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Ronnie and Mom Silvia
Silvia's Story


Hi everyone. Let me tell you about me. I’m Silvia and 5 fur kids call me Mom: Narcisca, kitty mom and her kids Ronnie, Gordo, Natasha and Guero litter mates. All have been with me for the past 7yrs.

It’s been a busy challenging past month for me and as of today too. Because of High blood pressure, I had a stroke just a few days ago. When the ambulance came, several of my fur babies got out and had to be found… Thank God none of them were hurt.

I am an animal lover and have been able to offer kindness and support even in the worst of times. My strong compassion toward animals and my determination to make a better world for them helps me feel strong though things can be dark.
Yet now I am the one in need.

I believe in helping all cats when I can. I feed any cat coming to my door. I know they can get some nutrition from hunting bugs and mice, but no cat should be left behind. Feral and abandoned cats are more dependent on help from human caregivers than some people think. Young cats born outside can be trapped and rescued and become loving companions. Older cats still need help to not have more kittens, not be put to sleep in shelters. They need trapped, fixed and returned to people who will care for them.

I’m am asking for help to raise funds for my cats, for their pet food and medical treatment and to keep us all from being homeless. Right now, we live in a small room at a motel and I have a old 1995 car that can be used use to find small cleaning jobs or transportation to my fur kids vet and for my doctor’s appointments. Yet the car is always needing fixed.

My friend Kat and I have been scrapping for metal to raise funds, but hasn’t been enough to cover rent, car insurance and loan, food for me and my pets, phone, vet bills... got behind on rent and had to use car title as a collateral to get title loan to pay weekly rent of $150.

And now the rent has gone up to $220 a week. The stress of bills and my cats needing vet help is overwhelming. Hard to get back on your feet when so few people care to lift you up. YET No one lives alone. We all help each other. That's what makes a real family even though my parents disowned me. Saving animals gives me hope to see there is a God and that there are still friends who choose to be my family. I can save myself and my fur kids if more help comes from caring friends and the cat loving community.

I need to find a better place to live for my cats and me. I have struggled so hard to find honest work that will support us. I would do anything to care for my fur kids. I have trouble sleeping at night worrying about me and my cats because we need a real home to rent, where they can't accidentally get out of the motel room. Just this last week, I had to look for Narcisca who had somehow crossed busy street and was on the next block, confused. Not fair that there is help for me to get shelter but I can't bring my cats - they would have to go to the "pound," a kill shelter?

My cats have special needs, they would not last at KHS. My boys have been having UTI. Two of my fur babies: Guero and Gordo had PU surgeries when their urethras became obstructed. Now Gordo and Ronnie have been losing weight and vet doesn’t know why yet. More tests are needed to rule out Thyroid. Ronnie has been so stressed lately that he has UTI symptoms. My cats are stressed from where we have to live. My friend Kat has been helping me look for another place – we need prayer and funds to find a compassionate landlord who is okay with me having cats. Why should they be left behind? My babies are bonded to me and me to them.
Mama Narcsica

Natasha has asthma and allergies to food dye (as in Meow Mix). She does well on Purina. Yet she needs monthly treatments. It’s scary when she has her attacks.

Momma cat Narscica has been getting frequent yeast infections. Plus we keep getting fleas. They are inside cats but the fleas must be coming in from the feral cats I am trying to rescue.

Please, Please support me even with a good word or share or a nice comment.  My babies deserve to stay with the human they know and love.

A warm heart goes far. So please please can you spare the change from and donate to my cause by paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com or send to Silvia Espinosa % Katiez Furry Mewz P.O. Box 771268 Wichita, KS 67277 

Or can you make a donation at my fur kids vet to be seen when funds come in for treatment? This is not to pay for a past due bill.  Please tell the receptionist it is for credit on my account to cover any treatment needed. Arapahoe Vet Clinic. Vet is Dr Mahoney at 316 262 6491 for Silvia Espinosa’s account.

Thank you.
From my heart and my fur kids heart we say thank you.

...meow? Please help us continue being healthy and not let our human mom give up hope. Human mommy needs you to help us kitties and strays to live happy. -Silvia's Fur Kids...

--Silvia and
Narcisca, Natasha, Gordo, Guero and Ronnie.

and the Outdoor cats still needing help: Chico, Veronica, Molly and Orange.

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