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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Thankful Thursday Updates

Laura Belle came back frum the vets and Dr. Johnson finks her nots have infection soo no antibiotix rite now... 

Him said to watch Laura fur a few more days since her am not have a fever and am eating and gots her yelling lungs working (Laura meowed loudly all the way to the vet).... 

Howsome ever, Lil Bear am sneezing and Ize having sum trubble wif breathing a bits.

So the Mom might need to take Bear and me in later this weeks if we keeps having dis kitty cold stuffs too.

Please stops by Brian's Home and purr fur them too.  Gracie am doing betters in the oxygen tent at the vets and her ate a bit.  And "Brian is still a bit snotty and so is Precious."

Now how come dey cant come up wif a flu shot fur us kitties to takes like there am fur peeple?  

Thanks fur all da purrz,


  1. I was glad to read about Laura Belle's good news. I hope she continues to stay free of infection. It's nice of you to think of Brian's Home at this time that's troubling enough for you.

  2. We are glad to hear that Laura Bell is all right. Hope she stays that way. We sure are sending ton of purrs to Gracie. Take care.

  3. Oh Brian's pad has been poorly a while I sure hope they have a very speedy recovery xx Thanks for popping by today xxx

  4. Purrs to Laura Belle from all of us. Thanks so much sweet friends, we are all sure tired of being sick.

  5. We're so glad that Laura Belle is doing so much better. We are purring for Little bear, for sure! And for Brian and his sisters, too.


  6. We're glad that Laura Belle is infection free. We're purring for her, for the rest of you, too. The kitty cold sure is making the rounds right now!

    You asked in a comment on our blog about whether the cat ornaments were homemade. They were not. They were actually premade photo frame ornaments. Thanks for asking. We're glad you liked them.


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