Dearest Furry Friendz of the Internetz...
KFM fosters thru a licensed Kansas rescue
Katiez Katz stay with different family members.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Meowry ChrisMouse n Momz Sonogram

Hiya Furry Peeplez!

Our Mawm is bin ills so we iz lates!
We iz wishin evfurryone a Meowy Chrissymouse
and hopes dat Hanukkahs waz nicest too!

Luv n Purzs,Katie TooBootsie WooDaisy MayMaxwell TiggerMouseGranma Nana and Bibi!
(dats Bibi lookin out fur snow! Weze Gotted Snowed!)

Here is our littel tree....

Dat white package is frum our Secret Paw!

Dis our tree at nite wif lights init! All colorz.
And dis our stuffums...
Nativities and purrtee candles.

We wish u a meowy Chrissymoose we wissh u a meowy Chrissmoose we wissh u a meowy ChrissMouse and a Happy New Year!

Oh bring us sum cat nippiez oh bring us sum catnippiez oh bring us some catnippiez cuz we haves bin goods!!

We iz thankin evfurryone who iz binz caring bout us dis year. Ifns we havs ur email addy, we is sendin a speshul card and purrs to helps u when u needs a frind!!

Plez purr fur our Mom.... hur is getting a sonogram of ur liver on Monday.... da hospittal founds sumpin on dehr cat scan...Deys calls it an adenoma lesion...

Hey how come I didnt find nuffin??? I scanned hur reel goods!
SEE?!? Wate.... dats a Katie Too Scan... never minds.
We lets u know what dey finds in mom's liver....
Mom sez dis coods be sompin bads... so we iz purrin....

-Katie Too.
Clik dis fing fur a Chrissymouse card...Because of Him
-For God so loved the world... John 3:16

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Surpriez Kitty Takin Ovur Innernets

Haz u seen diz noo video takin ovur da innernets?
Weze gonna have ta stay in cuteness shape to compete wif dat!!
Timez ta doo sum cross country cuteness traning!!

-Bootsie Woo..

Bootsie, dont let dis hear kittehz cuteness fool u.... iz Ninja Kitteh in Training!
Ize knohz cuz dat kitteh wz ats da Ninja Kitty meetin last week! - Katie Too.