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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thankful fur Tomorrowz and Catz Meow Transport

Gracie (L) Faith (R)
Gracie and Faith wants to knows...

Gracie: Hey Mommy Lady, what am Tommorowz?

Mommy Lady: That am the day after today.

Gracie: Then how comes you said we waz gonna blogs tomorrowz that was Monday.

Mommy Lady: Oh I did say that... ooops... well tomorrow can also mean a day in the future.

Faith: So duz thats meens we gonna getz a mew home tomorrowz?

Mommy Lady: Furry Furry Soon... furst you haz to visit a vets and getz surgeriez so you not haz kittens...

Faith: I wants to bee kittenz furever with a Mew Mommy!
Mama and kittens in the sink

Gracie: Me tooz!  

Mommy Lady:  You two and your sisfur Hope, brofur Oliver and Mama Baby Girl aka Lady Grey are going to lives with a furry sweet lady in Junction City. She mights even give you mew names. The names you haz nows are for your Ninja kitten training secret identities...  Before you can go to your mew home, we haz to raise funds fur your surgeries and shots and stuff.

Baby Girl and Oliver
 Oliver: How we gonna do that?

Mommy Lady: We am asking folks if they can sends funds to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com thru PayPal.  

We are going to need at least 45.00 per girl kitty. Oliver will only need 35.00  That is if we can get evfurry one into Spay and Neuter of Kansas - that is about 215.00 dollars.  (If we can't go there, then the next place is Kansas Humane Society and that is 60 each and does not even include shots! )  We will gets a you caring ups by the next blog post.

Baby Girl: Thank you for looking after me and my children... I am glad you have found us a place to be loved. And thank you for helping my housemates too...

Baby Girl's House mates, two blind kitty boys (one of them might be the father of Baby Girls kittens) will be going to see the vet tomorrow or Saturday and then heading to
Manhattan, Kansas and a foster home (or forevers... ).  Katiez Furry Mewz will be paying for their shots and one dose of flea meds...  Which will come to about 150.00. Right now due to helping another kitty get seen last week who had lots of neglect from terrible ear mites... we only have about 71.00.  A furry kind person sent 50.00 for Gordo to check hims teeth. 

Howsumever, Gordo is doing better right now (thank goodness) - and so we can use the funds to help the blind kitties, leaving about 30.00 still needed for their vet visit.   tomorrow.

Angel: hey you purrmiced more photos of the Catz Meow kitty transport on Sunnyday!!

Mommy Lady aka Katie Kat: Oh thank you so much Angel fur reminding me.

Here are some photos from the kitty transport on Sunday. Everything went furry well with getting the kitties to the next person... Bonnie was our first pick up. Bonnie is mobility challenged - missing back feet and no tail... such a furry sweet girl!
Picking up Bonnie
We took Bonnie from Wichita to Salina where she went with another kitty named Gracie onward to other drivers to get them to Colorado. Bonnie and Gracie needed a towel between them since they didn't know each other
Bonnie in our rental c

In Salina, we picked up Gracie's Mama (aka Mommaz) and her 3 sisfurs and took them to Oklahoma to meet their forever Mommy! Samantha one of the kittens was hyperventilating when we picked up Mommaz and Kittens in Salina... getting hot that day. Howsumever, by the time we got to Oklahoma, Samantha was playing with my fingers!

Gracie (L) Bonnie (R) in Salina onward together

Mommaz, and kittenz waiting for transfer

Mommaz and Kittenz in our rental
Transferring Mommaz and Kittens to furever Mommy
Samantha one of the kittenz

Please consider sharing or helping the Kittiez in Need at Katiez Furry Mewz: Lady Grey and her kittens to get their surgeries ($215) and to helps pay vet bill for blind kitties (after donation will be about 100.00 - this includes using care credit 70.00 and out of pocket of 30.00) by PayPal as gift to friends to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com

This is A Thankful Remember Me Thursday Blog Hop Purrsentation...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bonnie, Mama and Kittens' Journey to Love

Today we are volunteering with Catz Meow Transport again. We could use lots of purrz and prayerz. First of all, brother accidentally drove over the median at a drive up restaurant window last night and bent the fuel line on our transport car. We are having to rent a car today.

We are helping Bonnie on her journey across Kansas to her mew Mommy in Colorado and then picking up Mama and three kittens to take them to Oklahoma to meet their mew Mommy Angela!!

From The Catz Meow website:
The Catz Meow, Inc is an all-volunteer, leg to leg transport service for the safe relocation of cats and kittens in the continental United States.

Using a network of volunteers, and following all state and federal guidelines, we transport cat(s) across the country. Anyone may apply for transport – adopters, rescues, owner reunifications, military moves – anyone who needs to move a cat from one part of the country to another. We bring peace of mind that one’s loved one will be transported with infinite care and will arrive to its forever home safely.

Bonnie’s Story from Catz Meow: Sweet, affectionate Bonnie’s troubles began even before she was born. Her back legs failed to develop correctly so she has born with no feet and has only stubs where her back legs should be. Nonetheless, she manages to get around in her own way. In March 2017, when she was about 1 year old, Bonnie was surrendered to a local vet’s office in Louisiana. The Heart of Louisiana Humane Society stepped in to take financial responsibility for her and place her in foster care. She languished there, waiting in vain for someone to take her home.

Then Bonnie’s luck changed, thanks to TCM’s Share and Care page on Facebook. Terri in Colorado saw Bonnie’s picture, read her story, and fell in love with her. The necessary arrangements have been made and now Bonnie is set to travel to her new family, which includes fellow rescue cats Ollie and Peanut and a 25-pound Flemish giant rabbit named Fred. She’ll finally get the love and attention she deserves. 

Yesterday, Bonnie began her journey with a layover at one of the transporter's homes. Brother and I will be meeting Bonnie in Wichita about 1pm and then heading to Salina to hand her over to another driver who is also taking Gracie one of Mama Jewel's kittens to forever homes. Here are some Selfies from yesterday's journey: 
Bonnie at Layover last night
Bonnie During Transport

Mama and Daughters Journey to Love:
Go West young kitties! Rhonda in Girard, OH took in pregnant Momma. Five kittens later, Rhonda had a lot of placement work ahead of her. The sole male kitten was adopted by a neighbor. Rhonda turned to social media to find homes for Momma and her 4 little girls. Pam in Marysville, WA fell in love with Gracie with the first photo she saw.

Pam helped name all the kittens but she chose a special name for Gracie, naming her after her very dear friend Grace, who lives in Ireland. Gracie will join Pam’s family that includes 3 other kitties; Lily, Jazzy, and Autumn, a dog Tahsa, 3 parakeets; Tikki, Sky, and Sunny, and a dove named Lucy. Gracie will get “all the love she can stand” from Pam and her husband Faron. 

Meanwhile, Angela in Davis, OK offered to adopt Momma and the transport planning process began. The remaining 3 kittens had no adoption interest at all so Angela asked if the 3 kittens could be transported to her along with Momma because, “I already love them all from afar!” The rest is history....

This kitty family will travel together until Momma, Gracie, Jewel, Roxie, and Samantha make a stop in Kansas. Then Gracie will continue her journey west and then Momma and three kittens head down to Oklahoma - that's where brother and I come in. Bonnie and Gracie will travel together to Colorado. Brother and I will be picking up Momma, Roxie, Jewel and Samantha and taking them to Oklahoma today.

Two Kittens during Transport yesterday:


Gracie Ventures Out

Luxury Suites

Hanging out at the Layover home:
Brother and I will be heading out to pick up vehicle at Avis at 11:00 then meeting Bonnie and her chauffeur at 1pm .
So far their journeys went well yesterday. 

Please keep these sweeties in your purrz and prayers today.
Will share how things went tomorrow! 

Purrz from Katie Kat
 and Katiez Furry Mewz 
(part of LifeGate Kansas Enterprises)

Purr. Es. (P.S.) Please pray for Silvia and her kitties. We are struggling to get in enough metal recycling to help her move to a real place to live. Gordo and his litter mates were given chicken bones without Silvia's permission, which caused their sensitive kitties tummies to throw up. Gordo may have hurt a tooth because his eye and nose keep running. Some tummies have settled down, but not completely.  The cats have not yet seen the vet.

There was some mis-communication last week

which kept Gordo and the other kitties from having a donation to cover their vet visit. If you call Arapaho Vet Clinic to help, please let them know you are putting credit on the account so Silvia can take her cats in to be checked from a chicken bone incident. Please do not say it is for a payment... the vet office will give you a wrong message. I will call them in the morning to let them know that donations may be coming to help with the check up.  Arapahoe Veterinary Clinic: 316 262 6491. Thank you and God Bless you for your purrs and support.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Mewz Transporting Kittiez and Purrz Plz

Hiya Internet Folks! Katie Kitty Too here, waiting on impawtant phone calls... but we don't want no more calls from Rachel at credit services... I don't know who scamming Rachel am but she furry annoying...trying to takes our moneys that we needs for foods and stuffs. She needs a good slappy fur disturbing my naps.  I iz 13 going on 14!!! I needs my beauty sleep. Andy wayz... I'm going to gets mom to fill my water bowl...

We haven't blogged since Black Cat Appreciation Day - Alot of Mewz to talks about.

Last month, mom gots contacted by Cat's Meow Transport Servicesto helps transport a kitty named Oreo to her furever mommy in Oklahoma!!

Picking up Oreo from Emporia
On August 26th, Uncle Mike and Mom picked up Oreo in Emporia from another transport driver and then met Oreo's
Oreo on the Move...
forever mommy in Oklahoma! 

Oreo's Mew Mommy on the right.
 After that Oreo's mew family drove home to OKC. 

 Then last week, Mom and Uncle Mike got asked again to help two ginger boy gets to Colorado for their week long stay en route to their mew homes: 

Arrived in Hays Kansas
Cornflake a young kitty who was rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas and going to a furever Mommy in Utah, and Jester a 15 year old singer... um kitty who loves to sing the song of hims people am going to Montana to be with hims Mommy's Mom.  But our cars were not working goods!! One car over heats and the good car we used to transport Oreo - the switch am broke and not recognizing the security key.  So Mom had to rent a car from Avis using our Sears card.  The trip was furry goods though and Jester and Cornflake gots to Hays in a 2016 Nissan Murada... comfy journey.

Once in Hays, Kansas - Uncle Mike and Mom carried Jester and Cornflake to a mew chauffeur. Jester and Cornflake arrived safely in Colorado and are staying fur a week long pawty fur heading back on the road next week.

We gots more to talks about - like how we found and gaves away two cages to a small furries and reptile rescue, and Mom found gravel to gives to LAPP, a local no kill shelter.

We talks about that next times...

We gots some fings to purr abouts --  

Here are some needs we gots plz purr and if you can helps, please paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot coms.
We haz been picking up metal, appliances and electronics fur scrapping but just nots enough to cover everything needed.

  • The Bonneville needs a new switch or bypass put in or cannot use the car.
  • There is another kitty going thru Wichita at the end of September, please purr that we are able to help transport or another driver is found - this Kitty am Bonnie and her am special needs.
  • Still have Mama Cat Baby Girl and kittens need to go to forever homes - we am hoping that pawsibly Cats Meow Group may helps - Baby Girl and kittens need spayed and nuetered.
  • The elderly lady that gave us Baby Girl still needs our help to find her blind black kitties and her other kitties a home. and dat needs moneys to get them fixed.
  • the outdoor kitty that Silvia feeds has disapeared and we need help to rescue her four month old kittens.
  • Silvia's Guero needs money fur see vet ASAP due to UTI - because of hims surgery needs money for another vet visit cause him gets UTIs really easily. 
  • Guero needs Vet ASAP
  • Silvia needs lots of purrs to find another place to live with her kitties asap. And to helps her with bills.

The motel now am getting lots of bads people cause the motel across the street am being demolished. Silvia has nots found helps from local helping places cause they don't helps folks in motels or you has to be a church member (Mom says thats not what the bible says about helping folks - dat believers helps widows and orphans. And Silvia am an orphan cause her family went to court last week to cut her off from them.)  

We needs extra funds saved up to help her gets another place.  Mom am bin asking other pets peoples if they have or know a goods place to rents. So far do not haz somewhere.

Thank you fur all your purrz and prayers and support 

If you can, please paypal any donation to

We will be starting a mew you caring... please stay tuned in fur dats in next post

Purrz from Katie Kitty Too and Katie the Mom
Katiez Furry Mewz
parts of LifeGate Kansas Enterprises.