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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Plz Purrz for Lil Bearz Nooter Today

Shhh.... don't tell mom.  I'm hiding behind the speekerz... Todayz my nooter this morning and weze suposed ta leeves in an hour... (7am).

But Joey saids dat nootering meenz the vet turns you into a baby kangaroo.

Toby said dat nootering meens your hair grows all long and curly.

Doobie said nots to worry. Nootering just meenz your boy bumpies get smaller and you can sit up and beg for food easier.
Doobie Davy

I dont know which one am rights so I'm hiding til Mom tells me which it am...  Duz you guyz knoh????  Do let me knoh in the commints. 

Well plz purr fur me today.... At least the vet said my bloods looked all goods wif no worries.  Just showed I had a vaccination fur distemper already.

But I hope I dont turn into a baby kangaroo or get long curly hair likes Toby.  Hez lazy...

Lazy Toby
Will let you know tonights If
I'm a kangaroo or not.

Lil Bear.

(side note - Bear's Mom passed away after she was spayed ... so Dr. Johnson will be watching Lil Bear for any signs of problems with anesthesia. - Katie the Mom)


  1. We hope everything goes well today Lil Bear and Mom.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh dear, we are purring like crazy for you.

  3. We hope your nootering went well. Sending you lots of big purrs during your recovery.
    XOXO from Princeton and Precious.

  4. Purrs from Charlie and Lauren and Angel Will Cat

  5. Hey, Lil Bear. Purrrrrrrrrss that everything went OK. We hope you are relaxing, enjoying the pink unicorns or whatever the sleepy juice the V*T used gave you.

  6. Yo Lil Bear, don't be believing that Toby about curly fur, Doobie Dave has the truth of it. We hope your neuter went ok and you are back home now recovering and getting lots of treats

    Sending nice rumbly purrs to you
    Luff Mungo & The Ape xx


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