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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gotcha Days Before and After Selfies With Katie Too

Hiya Folks!!
Hiya Beautiful Day!

It's me, Katie Kitty Too who hads a Gotcha Day last weekend!

We are furry lates with blogging this weekend cause the Mom and Uncle Mike am bin picking up metal yesfurday and mores today to raise money fur pets in need.

Afore I shows my selfie, pleese to looks at these before and after selfies from kitties who were rescued and now has furever homes.

Mitchel when dumped over fence at rescue's home.
Mitchel 2 days ago with mew bro fur Stormy

Danny when caught to save him
Danny yesfurday with hims mew brofur Little Guy who am furry big kitty now!
Deze two boyz are only some of the kitties dats we has helped find furever homes.... 

Peach and Chiquita am waiting fur their furever homes still, they likes each other now...

Hoping they can go to same home together.
Now Fur My Furstid Selfies and Today fur My Gotcha Celebration!!
2004  just few months old

2008 - 4 years old
I turned 13 last November and this month marks my 13th Gotcha Day on January 22!! Thirteen years ago in Arkansas City, Kansas - on the first anniversary of Mommy's brother's tragic death, a friend of Mommy opened her front door, and I just walked in!!! I was about two months old, tail held high on a furry impawtant mission! 

Katie Kitty Too

To find my Mommy. At first Mommy and Nana thought I was going to be Nana's kitty, cause Nana's Kitty went home the exact same time I walked into Mommy's friend's house. Nana had asked Kitty to stay one year from when her son, Mommy's brother died, and Kitty did - right to the day. Kitty was a Russian Blue and lived to be over 20 years old even with FIV. We don't has a photo of Kitty... not many pictures of Kitty and dat am furry sads. There am a photo on Nana's computer. Mommy will look fur dat.

Nana's Bibi
Yet I just was too ornery with a spitfire purrsonality fur Nana to keeps... I was meant for Mommy. About a month later, a two year old tabby was in Mommy's back yard eating food that had been put out for an abandoned Ginger Siamese named George. Mommy sat down on the patio and the tabby kitty got in her lap... That kitty became Nana's kitty Bibi. Bibi am 16 years old with Chronic Kidney Disease. Her may be go to Bridge sometime soon. 

Dat's my story...the furry exact same time that 20+ year old Kitty went Home from heart failure, hundreds of miles away I walked into Mommy's friend's house looking fur my Mommy...cause Daddy God told me to... "Where My Mommy? You know where my Mommy am?" Because Kitty not wanted Mommy and Nana to be alones - two kitties came to take Kitty's place. And da rest am purr-story. 

Purrz from Katie Kitty Too.
Jr. Exec and Certified Eccentric and Ornery
at Katiez Furry Mewz

Purrz Ess - We are furry behind in helping Silvia and her babies pay their rent on Tuesday. Uncle Mike and Mom picked up metal yesfurday and gotted 25.00. They am picking up more metal today likes a dryer and stuffs which hopefully will gets another 20 or so. Then we will still needs about 100 toward rents.

Silvia applied for a job at the Catholic church she attends, there were several bilingual applicants though. Please keep purring that her kitty babies can find another home or that Silvia can find another place to stay... We still need to catch poor Molly - who had a tragedy - she gave birth to at least one baby last week and a mean tomboy took it. Those mean tom boys needs TNR'd and a good slappin' from yours truly. Molly may be sick. she was throwing up the other day.

If you am on Facebook, please check out the items we haz put up for bid at The Purple Kattery FB Auction All items that not has bids by Tuesday will go to eBay or Craigslist - we will sends you a link to eBay store when dat happens.

If you can helps, we needs $$100 by Tuesday, please PayPal sumpins to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com and then you can picks something from our auction to haz now or inda future... Mom am still working on every pawdy's snail mail suprises and emailed tax statements from 2016 to be furry soons! -Katie Kitty Too.

We are joining The Cat on My Head fur Sunday Selfie Blog Hopping!! We are furry lates cause the Mom and Uncle Mike am bin picking up metal yesfurday and mores today to raise money fur pets in need.
Here am today's Cat on my Head's link:

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thankful Mewz Fur Chiquita and Romeo Update

Chiquita had a check up yesterday to check her incision and the depression at the top of the incision - to check if she had a hernia, if the incision had come open. She also got her rabies shot.

You am not going to believes the results of the checkup!!!

The depression am her belly button!!!!

Chiquita was such a furry goods girl... Although she was very glad though to be back home in her bathroom apartment.


In other Furry Mewz: Romeo am ready for Adoption at Kansas Humane Society, yet he doesn't look very happy...

Before going to KHS:

After: Romeo at KHS..... (other KHS cat photos look way better)
Romeo is not happy. We are sharing him back up on our Facebook Page. Please share Romeo to help him find his forever home... Mom wishes she hadn't left him there now...

Please keep Chiquita and Romeo and all the Katie Katz in your purrz.

More Mewz next time! Be sure to keep checking our Facebook Auction - The Purple Kattery Auction Blog

If you are not on FaceBook and would like to purrticipate, please leave a comment and Mom will make a page showing items that am up and you can bid too....

We needs at least 150.00 dollars fur next week to help Silvia, and moneys to spay kitties and a doggy... -Please recycle aluminum and other metals to donates: paypal laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

Me, that's Katie Too will talks about my Gotcha Day Story this weekend..

Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Repurrter
Katiez Furry Mewz

We are joining Brian's Home fur Thankful Thursday blog hopping....

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Miss Peach Selfie and Sad Mewz Of Local Rescuer

( Note from Katie Kitty Too: We are going to do my Gotcha Day later this week... cause a local rescuer's house burned down yesterday - we do hate being last in a blog hop - the mom needs prayer - she gets home late and usually too tired in morning for blogging. CFS, Asthma and Arthritis - sometimes hard to even get up in the morning... She loves us and our Nana and that keeps her going.  -Katie Kitty Too)


Just a minutes, Mom Lady. I'm not quite ready fur my selfie...
I needs to adjust...


Okay, now I ready...

Hi everyone.  The Mom Lady am still looking fur my furever home. Her thinks that if Chiquita and I could learns to likes each other more that we could get the same home together.

Well we still hissy greeting, but I do like Chiquita. When her was in the kennel apartment, we played slappy paws...

Now her in my bathroom apartment and I gets the run of the house... I would likes to has another little girl friend - we just gotta get to knows each other mores.

Now fur an update on Romeo:

The Mom Lady called yesfurday and the Humane Society said that they loves Romeo and will be able to put him on the adoption floor, so we didn't have to come pick him up... He will be neutered on Monday and should be ready to adopt on Tuesday... Adult cats are free to adopt at the shelter. Please purr fur him that he gets his furever home furry soon dehr... not all kitties does goods at the shelter - Romeo is an exception.

Purrz from 

Miss Peach. 

Update from the Mom.

Now fur the sad mewz, a local rescuer and owner of a local theater lost their home to a fire - Friends and family are helping them recover. Patty Reeder and Family You Caring  Will be giving part of our auction to help them too.  

We will share Katie Kitty Too's Gotcha Day Story later this week.  Need to get items up on our Facebook Auction. We always try to send at least ten purrcent to another rescuer or shelter in needs - hoping if a lot of folks come to our Facebook Auction, we will be able to give more.  

(we do apologize if you am not on Facebook - easiest way to get lots of stuffoms up fur sale. If you are  not on Facebook and would like to see the kitty items, please comment and I will make a post about them on The Purple Kattery Blog or email them to you so you can purticipate in bidding. - If no bids on items - they will go to our eBay store.)

Right now, with the metals and items sold, still need at least 75.00 more dollars for Silvia's rent this week. And Gordo is having another stress UTI this weekend. He will be going into vet tomorrow. 

Silvia is looking into another possible place to live with a friend and try to take cats with her, yet he has two dogs which her friend will try to house some where else. The dogs are retired police dogs... Silvia and I are still praying for her fur kids to be safe and loved in this kill shelter city...

And we still need to catch Molly. Last night rained too much - not a good night to try. Pray that we can catch her tonight. My only worry is no place for her to stay yet. And she may be too far along to spay

Thank you fur your purrz,
Katie Kat The Mom

Joining Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Purrz Fur Rescued Kitties

Romeo: silly sweet kitty boy was picked up from Silvia's motel Thursday. Poor guy had been coming to the motel for about a week, crying at all the motel windows, wanting someone to love and feed him.  Brother Mike and I took Rommy to Kansas Humane Society yesterday for Reclaim or adoption. 

He did well yesterday, hanging out in the evaluation office. Cost: 30.00 - borrowed from Mike -have to pay him back when my husband's social comes in next Wednesday. This is the week when I have less than 100.00 in the bank.

He is getting neutered this morning and vet checked.
I have to call at one this afternoon to find out if he will be put on the adoption floor or I come to pick him up.  He already has someone who may adopt him - who left a comment on Face Book post.  

Rommy at KHS

Will update tomorrow about this little fellow.
Luna Pic - Art / Floating
In Other Mewz: Chiquita may have a small hernia at the
incision site from her spay... Developed this week, two weeks later - Chiquita has not been exerting herself, except for the one time she tried to climb the walls last weekend. She needs a checkup asap - KFM funds are depleted right now - made an appointment for her at Cat Hospital on Wednesday at 3:30. Exam will be 45.00. Will let you know how much surgery might be if she needs it. Also going to check her eyes - she always seems to have dilated pupils - wonder how well she sees...
Have lots of items still to upload at the The Purple Kattery Face Book Auction! Will upload pics first, then add descriptions. Silvia is also donating items to the Face Book auction, including this cute big rainbow teddy bear with lots of purple! (The Purple Kattery Auction has to haves purple!)

We didn't get much metal this week - just one water heater, a bike frame and some miscellaneous stuff - taking to recyclers today.  Will have a better idea how much we still need for Silvia's rent by tomorrow. - Still have three girl cats to spay and one doggy - More on how much those expenses will be in another post.

Tomorrow will haz a selfie from Miss Peach and a furry special post from Katie Kitty Too fur her Gotcha Day.

Purrz from Katie The Mom
Katiez Furry Mewz


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Angel's Kicky Toy Plus Jamison's Memorial and Other Mewz

Angel's Kicky Toy... MOL

=^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^<

Hopefully this will be Angel's Mew Kicky Toy,  unless I get outbid. Howsumever this one is long and narrow... she may prefer a thicker one like the paper towels. I think there are fatter ones on the auction...

If you are on FaceBook, please check out Kat Butrick's Auction: Paying It Forward to FurKids in Need.
Her auctions help several rescuers and more who work hard at feeding ferals and helping pets in need. Their Valentine auction will be helping Smith's Den Dog Rescue in Mississippi to cover vet expenses incurred with the rescue of a family of 3 Min-Pin dogs that were rescued from a flooded shelter in Louisiana. Smith's Den Dog Rescue (SDDR) also assists rescue groups in Serbia and rescues dogs from war-torn countries and brings them to the US to find their furever home. 

And do stops by to check out our Facebook Auction: The Purple Kattery Auction. I will be adding more items today and working on the Buy Now Button on The Purple Kattery Auction Blog - the HTML coding is being glitchy.  If you can, please consider saving  metal and taking to your nearest recycler to help raise funds for Katiez Katz... Still have several animals that need funds to be fixed: 3 girls kitties and a girl doggy... plus other expenses likes foods, litter, vet bills and helping pet owners like Silvia not have to take their animals to the city's kill shelter...

=^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^< =^..^= >^..^<

Befur our Updates and Stuffs,We haz to remember dear
Jamison who went OTRB thru no fault of hims own... he was good with dogs and didn't know him was in danger. He was pawsome Black Panther and furry loved at Noodles Adventures Blog and sometimes hacked Noodles blog... you can reads about that here -

The Mom has a special place in her heart fur Black Panther kitties (Puzzles' Spunky Bear's Memorial) and her just couldn't stop crying to pawticipate in the memorial last friday.

Purrz of Lovez and Paddy Paw Hugz,

Benjamin Little Bear
Current Black Panther

Katiez Furry Mewz

 Updates and Stuffs:

Chiquita's owie is getting betters - the swelling is going down. She is eating well. Last weekend, when she ventured out of the kitty kennel apartment, she freaked out and ran into walls and tried to climb up the corners in the living room. On top of my needs list are refills of Feliway.  Last night and today, she came out of the apartment and rubbed on my legs, yet any sudden noises scare her and she is back in the carrier in the kennel.  Since she is not used to going in litter boxes, before I let her do too much venturing, I will place several boxes around my little bungalow when she is out. I will pick them up for when one of the other kitties is having their turn outside their rooms... 

Wish my foster girls were more the Mama types and liked other kitties, but not the case.  Angel is afraid of other cats (she thinks she is a dog)... Little Peach is a Diva and wants all the attention; My Molly and daughter Ellie May are inclusive to themselves (Ellie May had a bad reaction to Advantage Flea meds where she couldn't process being touched or smells normally. Took two years of behavior modification for Ellie to act almost normally to touching, yet she still slaps from strange smells)

How sum ever, there is a Cat Fancy Show day on my birthday February 5th (and 6th) - I am going to register Miss Peach in the Household Category and hope she behaves herself enough to find her furever home... she hisses at other kitties...yet is good at being handled. Crossing paws.  I will buy a small cage for her to stay in during the show... Never done this before... going to be interesting.

In other Mewz: Have not Caught Chiquita's Mom Molly yet and looks like she may have already got herself in a pickle with two boys chasing her... I am going to try to see if she will go in a cage versus a trap - then will come the fun to attempt to get her from cage to trap to get spayed at KHS. Otherwise may have to get her spayed at a clinic that handles ferals and doesn't care if a trap or not.  

I am having concerns about Molly... not sure how bonded She is now to her daughter. Molly did not come near daughter when she was in a carrier by motel room the night I tried to get her to go in trap.

If Molly can get fixed, she may have to be returned back to the area - she has never been inside and I don't have a room to keep her while she learns about the indoors...  

I may be able to hold her long enough to get her to same home with Chiquita - depends - the gal who wants to give Chiqui a mew home is three hours away and her experience with outdoor partial ferals is limited.  I am concerned Chiquita may regress from her progress with people if her Mom is too upset. I have had that happen before.  Too many questions... I may have to rethink a home for both of them. More updates on Silvia's Molly later this week.

Silvia hurt her back very badly a few months ago and she is still in pain, finding it hard to get much done... especially since she lost her contacts. I am hoping to help her get a set of contacts as she can't even see to drive. She has a doctor's appointment today.  We were able to get her rent this week, working on next week - have some metal to recyclers and the auction items on my blog - and still raising funds for Molly's spay.  Still needing to raise at least 62.00 for Molly's spay and 150 for next week's rent.   

Silvia is exhausted and in too much pain... the fracture in her tail bone will take months to heal well.  She is asking me to find a home(s) for her cats - the only offer so far was a 6 high by 6 x 4 feet cage in a shop (!?!) ... fine for kittens and maybe one laid back cat - not for five cats who sometimes need medication and are already stressing out from the boy cats chasing Silvia's Molly. - This morning Silvia told me her kids picked fights with each other from a boy cat spraying the motel room window.

More Mewz later... going to be a loonnng week.

Purrz from Katie Kat
The Mom and the Katiez Katz.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Since Everyone Else Am Asleep

...And I am trying to gets that lady's attention!!!
Why you not put me in your lap again?? I am lonely!! I don't care that it am 4:31 in the morning and that I am not suppose to be running all over the place panicking a bouts the scary inside worlds... and pawsibly stressing my owie..(from spay)...

I needs attention... please?? Come loves me and takes me outta da big kennel and helps me not be scareds?

Little Girl... aka Chiquita.

(Mom will talks later abouts whats I don't know.... her might even blog tomorrow cause I might needs my owie checked.

 ...and her might talks about catching my Mom and how all these linkies to other humans are in alphabetical order now... Alpha Kitty Blogging List .

 Her couldn't sleep from all the ploppity plop of icy rain... and abouts our mew banner with art
frum Fur Legged Fur Balls Mommy

...and what am a clogged sewer pipe? What am the yucky smell coming from the basement and what am RotoRooter and why are they coming to scare me today? 

Besides I'm hungry!) 

If you are on Facebook, please check out The Purple Kattery Auction Blog - more fun stuffs am being added evfurry day all to helps kitties in needs like me! -Chiquita