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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Furry Good Valentines and Bear Mewz

Hope all our Furry Friends had a wonderful Valentines...
Purrz of thanks to all who am purring fur our Mom and stuffs.

Here am Miri and Sammy when dey was younger

The Mom saw a nurse on Friday the 7th.  Her gotted pills... yucky.  and still her shoulder am hurted. Silly doctors... her needs a pain shot not yucky pills! 

Please keep the Mom in your purrz.... and me too...   

I wents to see da vets last Friday... da vets needed my bloods fur Valentines...
Dats was furry weird... and him trimmed my nails.  Den Mom, Uncle Mike and me wents to Pet Smart.  I likes dat place.  Mom always gives me sumpin to eats...  and den home agin.  

Mom say me going back to Vets fur sum surgery called nootering.  Me thinks it must be sumpin good cuz after dis nootering, I kin be wherevers I wants in the house and I can play wif da girls agin!  Ize not haves to be in Uncle Mikes bedroom or da compooter room alla time.  

And Mom say I kin haves a Cat Miztvah Pawtee after dis nootering stuffs.  

Me tells you more later cuz I dont knows when dis nootering stuffs gonna happen.  

Da doctor supposed to tell Mom if my bloods shows dats all my insides are goods so I can have surgery.  Me lets you know what my bloods saids after dat doctor tells Mom.

Purrz and Lots of Meows,
Lil Bear


  1. You're looking like a big mancat in that photo, Lil Bear!

  2. You look very handsome posing on your printer Lil Bear. Will you tell your Mom that our Mum is hoping to transfer the pictures your Mom sent us on to pillow cases this week. We hope you get lots of treats for this nootering biznis.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh dear boy..I am happy to meet you and glad to know you am goods. Nooters is a good ring. And we want to come to the Cat Mizvah!

  4. I sure hope that all goes well with all that impawtant Vet stuff!

  5. Hope your test results come back good! You must be getting to be a pretty big boy to get your neutering surgery! Yay for you!
    We hope your mom is feeling better and that her pills help her! And happy belated birthday to her!

    1. oh tanks you so much.... Mom says her yucky pills supposed to relaxe her musckles but dey just makes her sleepy. purrz, lil bear.

  6. Lauren and I wish you luck on newtering day! It's hawd work! Purring for your mummy!
    Charlie and Lauren and The Angel
    Will Cat!

  7. Hi Lil Bear - that nootering thing isn't so bad.....and I bet you get a nice treat afterwards but even better than that, you can go anywhere you want without getting into trouble! Woo Hoo!

    Hugs, Sammy


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