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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kody Loves Hims Mew Home

Kody Update!

We had a safe trip to Kody's mew Mommy and Daddy last Sunnyday. We met at a Petco... about an hour away from his new home. Drove two hours to get there... Kody was a sweetie. Slept most of the way in the Mom's lap. 

Not only does he have a mew name: Bagheera - he is doing great! Here is the quote from hims mew Mommy! "Sorry to worry u but he did excellent on ride home! He has settled in perfectly! He loves our daughter and she loves him. He is very cuddly and adapted already!! My husband and him are best friends" 

More Mewz and pics furry soon... The Mom haz to gets a mew card reader fur her flashy box.

Plz keep our Nana in your purrz...her is having cataract surgery tomorrow....

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kody Journeys to Mew Home

Hiya Ev-furry one... Kody here.

Guess what? I'm going on a a forever home...(me hopes so) Mom thinks I don't know, but I been sensing dat I supposed to go somewhere... but Mom won't let me out the door!

Could you keep me in your purrz... cause Mom says I has to be in a carrier for more than an hour!  Dat dont sound likes fun... Uncle Mike will be driving and Mom will be keeping me company in the back seat of the car.

 I sure hope I like my new family.

-Kody Bear

Mom: We will be leaving in a few hours and takes about 2 hours to get to the town where we will be meeting Kody's new Mommy in a Petco store. Then another hour for poor Kody to travel to his new home.. will be giving him some calming paste and giving his new Mommy a feliway diffuser to run when she gets him home.

Please keep Kody and us in your purrz that the drive will be a safe journey and I hope he falls asleep at some point!

-Katie Kat.

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Little Update on Lil Bear

Bear in a Box
Hi everyone... update on Lil Bear... He's doing better and gained his appetite back for the most part and no mo re diarrhea. Though every time I give him some canned food with his Metronidazole, everything comes back up. I called the vet and he said to stop the meds and see if he keeps his food down...  

More - hopefully good mewz furry soon.

Our family has a kitty going to visit a possible forever home on Monday too. (Not Bear's mom-Angel who was an all white kitty.)

Angel (2) likes dogs - plays fetch

Sweet and comes when called. Angel (2) was left at my mother's neighbor by a friend in rehab, who never came back for her. When he left rehab, simply got another kitten.  Angel (2) needs a home with a friendly laid back dog that loves cats.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lil Bear Update

Got Lil Bear to eat a few teaspoons of Sheba mixed with Royal Canin Rx this morning. After I put several bites in his mouth, he ate a few on his own from my fingers... He talked a lot. Starting to feel better.

Lil Bear as a kitten
Lil Bear all grown up

Monday, September 21, 2015


Update 6:46pm
Got back from the Vet - cost - 101.00 - Still need help to pay. Thanks for the donations so far... The vet thinks he has collitis, possibly something he got into. My brother said someone got into the beef jerky yesterday... I hope that's what caused it. No fever. no abscess teeth! He's on Metronidizole and the vet gave him sub fluids...

Just found out that My Lil Bear is very Sick and no money to take him to the vet asap. I need help to save my baby. Some of my kitties are at my brother's house, because I have rescues at mine... I check on them every afternoon... Today I found diarrhea in the litter boxes and signs of vomit in the hallway. 

Lil Bear was curled up in the computer room very lethargic. I am calling the vet to take him in - BUT NO MONEY TO PAY THE VET!!! NONE! 50.00 in the bank. My husband's social security doesn't come in until Wednesday and my care credit is maxed. Please help Lil Bear. I have saved cats lives, and spent my own money to get them fixed and find them homes, Mew Mew just found a home last week... but I can't save my baby... This is a real emergency. I have a Paypal link on the right....

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One Crisis Over - Outdoor Cats Safe!

Thank you all for your purrz and prayerz...
My extended family has several homes to help look after rescued kitties... Now they need forever homes asap.... because my mother and I need to sell homes and move in to one home so I can be her caregiver.

For over a year now, two outdoor abandoned young cats had no place to go but a screened in front porch...Animal Control Officer nearly took them the first of September.  Neutered and vaccinated two weeks ago. Transported to a safe country home on the 13th - 150 miles - 2 hours away.  Hooray for "Wordless Wednesdays."
Before the journey....

 After the Journey - starting to adjust.

(More safe journeys like this of the Katiez Katz to forever homes is not possible without your help... Costs for this rescue were over 200.00.

Kody is getting neutered tomorrow and may have a forever home waiting for him but the journey will be 3 hours away... and I can't get there without financial help.

His Mom, Mew Mew is visiting a possible home tonight in town...

Please help with any funds you might have to save our babies.  You can use the Paypal link on the right... I will be setting up a Go Fund Me furry soon.

 Purrz and Paddy Pawz....
- Katie Kat.)

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Prayer update

Thanks guys for all the prayers.... keep praying... got lots of miracles needed and one maybe happening right now...

And another one tomorrow....

Monday, September 07, 2015

Please Purr Fur Us

Please email us (if you haz that address) and we will let you know why we haven't been blogging... 

We needz Your Purrz....