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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Silly and Beautiful Kitties Post

Lulu (top kitty) and Joey vying to get out of the bathroom at the same time.
Joey isn't showing any symptoms at all from his odd ordeal the other day. 
He's back to his playful clowning self.

 Annie by the living room window.  Isn't she beautiful?

My vet had an open house on Saturday.. forgot my camera - They had set up some stuffed animals on the surgery tables and it was really fun and informative.  While at the open house, Dr. Johnson graciously gave me deworming meds for all four kittens for the price of one kitten.  He also let me place flyers at the reception desk.  He's also interested in seeing my artwork and possibly displaying it on the wall!

The paw print in the logo is actually a copy of Dr. Johnson's doggy!

From my vet's website:
"WIllowbend Animal Hospital was established by Dr. Michael R. Johnson in August of 2012.  Dr. Johnson and his staff understand that since our pets cannot speak for themselves, the veterinary health care team must speak for them.  We believe that each pet deserves the opportunity to enjoy optimal health. We view each patient as a unique individual, in regard to their personality, health and lifestyle. Every patient deserves our best, all the time. This philosophy impacts and dictates everything we do." 

I gave the kittens their de-worming meds Sunday night.  They all seemed to handle it really well. Annie's tummy doesn't seem bloated now and Little Laura gained some more weight too.

Doobie and Annie May hung out together the other day, just walking around the house side by side like Doobie was just a big kitten, sniffing things and looking for something to do. Soo cute. Last night as she trotted past him, I asked Doobie if he liked Annie.  He moved his head toward her to lick her back and licked the end of her tail instead!

Well, longer blog post later... Gotta get these flyers ready to mail to other vet clinics in town.  Please purr for the kittens and for uncle Doobie that they find their forever homes furry soon.

Katie Kat.


  1. Lulu and Joey trying to break out of the door are just adorable!

  2. Joey seems very determined to escape first!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Love the kitten breakout picture!

    They are all looking so well now. Doobs is so handsome, what a cat!

    Gerry & Mungo

  4. Geesh, those cute little ones really want out (or in or something) don't they? Sending out purrs so forever homes will find their way to you! PURRS....


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