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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally Noo Born Fotohz!

(Daisy n babies Erly Eve-Tues 26 May 2009)

Mai babiez had dehr 4 week old purrthday yesserday! Happy Purrthday!

I gotz 3 gurlz n 2 boyz! Dey iz
Elliott (1st born?)
Bella (2nd born)
Munchie or Jon Jon
and Harlee.

(Big Mom isn't sure what order Olivia Jon Jon and Harlee were... Hur finks dat Harlee was last, cuz da last baby borned was smaller.)

Elliott is da biggest boy. Him gots lite grey fur wif stripes.
Bella is a sweet dark tortie gurl wif long waist
Olivia is lite grey wif sum orange on hur face wif a quiet mew.
Jon Jon is drker grey and kinda smaller den Elliott
Harlee is darker grey and mai smallest baby. Hur iz furry brite. Hur loves watchin stuff. Hur watched me cleen mai face wif mai paw. Hur lurned how ta licks hur paw! I knoh hur will lick hur face wif dat paw furry soon! (Hur bin watchin me jump outa da kitten box... I gots ta corral dat gurl fore hur triez jumpin!)

Dey iz lots uv work but I luvs dem! Big Mommy bin givin me lots of good foodies... I gets time for restin morh and morh.... Now dat dey is 4 weeks, Big Mommy helpin me teech dem ta licks offa fingurs n spoons... cuz dey is gettin sharp little toofs!

Bella sorted dis out reel goods. Hur licks offa Big Mommiez fingurs taday.

Harley likes watchin stuff soh I licked da spoon while hur waz watchin. Den hur put a paw on da spoon soh Mommie lowered it and Harley sniffed da foods!! Da uther babies still figurin dis owt...

Mom puts sum turkey baby food on dehr lips and dey lick dat... I gotta keep showin dem what ta do by licking Moms fingurs... more lessons tamorroh.

Dis Sum fotohs uvs me n da babiez frum dehr Born Day May 26 2009

Here I iz cleenin mai furst born...

Diz iz all mai babiez n me in dehr crib (box)... one uv da gurlz iz under da uther!

morh fotohz and da video furry soon!

Daisy and hur Babiez.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daisy Takes Bella on a Trip

My babiez iz grohwin fast!
Dey jus had dehr 3 week purthday last Toosday!

Toosday mornin, I took Bella (dats my tortie baby gurl) on a trip to see da big Mommy sleepin on da bed...where hur waz borned.

I put Bella between da Mommyz legs so Bella waz safe...frum fallin.

Bella crawled on Mommyz toes and woked hur up! Mommy felt fur da kitty baby...

Hur turned on da lite and said I knoh dat waz Bella! Silly Daisy. Kittenz gohz in Boxies... (i knew dat... I luvs Mommy n Bella needed me too!)

Soh Mommy put Bella in da Boxie and den I luved and fed all mai 5 Babiez...
My training worked! When Bella woked up frum naping latur, hur
looked up at Mommy and knew hoo dat iz!! Hur lifted hur head (wobbly)
and mewed at da big mommy!

See... I knew what I waz doin...

luv n purrs,
Daisy May not so Daffydil.

Purr Es... taday iz grandmommiez purthday! Hur is ummm... we dont knoh dat.

We gotted enuf greenies so I kin shoh mai babiez to Dr. Johnson!

Bootsie grohwed a wittle morh! Keep purrin fur Bootsie dat she keeps eatin!

& Mom gotz da funniest Squillion Raffle update! Maxiez back pikked da Gray Squillion raffle tikket!!

Pleez see =^..^=

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dem Kitties is Too Weeks Plus!

Dey is almost three weeks old!
We iz doin goods... da babies opened dehr eyes last toosdy...
Fanks kinds peeples, we gotted 50 greenies of 65 dat we needs ta go to our vets fur chekup!

Pleez fanks dem wif us!
Kaz's Cats -Gypsy n Tasha's Mom.

And Charlemagne and Tamar and their Momma, Colleen.
(we will update wif a linky...)

Oohh Mom cant wait ta show off my baby fotos! Dem furst photos is at Walgreens now! Til den... Pleeze see our Squillion Raffle Update!

Daisy May...
Da Bestest Mommy ever....(well kinda sorta)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Daisy's Kittens Update!

This is the Mom...I promise to finish the Squillion raffle and publically announce all the winners as soon as I get the kitchen table ready for hat pouncing! Katie Too and Maxie will have the honors.

I just had to tell this Wordiful Mewz!!

Daisy and Babies are past the first critical 24 hours! Kittens are calm, very healthy and made their first normal growth spurt! Amazing how newly born babies have spindle see thru legs, matted fur and in 24 hrs are all fluffy fat little tummies, real legs and paddy paws! Course their eyes won't open for a while. They're beautiful... I'm the Grandma, so I get to say that!

Daisy told me Tuesday morning to stay with her all day!?! She wanted me right there to help with the labor...She has been isolated in my bedroom along with little bitty Bootsie to keep big ol Maxie from bothering them for the past month. (Just like a typical boy -- has to chase the girls for fun...)

I slept in the recliner Monday night. Tuesday morn, Daisy cried at the door and I just knew. So I cuddled with her on the bed all morning til the contractions came close together early afternoon.

Long time since I helped with birthing. When Daisy started to cry with her first baby (Olivia), I instinctively took the pressure off - gently with my fingertip, Olivia's head to made it thru. The second baby (Bella) came out back end first - and is the largest kitten. The largest part of the head stuck. Daisy cried and I reduced the pressure again - Bella came through! The other three birthed just fine... After photos and a video of them nursing, I helped transfer Daisy and kittens to a big cardboard box in my closet!

Daddy was a neighbor's cat. "Wolfie" is small boned, long haired black tabby and a "Wolverine" face. Four of the kittens will be smaller like him and are shades of light to medium grey and may have long hair. Bella has Daisy's long waist and brown tabbiness with a bit of copper on her face. Seems there are 2 boys, 3 girls. My photo and video equipment is old tech. Will post photos when developed, hopefully next week. I need to copy the video to DVD for uploading.

Except for Bella, named for the movie abt a waitress unexpectantly pregnant, I picked names from Law And Order: SVU - Olivia (Mariska Hargitay), Harlee (Richard Belzer's wife), Elliott (Chris Meloni) and Munch (Richard Belzer). I will be contacting two local no kill orgs to help me with forever homes.

My main concern now: during labor, the birth canal did not stretch at first and there may have been some tearing with the first two kittens. She's not running any fever and I am giving her extra vitamins, Kitten Chow and glucosamine.

I want to have Indian Hills Vet check Mom and babies though - the appointment runs about $65.00.

I'm also worried about Bootsie. She slept on the edge of the bed and didn't bother Daisy and I until all the kttens were born. Then I had to put her out of the bedroom, because she started growling...

Funny thing, later out in the living room - she found a fuzzy white mouse and started carryin it around like it was her kitten! So in her own little way, she figured it out.

Yet, Bootsie won't hardly eat anything except Temptations and she's been all wound up hormonally for days. Normally a very small cat, just under five pounds. Big Maxie who is a chubby 15 pounds keeps chasing her...(I am looking into a forever home for him. He is so quiet, sweet and fiesty playful...just too much of a handful!)

Bootsie needs to be checked out before being spayed to make sure she hasn't lost too much weight first.

Hugs n Purrs,
Katie Kat,
(da noo Grandmommy)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NOOz!! Daisys Babies!!

Hi ya!!
Furst uvs all -- Toosday Afturnoon frum 1 to 4 pm: Daisy's babiez cummed out ta see da world!! I don't get ta be in da room wif dem, cuz dey iz furry littel. Even littler din I iz!! Dats cuz dey iz noo! Ize a 4 and half pound yehr old little big gurl!

Reezon I knoh what happnd? I purrtended ta be sleepy on da corner ov da bed while Daisy gave burth and Mommy helped.
Dehr is five babies... four iz grey tabbiez n one is blackish tabbie wif sum orange. Dehr wood have bin six, but sumpin happened dat we dont knoh cuz da furst sac had nuffin in it. After dat, Daisy had trubble havin da furst two kittiez. Mahm had ta help hur sum. Hur cried sum when dehr head was cummin out, and Mom is worried bout dat.
Any Moms and beans got advice fur us what we shood chek ta make sure hur iznt hurted frum stretchin??

Da rest uv da babies cummed out reel easily...Da furst baby waz borned after 1pm and da last baby cummed out at bout 3:50pm... I got shooed out of da room after I growled...oops.
Mom say she gotted fotohs and a little video after dat.

Daisy n Babies is doin fine nao, dey restin and eatin...
Our Mom is compoopdid too!

We gives a noo update bout dem Squiilions on da next times...

Bootsie Woo