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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Simba To Be Adopted

( hmm, no comments today...  I am at peace for sharing this boy whose photo touched my heart and soul. )
8/10 8:06pm Update: SIMBA IS Safe and will find his furever home!!!
Thanks to all the kind pledgers and sharers who supported Simba.
More updates furry soon!
Simba's New SAFE comment page
Happy Homes Page who Pulled Simba.

He looks like my Sandy Red Tigger....
There are tons of money pledges but no one who can pick him up....yet.
Recommended that Simba go to a home with experienced cat parents. These death row cats have UNTIL 12 NOON Sunday to be rescued. After that they can be killed at any time.

TO BE DESTROYED *RETURN* ACC Manhattan Center 8/10/14 My name is SIMBA. My Animal ID # is A0955090. I am a neutered male org tabby domestic short hair. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old.

I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR on 07/26/2014 from NY 10031, owner surrender reason stated was PERSONAL PROB.

BEHAVIOR Simba's owners "play fight" with him, roughly petting his stomach while he rolls around on the floor. He holds onto their hands and sometimes scratches them in the process. Scratches furniture (couch, bed). He had a vertical carpeted scratching post but didn't use it. Scratches people during play. Simba enjoys being brushed, picked up, and held. He isn't bothered by being put in a carrier. He meows/cries while his nails are trimmed but doesn't struggle. He scratches during baths but eventually allows it and stops struggling. Meows in the car. Simba came here in a box, poking his head out. He allowed me to pick him up, collar and scan him, and put him in a box without any resistance or vocalization. He sat at the front of the box and meowed.

08/04/2014 Exam Type CAGE EXAM - Medical Rating is 3 C - MAJOR CONDITIONS , Behavior Rating is NONE, Weight 12.7 LBS. showing signs of URI sneezing nasal discharge present on walls of cage congested as per 0933 start on doxycycline 50mg/mL PO SID for 10 days nebulize twice a day for 7 days


7/26/14 1:25 PM CAT INFORMATION SHEET Where did this cat come from? My Home If this cat is a stray, did you bring in a: Box ORIGINAL SOURCE AC&C Does this cat have a microchip? Yes Who will it trace to? Owner Animal’s Name: Simba (used to be Bailey) WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS CAT IN? Family Changes... I’ve owned 1.5 years Lives with adults and 6 year old child. He is sometimes friendly with the child and sometimes hisses and runs away.

OTHER ANIMALS unknown PERSONALITY Simba's owner describes him as playful, shy, friendly, assertive, talkative, affectionate, quiet, independent, and high activity. She says he is her baby. Her favorite things about him are that he knows when she's sad and hugs her, and he waits until she's out of bed to ask for breakfast. Simba follows her around sometimes but likes to sit in the window too. Loves to play, especially with hanging toys (wands, strings, etc.) and his and peoples' shadows. Enjoys Petting. Loves to cuddle and picked up.

HABITS Lives indoors, sleeps in a cat bed in the closet. Eats Meow Mix dry food; diarrhea from wet food. Favorite treats Temptations. Always uses the litter box-uncovered, clumping litter. For more info, see: Simba's comment page


  1. Oh Simba. Sweetest boy. Rough play is not a good idea darling though you are not the cause of it. Mommy and me not understand. You DO have a present owner or is this a story after that owner mentioned surrendered you?


    1. (This is after the owner surrenderred Simba. In fact, it was a last minute plea to help him get out of the kill shelter -K)

      Dearest Katie Isabella,
      Simba was returned to the shelter by his only Mommy after she loved him a year and a half...

      But he didn't get adopted again. Then he got kennel cough... so wound up on death row at the shelter... which is like punishing the cat for getting sick from something that is the shelter's fault.

      Due to pledges and a furry goods rescue, called Happy Homes, him was saved from the shelter and will find a new Mommy. We purrz dat it will be hims furever Mommy.

      We think Simba's first Mommy didn't know she could take Simba to a rescue people instead of back to the kill shelter. Hims first Mommy was upset she had to gives him back to the shelter... so Auntie Katie thinks hubby tooks him back.

      Thanks for wanting to know more bouts Simba. We am furry thankful he gots outta that place. -Toby and Auntie Katie.

  2. Blessings to him and may he indeed find a new mommy. What an awful time for him.


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