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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Angel Mommy Update

A wonderful Vet is coming to see Angel and her kittens.  He will be here in around an hour.  His name is Dr. John Brooks.  He used to have a no kill animal sanctuary called Meadowbrook until he had a stroke in 2011.  Dr. Brooks is the vet that took Daisy May Daffodil when she was too stressed out and she needed a calmer environment

Now Dr. Brooks does Veterinarian house calls. 

More update furry soon.


  1. We somehow missed your last post and had to go back to read it. It's great that you have a vet who can come look at them. We hope she and the kittens turn around with a little care and can be placed into loving forever homes.

  2. How great that Dr. Brooks will be coming out to check on Angel and her kittens. We'll look forward to your next update!


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