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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hey Looks what we gots!!!

Hi, this am Natasha and My mom am Silvia. I nevers done a post on the internest before

Ronnie: That's Internets... yeah... Gordo and Guero usually talks to everyones... now it our turns!

Natasha: Well Gordo would be playing but he ate that spider we were checking out Friday night around 1 AM... Mom told him not to eats that!!!  Then him got furry sicks threw up all hims foods.  Mom Silvia had to take him to the vet Saturday morning.

Then Saturday Afternoons, Auntie Katie brought our box from the post office.

Wait til you see what we gots! The gifts are from a furry special friend on Facebook.  By the way, I am sitting in the shippin box... I loves boxes.  Mommy Narscica checked out mew toys too!

Some of you that follows us may have remembered how Guero gotted sick and stuff a few weeks ago with a UTI. Mom Silvia and Auntie Katie gotted helps to pay Guero's ER visit from the nicest peoples in a Face Book group called Just Cat Things... well all our goodies cames from one of those nicest peoples! We loves her and she am our mew friend!  Mom Silvia even gotted chocolate and a gift card so Mom can gets foods.  And we gotted lots of treats too!

You won't believe what happened though... These humans called admins of Face Book Just Cat Things Group kicked our mew friend out for helping folks, like she helped us!!! In fact, thems admin humans deleted our post asking help to take Gordo to ER 2 weeks ago... They is means and not talks furry nice to peoples when asked why they delete stuffs and kick folks off.  (updated - Auntie Katie wrote Guero vs Gordo before)

There am a lot of Nice humans who joined Just Cat Things though... So Auntie Katie am going to start a mew face Book group called Cat Mews Purrs and Prayers for nice humans who wants to help each other and share mewz and advice and purr fur each other!

Auntie Katie will tells more about that later... Rights now me show you my mew balls!

Ronnie:  Hey.... where's something for me!
Hey Mom, I want that!!!!

Gordo watching Natasha, Ronnie Play

Please keeps Gordo in your purrz though. Him gotted Cerenia to make him feels betters... from eating the spider.. Thank Mewz that the Spider was a brown male. It bit his tongue. A bad female spider would have killed him.

Angel the Fetch Kitty tell what her gots in another post...

Purrz From Natasha and Ronnie....

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  1. Lovely selfies. Hope you're having a great day!

    1. Thank you soo much! We loves our toys and Mom Silvia got to go to the store and buy foods too and just in time cause the food bank won't take addresses at motels anymore.

  2. Angel Truffles had those exact same balls and they were some of her favorite toys...I even had to glue one back together once!

    1. Really they falls aparts?? Oh I hope my balls last a long times afore Mom needs to glue one back!

  3. Purrs for Gordo from all of us. Hooray for those nice people on Facebook and hisses to those evil ones who claim to like cats.

    1. hissies fur sure! That's just not rights... if folks want to help, lets them helps... if not... they can always purrz... every cat needs a good purr now and then.

  4. Yikes- that is awful about the spider. I am glad he is OK. That is a nice bunch of gifts, it is like Christmas in May.

    1. We nebber hads Chrissmy mouse in May before! Please keep purring fur Gordo, cause him was throwing up tonight again. He might need another shot tomorrow... I dont want to lose my brother from a spider. -Natasha
      ( deleted and fixed typos...cause they was silly)

  5. What a great bag of gifts for you all Katie.

  6. Those look like some terrific gifts. What fun. How nice to get all of them.

  7. We love to see you in action, Katie. We send Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers for Gordo :) <3 <3 <3

  8. Well, 'stead of tellin' us not to eat a bug or spider, mommy gets up, kills them and gets rid of them. No vet required. Mommy hates scorpions, but she doesn't want us to get hurt either, so she always takes care of those. Can you believe she even fought me fur a spider once. Me was gonna get it, but mommy had other plans. Musta been a bad one. MOL Anyways, glad ya'll got some new things to enjoy. Have fun.

    Luv ya'


  9. Wow, nice goodie parcel! Love your pictures today, they're just purrfect!


    Basil xox

  10. What a nice gift for all of you. Mom isn't on Facebook but is distressed that someone would be kicked out of a group for being helpful. Thanks for hopping with us again this week. Every kitty, please stay well! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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