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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lil Miss Laura Belle Looking For Hugs

Dearest Fur People of the Innernetz,

This is Uncle Doobie reporting that my little niece Laura Belle am looking fur her fur ever Mommy.

Lil Miss Laura Belle's Favorite thing to do is be carried around in a tight hug. She may be shy around strangers, yet will warm up to a quiet, patient human.  She is good around other kitties, but has never met a dog.  Howsome ever, Laurie would be really good as an only kitty, as she craves lots of extra attention and prefers to have her own litter box.

Just over 5 pounds at One years old. Laura Belle still needs to be spayed.

Her sisters LuLu and Annie still need spayed, too (and fur-ever homes!).  The Mom is setting up a fund to raise money for the surgeries.
Will tell you more about that later this week.

Here am another purrtee photo of Miss Laura Belle. 

This photo can also be seen at
National Geographic Your Shot.

(Yes, the Mom is now at Your Shot!)

She and her sisters and brother, who also need homes, had recent birthdays and rescue anniversaries. Which the Mom has not posted about yet. They were "rescued" June of last year.  

See Four Kittens Blog Posts
To read more about Laura Belle and her siblings. When they were brought into the house, they had upper respiratory issues. Two of Lauries siblings had to have extra treatment to save their eyes.  Yet Laura Belle only had a mild cold.

Please share about Laura Belle and help her find her Mommy!
You can use this post or please go to
Laura Belle's post is not showing yet at Rescue Me. It should show by tomorrow.

She is listed under Persians (mixed) as Rescue Me doesn't have a listing for petite long haired kitties.  Laurie is related to an abandoned long-haired orange kitty that the Mom used to feed several years ago. We don't know if him was a Maine Coon mix or Persian mix.

Thanks so much for sharing my niece. Her need a purr-ever home.
And thanks to Brian at Brian's Home for letting the Mom know about this blog hop.
Yourz Truly,

Doobie Davey


  1. She is precious! Thanks for joining the blog hop and I'm off to share!

  2. Laura Belle is gorgeous. Hopefully she finds her new home soon.

  3. Beautious she is and we will share her too!

  4. Laura Belle is precious! Sharing & caring. ♥

  5. she is such a cutie! Just tweeted her and hope she finds her furever home soon!

  6. We hope that little sweetie finds a real home very soon.

  7. I am praying for Miss Laura Belle to get her furever home!!!!!

    Debby in Arizona

  8. What a beautiful girl Miss Laura Belle is. We will tweet about her now!

  9. Miss Laura is so pretty - let's hope she will find a new home soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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