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Monday, January 25, 2016

Urgent Need Power of the Paw - Gordo and Katie Too

Update 7:55pm:
Silvia has 50.00 toward rent for tomorrow and 50.00 donations came in - If anyone can help with 50.00 more - then the rent can be paid.

Gordo is doing better, but seems underweight for his size (and vet did not have his weight from last time he was in to get shots... ???)

Thank you for your prayers - Katie Too is with me. Thank God,
Katie Too didn't have a fever and her lungs were clear - only nasal congestion. Was worried that might be congestion related to her faint heart murmur. Doc said might be either viral or  the dry cold air.  He suggested Chlortabs to see if that helps and give her more moist food.  He also checked her joints to see if they were painful - I have been giving her glucosamine, but I'm out. She didn't mind him moving her legs - thank goodness for that too.  -Katie.

Just a short update on Silvia and My oldest cat, Katie needs your prayers today!

Gordo needs purrs

Thank you so much for those who helped Silvia with 50.00 donations today! 

Still going to need 100.00 now because Gordo had to go to the vet today - been vomiting off and on all weekend. Doctor wanted to do tests to see why Gordo was losing weight, but no money - no tests... still charged Silvia 90.00 for exam and shot to calm his tummy. Silvia got some Petromalt to help. The visit took what money Silvia had for rent tomorrow. 

Katie Too

And I am about to take my oldest kitty to the vet - Katie Too, 12 years old. She is congested, cranky and won't eat. I hope it's just a cold and not related to her heart murmur ... 

I have very little money for Katie's bills and won't be able to cover for Silvia's rent tomorrow until Wednesday if no more money comes in to help.

Thank you for your prayers and support of Katiez Katz and Silvia's Kittiez... 

Purrz from Katie the Mom.


  1. Dang, purrs and prayers from all of us. We sure hope you all catch a break soon, you surely do deserve it.

  2. Sendin' purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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