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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday Toby Tail Mewz!

Toby's Tail packed in gauze, syringe tube and blue tape
Last Week in Purrview:

Funny Worm! After Bandage Came Off Thursday AM
April 22nd Tuesday am: Toby's tail felt warm thru the bandage. Worried that he might be running a small temp.  Uncle Mike and I took Toby to the vet late afternoon. 

Thankfully no fever! And his tail was no longer warm. Dr. Johnson changed his meds to Zeniquin, since Amoxicillin (from Emergency Clinic) seemed to be making his stools a bit loose.  The Doc said should be able to remove Toby's bandage on Friday. Made Apt for Fri 4:30pm.

April 24th Thursday 6:00 am: When Uncle Mike awoke to go work, The bandage had come off on its own! Mike called the emergency vet who said as long as not red or swelling, just coat it in triple antibiotic to keep it moist.  I looked after Toby's tail while Mike went to work. Toby's Tail looked like a funny little worm sticking out of his fur.  No redness or swelling!  Healing really well, only dry and itchy. ITCHY TAIL!!! Toby wanted to get at his tail!  Poor kitty... The collar kept hims tail safe.  Toby licked the collar instead. 

Toby at Vets last Saturday

Early Friday 1AM:  Just getting ready to update the blog and let y'all know how good Toby was doing.   

Nana Mom calls (that's My Mom.. to kitties her am Nana), She is really sick from bad foods. She couldn't tell food was too old in fridge.  I rush to the Walmart (only store open), buy supplies like Pepto Bismol tablets, Gatorade, 7-Up, Imodium.  When I get there, she's throwing up and all that other yucky stuff. In and out of the bathroom all night... Very weak. I had to nurse Nana Mom all Friday.  Called Dr. Johnson and changed Toby's Appt to Saturday at 1pm... 

Stayed with Nana Mom Friday night and fed her chicken broth and Gatorade.
Saturday Morning: did errands for Mom while she slept.
Vet Assistant holding Toby's Tail

Saturday Afternoon 1 PM: Dr. Johnson checked Toby. He thought his tail was healing really well! Sutures might take 7 to 10 days to dissolve.  Toby was going to have to wear that collar for a least another week or so...

The rest of Saturday and Sunday to Monday.... Looked after Nana Mom and made sure she had something easy to eat and drink.  Her computer doesn't get on the internet very well.. (getting a new pc ready for her hopefully next weekend).

Thankfully Nana Mom has nearly recovered from bad foods with the help of Pepto Bismol tablets, Gatorade, chicken noodle soup broth and a lot of rest. (And no trip to Emergency Room!!)

And Toby am being a furry good boy!!
What a trooper! Toby hasn't tried to get the collar off... he just lays around in Uncle Mike's bedroom.  He's figured out how to eat and drink with the collar on.

So What happened this week on Tuesday and Wednesday???? 
Katie Mom Took a furry long nap!!!  

Purrz til next Mewz,

Katie Kat the Mom.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Toby Came Home Sunday Morning

Toby Update Early Monday April 21:

Toby slept with Uncle Mike last night. Him am ate sum and drank sum water. Mom will give him sublingual pain med dose after posting.

Toby Update frum Sunday April 20:

Uncle Mike and the Mom brought Toby home around 11:30 Sunday Morning, only to have to turn around and take him back... He still had the catheter in his fore leg!! The top photo was taken the first time he came home... He had pulled off the Collar and wanted to lay on the bed.  That's when the Mom noticed the catheter.

Then back to the Emergency clinic to take the catheter out....and fix the collar back. Course Toby wasn't happy about being put back in the carrier... "Hey, I just got home! I wants to rest!"

While back at the clinic, the vet tech fixed the collar 'strings'  into a harness... He not been able to get it off again.  

Mom helped him drink water and eat with the collar on. And he was furry thirsty! Only way that us kitties get rid of anesthesia is with lots of water.

Toby am taking pain meds every 6 hours and antibiotics (Amoxicillin) twice a day.  He has to keep that collar on for 10 days at least!  Cause the bandage has to stay on a long time.
Toby Gotted Fuzz on hims face.

Mom reads the surgery report.  Hims third vertebra from the tip was actually dislocated. So that's why 4 vertebrae had to be removed.

Mom said the cost of emergency surgery was less than they feared, but still a whopping 500 plus greenies.... We gots all our paws crossed and purring that he heals furry good and no complications.

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
We Hopes you all had a Happy Passover and Happy Easter Weekend.

Short Story Fur Easter

Me tell you short story about Puzzles' Spunky "Boo" Bear. Him was borned Good Furryday, 1989 and leaped over the Rainbow Bridge 2008 at almost 20 years old.
Spunky Bear Baby Pic
Spunky and me gotted fings in common, likes us being handsome black kitties and how our Kitty Mommies went over the Rainbow Bridge too soon.  The Mom raised Spunky frum 3 days old with a glass eyedropper.

Mom says Boo Bear's name now means sumpin funny in England.  Did you know that long time ago,  the word spunky meant sponge and that sponge used to mean "to Redeem" something? 

Which am what happens on Easter.  Dis cute black kitten born on Good Furryday had a short nose and looked like a bear.  Him a miracle who survived when hims 2 siblings and mommy died.  That how Spunky Bear gotted hims name.


Dat's why him was bested cat ever and why I am named after him... 

oh and Mom painted Resurrection Morning just after the Easter weekend Spunky was borned.... painting am dedicated to him...

Purrz and Prayerz Fur Easter and Passover Miracles,
Cause dats what Toby needs now.
Angel's Lil Bear
and Mom Katie Kat

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Emergency!! Screen Door Slammed Tobys Tail

Lil Bear (Front) Toby (Back)
Screen Door Slammed on Toby!
Tail Tip to be Amputated Early AM.

- We inturrupts our Easter Posting fur Emergency Mewz,
Lil Bear and Mom Repurrting. 

Updates 2:40am CST: The emergency vet called.  4 year old Cousin Toby comed out of surgery less than an hour ago and is waking up a bit, but resting.  

After fur shave, Doctor found Toby's tail was furry awful bruised from being pinched by bad screen door.  4 vertebrae were amputated which am almost 2 inches of hims tail.  Will update wif photos when Mom and Uncle Mike pick Toby up later today.  Uncle Mike and Mom may go to Easter service fur prayer.  Plz keep Toby and Uncle Mike in your purrz as Uncle Mike loses him job in June...  - Lil Bear.


Dearest Furr Friends on Internets,

Lil Bear: Earlier Saturday Afternoon about 4pm, Mom waz getting ready to do a lates Good Friday/Easter Post when Uncle Mike burst into the room.

Mom: Uncle Mike had been working on the kitchen sink and going back and forth to the garage thru the back door.  Since Uncle Mike's house sits on a corner, the back door is actually on the left side of the house and opens onto the covered patio that connects the garage to the house.  Uncle Mike had let Toby out thru the front door to get daily exercise.  Uncle Mike and I always let Toby out the front door for a good run, cause he always jumps out the door onto the concrete porch, scurries around the side of house thru the covered patio and over to the same spot to eat grass in the backyard.  But I didn't know Toby had been out until Mike came into the computer room.

Lil Bear:  I saw what happened...Uncle Mike was coming back in house and Cousin Toby runned in wif out saying nuffin.  Him usually meows so Mom or Uncle Mikes know to keep screen door open.  Screen am got spring dat make door close real fast! Mom got her foot hurted one time cause door slam shut so quick.

Uncle Mike didn't see Toby coming in til screen door closed real loud and Toby runned behind couch.  Uncle Mike tried to get Toby to come out but he ran under the recliner.  Den Uncle Mike moved the recliner and Toby ranned into da kitchen and jumped onto the window sill above the sink.

Mom: So Uncle Mike said, please come help me check Toby. He was outside and the door slammed on him. He's hiding in the kitchen window. I left the computer room and went into the kitchen.  But Toby wouldn't let me check him.  He growled and refused to leave the window.  Mike called our vet who was still open.  Since I couldn't get Toby to leave the window, I brought the carrier to him. Surprisingly, Toby crawled out of the window on his own and into the carrier. I caught a glimpse of the end of his tail and the tip was bloody.  Mike drove while I held the carrier.  Upon examination, Dr. Johnson moved the long hair away and showed us how the skin was gone from Toby's tail tip.  Unfortunately, that meant in order for Toby's tail to heal, the tip will have to be amputated.  He could do the surgery, but being so late in the day he suggested that we take Toby to the Emergency Clinic so the staff there would be able to monitor him during the night.

We left Willowbend Animal Hospital and took Toby to the Emergency Vet.  It is now midnight here in Kansas, and due to a few other emergencies, Toby has not had the surgery yet. 

Since most of you won't see this until morning... will add a post about his surgery as soon as we have that info.

Lil Bear:  Please purr fur Toby as him gets well frum surgery... Toby and hims siblings will be 4 years old in May. Mom am wondering if any bloggers has a cell phone dat we could text during an emergency so we can lets our innernets frinds know sooner to purrz and pray.  Am anyone doing a purr list likes dats or puts ups a post during mergencies???  If you knows, please leave commints and send us an email wif purrsonal stuffs to laugh_safely ats 

Mom: Please keep Uncle Mike in your purrs too.  Toby is his first "cat," and Mike is feeling really sick over hurting Toby.  Mike is also losing his job in June due to company takeover by a larger corporation who is moving the whole assembly plant to Warsaw, Indiana. 

Lil Bear and I will write Our Good Friday/ Easter Post Tomorrow,
including Remembering whom Angel's Lil Bear was named for:
Puzzles Spunky Bear, aka Boo Bear, Good Friday 1989 - Oct 25, 2008.

Resurrection Morning, copyright by Kat-Renee Kittel

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bearz Head Am Bin Found

Sshhh... purr leze.. LuLu am tired out frum helping the Mom bring back Lil Bear's head.

Thank you to all our innernets frinds fur helping us find hims head and put it back wif him body...  We am so furry Thursday Thankful to have Bear all back together, and him am awakes agin!

Here ams what happind last week in Bear Lost Hims Head.  Sumtime between St. Patrick's Day and April Fool's Day, Mom tooks a photo of Bear, but him's head waz not in da photo!  Mom looked evfurry where. Her even looked onda innernets.  

And then her saw Lil Bear's head inside a castle somewheres in Kansas.  LuLu asked our friends to help us find out where that castle was.  Marg of Marg's Animals and Jan of Jan's Funny Farm figured out dat Bear's head hads gotten losted in photos of Coronado Heights Castle.
Mom tole me dat Coronado Heights Castle was built by the Works Progress Administration in 1932
on a hill northwest of Lindsborg, Kansas and dat a man named Francisco Vásquez de Coronado gave up looking fur the seven cities of gold there and returned to Mexico. The WPA also built a stone picnic site, a restroom, and a stone front gate at the park.  (see

Last weekend the Mom and LuLu wents to Coronado Heights to looks for Bear's Head....  They went inside the Castle and searched everywhere, but hims head could not be seen... They coulds hear Bear meowing but could not see hims head!!!  Then they heard a whisperss... come back under the red moon...

So LuLu and Mom comed home... Bear was still sleeping under the laundry and didn't know hims head was still losted....  and without hims head in the photo, Bear could not wake up. And him am bin sleeping fur days!!!

Sammy from onespoiledcat suggested that maybe Lil Bear's body could borrow another head until we found hims real head... so the Mom found a bunny cat... it didn't really fit and Bear still could not wake up. 

Tuesday around 2 in da morning, LuLu and the Mom returned to Coronado Castle and waited for red lunar eclipse to be full.

Mom and LuLu wore speshul glasses to see red things under the red moonlight.... and then they could see Lil Bear's Head!!!  All cause of the Red Lunar Eclipse.

But when Mom went to pick up hims head in a warm towel, Lil Bear's head meowed, rolled out of the castle and bounced up into the Moon!!!  "Mommy can't catch me!!"

The Mom called, "Bear come down from there!  You don't belong in the moon!"  And LuLu cried, Oh Cousin Bear... Please come down frum there!  You am scaring me!"

Bear's Head sighed and said, "But I am having fun dream... I don't want to wakes up yet!" And den he bounced back down into Mom's arms.  Mom wrapped hims head in a towel and hurried home.  When Mom and Lulu gotted home, they carefully put Lil Bear's head back into the photo and Bear woke up!!! 

"Mom!!!" Lil Bear meowed, "I hads da funniest dream!  I went thru a little white hole in the floor and found myself inside a one room castle, but I couldn't finds my body! And I meowed and Meowed but I couldn't finds you no wheres.  Den you comed into da Castle and called my name but everything turned red.  And den I turned red.. and den you tried to catch me and I jumped into da red moon!!!  Den I bounced down into your arms...and you tooks me home... dat was funny... Coulds dat reelly happin?  I was scared you was goned and I would never get home..."

The Mom:  No silly of course not. 
                      You will always be my Lil Bear.
Lil Bear:  Oh Goods!  I loves you Mom!  Where am foods, Ize hungry.  (Lil Bear jumps up and runs to the kitchen.)

LuLu:  But Mom! we went to Coronado Castle and Bear bounced into da moon and... um.... oh never mind. I goh sleepy wif Annie May... maybe I haves fun dream too.

Annie May:  And Dat am our Story fur Thankful Thursday...

If you left commints about dis storry, plz have one of deze badges:

(Coronado Castle is now 82 years old and needs protecting. To learn more about Coronado Castle and how you can help keep it maintained for future generations, please go to Lindsborg

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bear Lost His Head

Lu Lu Girl:  Hay Mom Lady Why we not bin bloggin?

Katie Mom:  Well we haven't been blogging because Bear lost his head.

Lu Lu Girl: Bear lost his.. what??? Bear am over there. Him has his head.

Katie Mom:  Let me show you, Lu Lu...

Lu Lu:  How him do dat???? What Happen?

Katie Mom: Sometime between St. Patrick's Day and April Fool's Day, I was taking some photos of Bear to show how he was getting a bit chubby since his nootering... When I took a photo, his head was gone and I have been looking for his head ever since.

Lu Lu:  How we gonna find hims head???

Katie Mom:  I have looked all through the house and his head is just not here.

Lu Lu:  Me go tell Bear...

Katie Mom:  no... no, don't tell him.  Bear might get confused and run around in circles and bump into something.... Let's leave him to cat nap while we look somewhere else... Bear's head might be in another photo!  I'll look in the computer files...

Lu Lu:  Where?  Did you find him's head?

Katie Mom: No... not in the computer... Maybe an internet search, "Where is Lil Bear's Head."... Oh that's odd, I found his head!  But how did Bear's head get there?

Lu Lu: Me Look Me look! Dat am Bear Head... how him Head get in castle?

Katie Mom:  Not sure... We have to find where this photo was taken!! We have to bring Bear's Head  home so we can start blogging again!!!

Lu Lu: Mom go der - git Bear's head and we kin blog again?  where am dat castle?

Katie Mom:  Well I know this is somewhere in Kansas... so we'll have to start there.

Lu Lu: Maybe bloggin frindz kin finds hims head???  And dey kin tells us where dat am!

Oh Hai! We amz sooo thankful fur all our furry frinds onda inner netz!!!

If you kin figure out wher Bears head am... pleeze leeves a commints so Mom kin go dehr and get Bearz head!!!

Furr just helping and purrticipatin in looking fur Bearz Head, you kin haves dis awards fur your bloggie:

Chirps n Meows n stuffs,
Lu Lu Girl

P. S. Oreo went to the vet on Monday and got a wellness check. FIV and FLV Negative!!! Whoopee! He will be getting nootered on Friday... so pleez purr fur him.  More Mewz about that tonight...