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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Tail of Three Kittens

Hi Kitties and Humans!

Haven't put up a blog in a while cuz a friend was changing my PC to a better one...then had to do updates and new fans for faster CPU (was getting too hot and siren kept going off! ) and then I misplaced my camera cable!

Well wanted to share that I've been caring for a female kitty for almost three months. She is a grey tortie that I call Maggie.

Her kittens showed up about two weeks ago. Two of them did anyway. Two long haired males. One small black boy with a white bib and one white toe on his hind foot! His name is Toby (or toe-bee!) The other male has even longer hair and is brown tabby and white. His name is Sammy. (At first thought Sammy was a girl so her name was Samantha...)

Took a week and a half of nights to gain their confidence so I could sit on the porch while feeding them. Finally on Thursday, with the help of their fav food - chicken - I was able to sit right by the dishes, even touch the bowl and they didn't run away!

Then Friday morning, I was able to snatch them up and get them in the house. I just picked them up by the nape of the neck and they barely made any fuss! I was so amazed. They are about 7 - 8 weeks old I think.

Amazing, they let me handle them at this stage and they seem to need a lot of touching. Yet my long haired Siamese mix was like that. I have them in the bathroom, where they hide behind the toilet or in a cloth and vinyl carrier.

The boys seemed too skinny with pot bellies, a possible sign of round worms, so I got pills for that from Mitchell's Vet Supply Saturday morning, which sells to the public. I mashed up two tablets into their food (tuna and chicken to make sure they ate it all), one tab for each baby. I fed them on separate plates. Will have to give them another tablet in about two weeks. Got tape worm pills too, but haven't administered those yet.

I got an adult tablet for their Mama. Put in the food on the porch for her on Saturday evening.
Instead of Mama showing, another kitten showed up! Short hair and female, very striking tabby markings. Took that food away so she didn't get an adult dose of meds and got her something else to eat. She did eat some of the medicated food though. Mama showed up Sunday morning along with her favorite kitten.

Gave Mama the food with the meds in it and fed the third kitten something else.

Had to use a kitten trap for her, using chicken again... Sunday evening, put out the trap. Monday morning, a kitty in it, thank God she went for the trap.

I have all three in the bathroom now. The female is letting me hold her and will sleep a little in my lap, but if I move, she scampers into the open carrier. Her brothers were okay with her this morning, but this afternoon, they were hissing at each other.

My concern is that she has diarrhea and I don't have funds to take her to the vet. I can try to treat her by getting supplies from Mitchell's but I have no way to test if she still needs worm meds or antibiotics.
I would already have some blog entries up on the kitties, but haven't found the camera cable - nothing works better than seeing the babies themselves.

Just hoping for some good advice.
Katie Kat

P.S. If anyone would like to help financially for these babies to get checked by a vet, that would be great. I do have a voucher to get them and Mommy spayed for free, but it doesn't include shots and checkups.

Here is an example of my artwork: This is Sandy On Printer. her owner sells items on Bonanzle.

Any kitty or doggy that donates, I will draw your purr-trait or paw-trait from your photo.

Just send your photo to laugh_safely(at) and let me know that you would like to help fund these babies for vet checkup and local ads to find a good home. Hopefully I will find my cable soon and can show your their photos! Barring that I will try and sketch them for you...

Katie Kat


  1. We are very glad to hear that the mother cat and her kittens found someone who will take care of them... good on you for helping some little ones who need help.

  2. That is great you were able to get the three kittens - hopefully the meds will kick in for the boys, and maybe the girl is just having some problems from getting some of the adult - we hope they will all be ok soon.

  3. We hope the little girl is OK. We don't know anything about diarrhea in cats, but we thinks maybe you should feed her really bland food. The site had some info

  4. They are so lucky to have you, they are cute please keep us posted on them.

  5. So good to watch over and help the little kittens. I hope they find a furever home when they are older.
    Saw your comment over at my place and the mom here just cannot figure out which photo do have you do. Since you are the artist I liked the idea of the one of me in the cube. Whichever photo you want to do from my place is OK with us. Then we will be surprised when we get it. I know it will be purrrfect! The mom here just thinks every photo of me is cute so she cannot make up her mind. It is done. I can hardly wait to see it when completed.

  6. . . . or are you going to keep the little ones?

  7. Wonderful news that these kitties are safe! We found a website that may help the poor little female kitten with her diarrhea - it's

    We hope you can find some useful information there - Our Mom is beside herself because she can't afford to send any green papered help, (she's still paying for our house in Virginia - trying to sell in this market STINKS!! - and also for our current house in Illinois.) She says we're tapped out at the moment :(

    Sending our rumbliest purrs that those kittens get better soon!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  8. Great work catching the kittens - the earlier they get handles the better. Slippery elm bark powder from a health food store can help with diarreah which can be caused by the change in food. Just add it to the food about a 1/8 or 1/16 of a teaspoon at that size. I do all my own pet health care except for the big things so let me know if you need ideas for treatment. I can't afford a vet everytime soemthign comes up.

  9. That's so wonderful that you caught the little ones! As soon as you can, since you have a voucher to get momma spayed, do that (even though you won't have shots for her, it will help her tremendously to be spayed, as she could go into heat at any time).

    Forti-flora helps with diarrhea, one packet in the food once a day for the little one. Also, deworm her for both round & tapeworms like you're doing for her brothers. If you need any advice on taming them, etc., I've had lots of experience with ferals and feral kittens.

    How old is momma, approximately? If she's under a year, she could be tamed. If not, then it would be best to trap-neuter-release her.

  10. Hi Katie,

    Thanks for stopping by our blog!! Simon is settling in nicely - he's very happy & has made friends with Jay (now if he could just win over Nico...)

    When we saw your comment asking about Little Meow - we realized we didn't know!! So we went searching around & found the answer - a BIG resounding YES!!! Little Meow has a new forever home - YAY!!!!

    You can read about her here:

    Isn't it great to know that posting about animals in need can help them find the people who are ready & able to step up & help?? This story made our afternoon!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~ Cory (& Nico, Simon & JayJay) :)


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