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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Miri duz da post

And dey callz it Kitteh Luvz....
(Sammy on the left. Miri on the right. )
Miri likes Sammy purr purr brothur goh sleepy wif me.

Miri looks fur Auntie Katie Mom

Aunty Katie.... where am da posts fur Sunnyday n Monnyday and Twosomeday?

Katiez? ooh dat Katie Mom am sleepin agin! What matter? Mom duz u needs go to vets?

Gotzta do fings maisalfs...

Miri opens da bloggin postums.

Hello.... Hellooo? Dis am Miri wif updates on us kittens. On Satumday Katie Mom and Miri goez in truck on long rides to see vets. Miri like vet lady. Hur am nise.

Miri still gotted wormz.... dey iz badz make blood in mai stool. Katie Mom tooks Miri home and gaves all da kitties and Maggie Mom a pill called Drontal. Miri not likes dis pill. Am yucky. Mom feds pills wif stinky goodness. Still yucky. Make Miri eat all da pill. yucky yuck.

Mom puts flea stuff on our shoulders am called Advantage. Bye bye Fleas...

Miri tummy feel grumbly... go potty. badz worm init. bye bads worm.

Mai Brufur Jordi am bads boy... him not see goods so him goez growly lots.

Me tellz bout Maggie our Kitty Mom in nuther Post

K Thanks

Bye Bye.

Lady Miri Gentlepurr

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fixin Da 'Pooter

Mom, derz da purrblem.... It am broke...

Miri Fix it fur u


Toby hand me da screwdriver! Gotsta take dis hards drive out and gets dem files off uv dat.

Now we puts dat hard drive in dis machine. Sammy do dat. Otay Miri. Starts copyin dem files now!

Miri dem files all saved yet?

Fixin Pooters am hards work!

(The Mom Update: Going to use my old computer with the slow CPU until the new hard drive arrives in the mail. Getting all the files copied over to the old PC...

Blood has been showing up in Miri's stool for the past three days. Going back to the vet this morning with a sample. Will keep everyone posted)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Da Computur am Broke

Well sumbuddy broked da compootur.... Soze Mom sez weze makes short updates. Dat weerd compootur just started makin a bads noize. Mom thot it waz da fan, but it mite be da hard drive.
Mom tried ta wake da compoorter dis mornin, but it cant finish wakin ups! It just keeps tryin ta start dat opurratin system.

We hopes dat da hard drive am nots deaded cuz Mom just puts bout ten purrty photos on it and no copies uv dem.

If it am da hard drive, Mom will hafta finds a company dats restores stuffoms from hard drives dat got dead motors.

Miri and Sammy and Toby went to vets on Monday. Miri's lungs sound okays.
Sammy had enlarged lymph glands and waz sneezin sohz him am taking pillz fur dat.
Toby am okays, just wanted to go too. Him am 4 1/2 pounds!
Sammy was almost 4 pounds. Miri over four pounds.
Da Vet lady tried da natural flee killer stuffs on dem, and day okays wif it. Whew... Mom was worried dat stuffoms mite be badz fur dem. Turned out dat Mom hads a rash, but kittiez were okayz! Mom gonna do sompin diffurnt for da shy babiez (Justin, Jordi and Jaspurr).

When Miri Sammy n Toby gotted home, dey all went sleepy fur hours and hours.... and growed some more! Sammy am over 4 pounds now! Yay! Him was all skinny n stuffoms after da last growing time. Da vet thinks dat Sammy am younger or sompin den da other kitties and will be a big boy cuz of hims big earz.

Sammy gotted sompins bads doh. Him haz juvenile glaucoma.
So does Jordi, the bicolor white. Dat meen da kittens can go blind later.
Mom am gonna cheks Jaspur and Justin to sees if dey haz bads eyes too.
And Unca Mike caughted Maggie! Hur am in a big crate to keeps hur safe til hur vet visit, but hur am hiding in da kitty carrier dat Mom puts in da big crate. Hur am all hissy mads rite now. We cant show u a photo til compootur am fixed. Mom am borrowin Unca Mikes PC.

Weze hopes to gets Maggie hur lady opurrayshun furry soon so dat hur not gets tired out from morh kittenz. But hur am all hissy spittin rite now... cause hur nots never bin in da Insideland afore.

Plz purrz fur da compootur and alla kittenz cause deyz needz homes dats understands dem.

Purrz n Stuffomz,
Katie Kitty Too
Assitant Blogger Gurl.