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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Updatez n Stuff

Hiya.... dis am Tommy.  I babysit my six kittiez and keeps dem in linez at the Momz brudderz house.... actually I just keeps Jordi out of trouble mostly and ask the Mom when can I go outside agin??????  As you kin see, I amz an adorable hunk.  Da vet calls me hur linebacker!!
Now fur da mewz.  My daughter Miri am doing reel goodz!!!  Fanks fur alla dem purrz fur her to be goods and not hurt herself.

Her stitches ams healing real good so far.  Plz keep purring dat hur heals ups alla da way.  And hur am a much calmer kitty now acshully!  Maybe hur not slap my nose so much now! (Miri iz my only gurl and hur gets fed ups wif so many boy catz in da house sumtimez!)

Now fur other mewz.... The Mom checked into our friendz at Jan's Funny Farm, to findz out dey waz given a spot on Pet Moz!  You can read about dem at Featured Friday: Jan's Funny Farm: Full of Life, Love & Laughter.  And in dat artikul u kin see dere Percy sacked out, snoozing and snoring amid all da cushunz.   Datz furry good mewz!

Unfurshunatsly, the Mom haz bad newz.

Some bad bug bit our pooter and broke da operating system. So weze ams borrowing a nuver one until the Mom gets a better pooter frum Uncle Mike, hur brudder.  And weze needz a newer modem wif a better firewall!  Our modem/router (ATT Two Wire) am likes more den twice az oldz az me!  and I dont know how many olds I am.  I finks I am two maybe.

Da Mom finks a newer modem/router and an updated operating system (bin running XP) likes Windowz 7 mite have bit dat bad bug afore it bit our pooter!

Da Mom bin keeping most of da files on a separate hard drive (D) from the C drive. I reelly dont knoh what dat meenz, but wif Miri'z help (dat smart gurl takez aftur hur mommy Maggie), the Mom waz ables to move da files on C to D in Safe Mode, so we gotted effurting!! And weze got a back up of almost alla da files at!
The Mom just had to put D drive ina nuther pooter! Now hur just gotta finds out how to keep saving our filez n stuffs from a difurnt pooter. The Mom will talk to da Carbonite folks tomorrow.

We knowz Bootsie purrmiced dat the Mom would share hur recent artwork wiff u, so we try to do dat before Chrissy mouse and Hanukatz posts.  Also, Miri am helping da Mom puts togevur a photo collage of my kidz and me to puts below da banner photo showing Katie Too, Bootsie Woo and Maxwell Tigger.  And den after Chrissymouse, da Mom will write bout seven bloggiez at leest bout me and my we needs furever homez, and Maggie da Mom who disapeared.

Purrz, Tommy da Daddy cat...

(snoozing in my brother's computer chair. Also pleeze purr fur me, too.  I have to have a sonogram today, a followup on a mammogram three weeks ago due to three questionable areas on my right side. - the Mom.  )

Monday, December 05, 2011

Miri had her Lady Surgery Monday!

Hiya Furry Frindz,

Dis am Lady Miri Gentlepurr... Ize just had my Lady Surgery Monday afternoon.

Dis am Monday nite and I'm driving the Mom crazy cause I wanted to run all over the place as soon as I got back home!!
I'm a little loud purr ball wanting lots of tenshunz (attention) and lovins and Mom is having trouble keeping me in the bathroom til tuesday morning.

I thinks the sleepy medz has gone to my headz!  Instead of being dozy like my brutherz waz, I'm all high and hyper....  So can you purr for me to calms down and be a goods gurl and not hurt myself?

Dere is a bits of red on my incision so pleze purr dats I gets all well wif no compurrlicatshunz... (complications).  Cause I do haves an auto immune purrblem sumtimez.

(Earlier this year her paw kept getting swollen along with her lip.  She had to have some steroid shots.  The doc just said it was an auto immune disorder.)

Purrz n stuffs to one and all!!!  Hope efurry onez had a goodz Thanksgiving!