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KFM fosters thru a licensed Kansas rescue
Katiez Katz stay with different family members.


Katie Kitty Too

Katiez Furry Mewz began as a blog about Katie Kitty Too and my cats over ten years ago, when I met M.L. and the Catblogosphere. Yet because of M.L.'s kindness, KFM is growing into so much more: a pet helping ministry that one day with the help of pet lovers and the blogging community, may become a life care sanctuary supported by a manufacturing facility creating pet products that will give jobs to those in need. That is my vision and I hope all who read this will catch the vision too and find a way to support our cause.

Ever since I learned about Best Friends Society back in the 1980’s, that’s thirty years ago, I dreamed of founding a life care sanctuary in Kansas, especially for cats, of having a pet helping ministry that kept pets out of the local kill shelter, that helps retain pets in their homes or provides a life care facility where animals can have loving care, not stressed out cages of despair.

About 2006, my British husband lost his income and was accused of something he did not do. M.L. helped me when she found out my husband had lost his income - she showed me how to use eBay and even sent me boxes of items that my cats and I could use or sell. Yet by 2008, I lost my house and had to move in with my brother until my husband’s retirement income was sorted out several years later and I could find another home.
In 2010, my husband was forced to return to England, yet I have a disabled mother who cannot travel. 

Brother's cat, Toby
My brother’s neighborhood had many abandoned cats who needed help. We saved cats and kittens, found them homes, yet still have kitties who call me Mom. Some stay at my brothers house, my home and other family members.
I continued to sell items on eBay and to create art to raise some funds for my cats and their care. I discovered a website called Bonanzle (now Bonanza my booth is ThePurpleKattery) and sold many items to help my cats... Sometimes cat blogging friends would send money to paypal to help as well.

Then about 2016, I started helping pet owners in need with pet food, rent, and vet bills, everything I could to keep these cats and dogs out of the kill shelter and their owners from being homeless. The pet blogging community helped raise funds for two of Silvia's cats to have life saving surgery. For many months I raised money through You Caring to help Silvia and her five cats keep their motel room and find another place to live, until she and I started scrapping metal to raise funds in 2017. Yet that money has not been enough. Not even to find Silvia and her cats another place to stay.

And recently, we have been honored to be a chauffeur for Catz Meow Transport, helping cats on their journey to loving homes. And I am helping an elderly woman find homes for her 8 cats. Two who have trouble seeing are already in a foster home. One of her female cats and her kittens are staying at my house until a foster or forever home can be found.

Out of pocket expenses are high: supporting the cats in our care: food, vets, spay and neuter surgeries, helping pet owners, gas and rental cars for transporting pets to other towns for new homes - I am out of money every month way before the next social security check comes inYET THERE is so much more work to do.

Katiez Furry Mewz needs the pet loving community to help make this life care sanctuary and pet helping ministry become a reality - We need you... 

Please consider any gift to friends through paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com

Please consider checking our eBay and Bonanza stores
or other ways to contact me at . Let us know what you are looking for and we can find that, make it or draw it for you!

and Watch the vision grow!!! 

We will be creating a another blog furry soon for those who pray and support KFM as a way of saying Thank you for catching the vision. This blog will stay public... the daily hopes and dreams and work will be shared privately with the KFM supporters. 

Please see Silvia's Story and how you can help her not lose hope...  

-Katie and the Katz
of Katiez Furry Mewz
a furry caring part of 
LifeGate Kansas Enterprises

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