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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Guero, Jolly and Flash Updates.

Hiya Internet Folks, Auntie Katie here with a furry pretty caturday art just fur Guero...using vintage setting at Be Funky Editor

Finally able to share a post with you... Very long and exhausting week, and not done yet.

In the comments from last post, I left an update using my mobile phone, until I could get on the computer and share some furry good mewz so far.

Comment from yesterday: "Guero was able to go to vet today and you won't believe what was causing the problem (right now). Everyone was sure that the beginning of a restriction was taking place... More next post. Purrs from Katie Kat"
Here is the rest of the story:  Earlier this week, Silvia called the vet and told Guero's symptoms. He was licking himself alot and scooting across the carpet. The amount he left in the litter box was much smaller than before. He used to go twice a day, now only once. Last weekend he threw up food and bits of clay litter from licking himself and wasn't  interested in eating. Vet told Silvia that his symptoms sounded like his opening was getting restricted. Surgery to fix opening would be 200.00 and vet needed money in advance of bringing Guero in to be checked, because may need surgery right away.

Tuesday, Guero was bloated and didn't go for a long time. Silvia was very worried, but couldn't get him to the vet that day. Money wasn't there and I was helping my neighbor take Flash to the vet.  On Wednesday afternoon, I checked his bladder and it wasn't completely empty. Yet Guero seemed fine otherwise.

Then a very caring sweet person on Facebook called and donated money to vet for Guero, enough for surgery. To make long story short, Silvia took Guero in Friday afternoon.

Silvia 's car still needs valve cover gaskets (80.00), and since I was helping mom, she asked another friend to take her to vet. (We were going Friday morning, but we missed the vet and he didn't come back until yesterday afternoon to help other vet with patients).  

Yet to everyone's surprise, Guero's opening was not closing up, at least not now. Thank God! Very common in Perineal Urethrostomy (Please Save Guero Updates) for restriction to occur. You're not going to believe what was happening...

Fur was growing where no fur had grown before!! All that stubble and mew sensation was making him itchy. He was licking himself to stop the itchiness and irritating his tummy with the clay on hims behind, which made him throw up his food. They checked his urine and no UTI! Can you imagine Silvia's relief... and the funds will stay at the vets and can be used for Guero if a real restriction takes place...or his siblings if needed. Hallelujah fur good mewz!!!

Here am some quick updates fur Jolly, and Flash who still needs lots of purrz...
Courtesy of
Enough funds came in to pay for half of Jolly's bill of 185.00, which let Pet Traditions be able to cremate and place Jolly's remains in his urn. Another friend who loved Jolly is checking to see if he can pay the rest to help Jolly's Mom and Dad. Will let you all know as soon as I have more Mewz...
(see Jolly's Final Selfie)

Update on Flash...He loves his nursing staff, but he is a cranky patient and wants back outside or have his nursing staff cuddle him all day...

Flash's cut is not healing as fast as first indicated... looks like another visit for Monday to his vet this time. Hoping he just needs an antibiotic shot to get the healing going better. Please keep Flash in your purrz... (see Flash Posts)

Flash's Daddy am going to watch him the rest of the weekend and take him to the vet on Monday. Flash's Daddy am also asking for purrs for kitties who are missing and may have been abducted by a neighbor.
Be Funky Editor
If you look closely at the Be Funky photo ... there is a word and it's not Zoom... mol.  It's Flash!! For colorblind folks... may not be seen. There is a paintbrush on Be Funky that changes color in the pic... I haven't figured it out yet.

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  1. Prayers for all of you - and prayers that Guero doesn't swallow any more litter, which could be very bad !

  2. We are glad you got good news. Love the art!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. Well, that's some good news and we're most happy for that!

  4. I am glad Guero is OK and I am praying for Flash.


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