
Thanks so much to for the Luv Ya Award!
"LOVE YA " award winner... These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.
Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.
Oh I've got teary eyez... thank u! This is a wonderful thing. I will post my eight bloggerz in our next post.... cuz I gotta feelin I'm going to have a longer list! (wif more about our funny fotoh contest, too - Bootsie Woo)
Luv and Purrz,
Katie Kat

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentinez and purrthdayz!

Happy Valentinez frum all us Katz @ Kat Renee Purducshunz!!

Just in case u waz wunderin whooz toez dese were... Dey my wittel pointy toez! Yep... dems Bootsie Woo Toes! (Go looks at last entry and see!) Daisy and Ize turned One year old last Nofembur!!

Dat meenz da uver tuxie toez iz Katiez... and Katie turned 5 in Januaree!

Well weze gonna keep da mysteree ups a littel longur ta see ifns anybuddeez wants ta guess if dat funny face in our last entry coods be da noo kitty boy!! Hims almost a year old and hims gonna be furry biggur den me!

We gotz mewz bout da furry funny fotoh contest! Weze gonna havs Squillions and knitted toyz fur prizez!! Tanks too one of our contestants who donated dem! Katie showz da photohz in hur next Monday Mewz post and we update da fotoh blog dis weekend.

And now I tellz on Mawmee! Hur purthday waz diz monf - it be on da fifth day of febooaree. I dunno how old hur iz -- I cants count dat far... but weze gotted a new blog at we just started it wif my nice cutsie photo for dis Wichita Naughty or Nice Photo Contest! I hopes I winz!! Ize da nicest and da cutest!!

Happy Valentinez and purrthdayz to all!
I gotz ta go roll around on da floor and mew now.

luv and hugz... Bootsie Woo.


"Life's too short to be a lemming." -Kat Renee Kittel

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thumpinz on Thursday: TOEZ!!

Hiya!! My name iz Mouse and this here are my toez. Katie gotted on da copier and gots her fotoh taken! Den Mommi gotted all our toez copied too!

I iz a blak kitteh wif a wittel white triangle on my chest. My left fron paw is turned cause I gotted funny front feet. I useta thump reel loud when I walked, til I figured out how to get dese silly feets ta werks! Ize gotted corn allugiez and a tummy dat needs rubbin soh I don get constipurrted. I iz furry quiet speshul needz kitteh.

Dis here are tuxie toez! Kin u guess whooze iz Katie n whooz iz Boostie?

And dis here is Daisy and Maxie.... Who dat funny face?

Kin U guess da toez?

Bootsie tells u ifns u iz rites on Caturday!
Dat be Valentinez Day!!!

Hugs and Head rubbiez,
Mouse E. Kat

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weze Postin Noo Stuffomz Soon!

Weze be postin noo stuffomz soon!

We bin sittin on Mawmee ta makes hur go ta bed earlee so she kins gets up and borroh our frindz compootur offise to finds werk at home stuffomz.
Weze gotz noo contest prizes and.... and...TOEZIEZ!!

Mawmee showed us how ta sits on da copier and copy our Toezie prints! We show dem and see ifns u kin guess whooz toeziez iz whooz! See ya Thurzdee or Furry Day...

Hugs n Purrz
Katie Ann Kitty Too