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Monday, March 17, 2014

Katz in St. Pats Hats

Bear: Hey Mom You founded us sum hats to wears!

Doobie: I looks good in green. goes wif my eyes.

Lulu: I gots sum clovers!

All us Katz wants to wish you a furry safe and Happy St. Patricks.  If you didn't see the fun moovie bout origin of St. Patrick's Day please cheks our last post wif this link:  Bet You Didn't Know

Bear:  We're not really wearing hats, but Mom found  Monday Movies of a real kitty wearing a St Patricks Day Hat.  Mom says get ready to Squeee!!!

All us Katz purr you haves a wonderful St. Patrick's Day... Stay safe and Remembers dats St. Patrick was a good guy...  Purrz, Lil Bear.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bear shows a St. Patties Moovie

Bear: Mom... dat am a funny bunny. what him wearing green fur?
Katie Kat:  That is a Leprechaun Bunny. He's wearing green for St. Patrick's Day.
Bear: What am dat?

Well mostly people wear green and try not to get pinched.  Yet, the day is really about a man named Patrick who lived a furry long time ago.  He helped people in Ireland get to know about Christianity.

When Patrick was a boy in Great Britain, some people captured him and took him to be a slave in Ireland. He miraculously escaped and went back home... yet he felt that he had to return Ireland...

Bear: Mom... Mommy. Mom?
Katie:Yes, Lil Bear?
Bear: Lets has Moovie On Sunny day. Otay? It am about Patrick.
Katie: Okay... Good Idea.

Bear: What abouts da funny bunny Mom?
Katie: Oh...The bunny wants to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's fur Monday!

Bear: Otay! Has a nise day everybunny!!...and a cat scanned mommy's tummy on friday at hospittal to looks fur bad stuffs... so please purr fur mom's tummy...

Katie: Bear... actually it was an MRI machine and it looked at my liver to check to see if lesions that were found over a year ago have grown... Thanks for asking people to purr fur me... We can tell folks about the results next week...

Bear: Can we shows anuver moovie bout St. Patrick tomorrow?
Katie:  We didn't finish telling about the day you were nootered though.
Bear:  Kin we has moovies on Monday furst pleeze?
Katie:  Okay...  We'll watch another movie... and maybe we'll find a green hat for you to wear.

Bear:  and maybe some hats for the other kitties too!  I loves you Mom....
Katie:  I love you too, Lil Bear.... 

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hallelujah Bear am all goodz

Hi furry friends.  Mom here. Bear waz furry scared but also a furry good boy.  Hims surgery went amazingly well this morning and we have been resting all day.  Even Joey played nursemaid and watched over Bear today and snuggled with him.

Now I can have a good nights sleep instead of staying up all night keeping my sweetheart company so he wouldn't wake Uncle Mike who has to go to work furry early every morning.

The vet assistant and I helped Bear calm down before placing him in clear plastic box that helps release anesthesia in a way that isn't scary like shots and yucky cages.  And they also used less intrusive means to anesthetize him to help prevent pawsible complications.  Will give longer story in next post. 

Forgots to take the camera and he was so cute when hiding behind the vertical blinds on the window sill in the exam room... cell phone takes lousy pix.

Have it etched in my mind though... so will make a painting later.  Well, I'm going to takes a much needed rest tonight.  Hallelujah!  All is well at Katiez Furry Mewz!  Angels do watch after Vets during surgery.  And I'm purrty sure that Bear's Mom, Angel, was snoopurrvising too.

Longer Post Later.  
Purrz, Katie Kat.

Sshhh.... Bear and Joey am sleeping with Uncle Mike.... purrz purrrz purrz.

Purr. eS. Bears surgery bills were 219.00, including a discounted surgery, rabies shot,  microchip and pain meds. This was more expensive due to pawsible problems with anesthesia. 

All Hooman surgery techniques waz used likes monitoring hims heart and intubation and stuffs...  He did seem lots more awakes den me after surgery...  (pawsible resistant like hims mom.)  The Mom used a credit card to pay up front.  If you are able to helps pay dat bill even a lil bit, please see the pay pal linky in side bar or below.  Bear and me will sends a furry speshul thank you.

Lots of purrs, Joey the kitty nurse.

purrz purrrz purrz..... night night frum Joey and Lil Bear.

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Please Purr Bear Gets Nootered Today

Bear walks off of printer while Doobie looks out the window.
Bear:  Mom! Moom!  Mommy? Momma mom?
Katie: Yes, Lil Bear?
Bear: Am my nootering gonna be tomorrow?
Katie: Well, if you are a good boy and can be furry calm for the doctor.

Bear:  Am I gonna turn into a baby kangaroo like Joey said?
Doobie: I toles you, Bear. Dey jus gonna makes your boy bumpies flatter dats all. 
Bear:  I remembers dat.
Doobie: Well you're going to be okay, Bear. It be okay.  Angels likes your Mama watch over vets doing surgery.
Bear: Otay. 

Doobie: Kin I leaves da room now Mom?
Katie lets Doobie out of the room.

Bear: Bye Bye Doobie.  Mommy Mommy Mom?  When we wents to the doctor vet last times, you forgot to tell me sumthing when you went bye bye and left me there.

Katie:  What's that Bear Bear?
Bear: You forgots to tells me that you would be right back! And den the doctor put me in a cage and I gots sooo scared.  I thoughts I not ever sees you no more!

Katie:  Oh my. That's right.  We didn't play the "be right back" game.  No wonder you were soo scared.
Bear: So when the doctor opened the cage again to put me in the carrier, I jumped on hims shoulders and den jumped down. When dey tried to catch me, I grabbed hims shoe wifs my teeth.  I just wanted him to take me home and find my Mommy! And I was hungry!  I was growing dats day and I needed foods!  I didn't mean to hurts nobody.  And I could smell a doggie!  A big doggie!  Him could hurts me.  I dinnit knows.

Katie:  Well Lil Bear, there won't be a doggie tomorrow.  And I promise we will play the be right back game. I will remember to tell you, "I'll be right back" this time so you'll know I'm coming back later, okay?

Bear: Otay. Dats goods. Ize gotted bigger now.
Katie:  You have grown alot in two weeks.  You weighed just under 7 pounds that day and now you weigh over 8 pounds! 

Bear:  Do we haves to go in car?  Do I haves to be in carrier?  I not likes being in carriers in car.
Katie: Well we have to get there in a car and you have to be in a carrier so I can drive the car.  It will be cold in the morning.  You can snuggle in the blankie to keep warm.

Bear: Oh all right... I will try be a good boy.  I loves you Mommy Momma Mom.
Katie: I loves you too, Lil Bear.  Get some rest.  In the morning, we'll ask for purrs like last time for your surgery.
Bear: Otay Mommy Mom, Lets takes a nap together.

Early Wednesday Morning
Bear:  Hello furry peeples!  Pleeze purr for me today. I will try and be a good boy and go sleepy for the doctor so he can help me haves my nootering. 

Ifns I gets my boy bumpies flattened today dens I kins haves a cat mitzvah pawtee.  I sure hope everything goes well today.  At my cat mitzvah pawtee, Mommy Mom am going to tells everyone my noo furst name!

It am Hebrew for "son of my right hand." Please let me know if you guess what dat name am.  Mommy Mom will let you know when da Cat Mitzvah pawtee am and we will haves some catnip cakes and stuffs.

Mommy Momma Mom will gives you an updates later today on how I dids in da surgery.

Purrz and lots of meowz n stuffs.
Angel's Lil Bear