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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Morh Bad noos wif sum good noos.

Hiya, Morh Bad noos wif sum good noos.

Friday, whn Mahm wen to da bean doktur today, hur waz lookin 4 parkin spot (on curb). Hur ranz da car (datz da movin fing) inta a big bloo publik werks truk. Hur iz fine, but our movin fing iz furry hurtid n cant move noh morh. Mahm say da rite front fendur iz all wrekt up like totaled

Good Noos: Mawm'z bean doktur waz furry good! She gotted noo meds fur asthmatik stuffoms and will goh fur breathin test at hospital nex toosday - da clinik sinds beans to hospital so dat free. Dis clinik ask 5.00 donashun - but dey giv hur bak green fings!

Will send bcc email furry soon... Hur rested yesserday.
Today hur help granmahmee wif stuffoms

Will giv morh updates soon.

Luv n hugs n stuffomz....
Katie Too n da Furry Mewz Gang.=^..^=


  1. Sometimes it seems bad news is never ending -- problems too. We sure hope your mom's car can be fixed and your grandmom will feel better.

  2. We hope your Mom and GrandMom well get to feeling better soon! We hopes the car is drivable so Mom can get to her appointments!

  3. We's all purring fur yous.
    Glad yours granmommy is getting some doctor help.
    Love & Purrs,

  4. da movin fing is broke and cant goh nowher. Mawmee iz gonna hafta burrow granmawmees.

    -Katie Too

  5. akshully mawmee is goin to da doktur. Granmawmee not goin any whers rites now.

  6. I am sorry about your Mommy's accident. I am glad that her doctor can do her some good. I am sending you lots of {{{hugs}}} and prayers.

  7. Hope all start to feeling better at your place. It never is fun when family isn't up to par.

  8. My mama says she is glad your mama found a way to get her medicines and has a food card. We been there before, so we know how hard it gets. We don't have a car now, either. We are sending lots of hugs and good thoughts. We don't have a lot of monies right now, either, but hugs and good thoughts don't cost monies, but they help alot.

  9. Hope this finds you all feeling better. Sending lots of purrs and head butts to share. Happy Earth Day.

  10. just popped in to leave you all a big basket filled with love....


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