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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Help me Save Princess the Persian Kitty

The Mom - that is me - haz been furry overwhelmed lately by all sorts of stuffoms, specially by caring for umpteen kittiez....

This kitty needs help asap.  Her name is Princess and was living with My Mother's Neighbor who brought her home from the humane society.  This is how she looked in December.  A small healthy older kitty with a feisty but gentle lady cattitude. That's me holding Princess while MMN takes the photo.   

Here is Princess today all scruffy looking after I tried to give her a bath with warm vinegar water and trimmed some matted fur.

When My Mother's Neighbor was evicted from her home almost two weeks ago, she left her cats and puppy with "A Neighbor" who couldn't care for Princess. Not that she didn't try, just too much responsibility for "A Neighbor" to handle - she was afraid to handle a petite older cat.  Princess was left in a carrier where she soiled herself constantly. Her carrier was cleaned, but not Princess.

Unknown when she became ill before or after the eviction, since I was told that Princess began hiding and not using the litter box after Halo, the male cat My Mother's Neighbor had lost last year was found and brought home from the humane society more than a month ago.

Princess is furry sick, but eating and drinking lots of water for now.  She may have developed diabetes.  She holds her urine in for way too long and has the sniffles.  I gave her some Clavamox today and hope to take her to the vet in the morning.  She desperately needs an auction to pay for her bills. (all funds fur Princess Auction will help Princess only) My brother will help fund tomorrow's visit, but will need to be paid back as soon as possible.

If Princess perks up after vet care, I may have a home for her in Oklahoma with a member of a Persian Rescue Group.  Princess needs lots of Healing Purrs too.

Hugz n Paddy Pawz,
Katie Kat


  1. Poor little girl being neglected so badly. Bless you for helping her. Maybe if you emailed KC of the CB she may be able to help organise an auction to help with Princess's vet care?

    Sending Princess many rumbly purrs

    Oliver & Gerry

  2. We are purring and praying for Princess to respond well to the loving care, and to find a forever home real soon. Thank you for helping her.

  3. We's gotted it on the CB now, akshully, we posted Oliver & Gerry's sweet email.
    And we's also finking about when to start an akshun.
    Let's send sweet Princess lots and lots of purrs and purrayers.

    pee ess: We don't comment here because the validate uses two words and is very hard to read. Most of the time, Mom ML haf a migraine and couldn't even start to read these.

  4. Oh, yes, the dreaded evil word verification. Katie, if you don't know how to find the hidden off button for wv, check my blog for instructions. Cause a lot of us can't read the new wv setup.

    Glad to see you post but sorry it's about a sick kitty. Notice you have an update after seeing the vet but won't post there cause once thru wv is more than enough. :)

  5. Hello! Me and my cat Charlie came over from the CB. We are very very sad to see sweet little Princess in such a state. How awful for her! Are all the other cats and puppy alright? Oh poor Princess. Our hearts are breaking at these pics of her.

    We hope an auction starts very soon. We hope Princess perks up too. She needs a second chance - poor little girl.

    Take care

  6. Poor Princess. Mom Paula is always so sad when a Persian is not taken care of because they do require daily care and can become a mess when someone doesn't take that responsibility seriously. We hope Princess will be okay and that the Persian rescue group can take her in and find a forever home.

    Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula

  7. I read about you on the Cat Blogosphere site. I'm glad that your brother can help with the bills but understand that he needs to be paid back. I'll be watching the Cat Blogosphere for any auction developments. Thank you for helping the poor Princess.

  8. An addendum: I see that my comment was listed as from 'Anonymous' and I realised after posting it that there is no way to post my name. This is Bellen, from I Have Three Cats. Aren't these verifications a bother?

  9. Purrs fur sweet Princess. We hopes you keep the CB informed so we can help wif auction or a chip-in. We'll be checkin back in. Purrs and headbumps.

  10. My boys are sending their best healing purrs to Princess and I'll definitely visit your auction!!!

  11. Purrs that Princess feels better very soon. Hyper-T should be a lot easier to handle than diabetes. We suggest you join the yahoo feline hyperthyroid group for more info and support. Hugs and purrs to you and all of your kitties.

  12. Such a beauty she is and my sisters and I are purring that she finds the purrfect forever home really, really soon.

  13. Hope the darling gets better. I will help with auction items for sure.Katie mum says we keep losing you from our blog roll and we dont know why. Hope we can all help the little girl.. Thank you for your help.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. How sad to see the state Princess is in - she could be such a pretty lady. Mum will look and see if she has anything for an auction.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Oh dear - she looks like a sweet Persian our Mom found years ago wandering in her yard all matted. Sending lots of purrs for money and help. Thank you for giving her a chance.

  16. More well wishes for a swift recovery and some help for this poor soul.

  17. Oh noes poor poor poor sweet kitty, how awful to be stuck in a carrier likes that. That is just not living for a kitty. We would luvs to help with the auction or any way we can. We do has products we could offer up for an auction if you would likes. Please contact me at babypatches at nipandbones dot com. Purrrrrrrrrrrs for Princess

  18. Oh no no no..poor darling Princess..that breaks my heart in two. Thank you for trying to help and may a loving home be found or at least to go to the Persian Rescue Group. Seeing her gives me leaky eyes.


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