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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Slickfester Dude Tells Bedtime Stories

Note ***to buy dis signed by Carol Duerkson and Slickfester Dude!! Just goez here...To the Purple Kattery. Portion of dis sale will helps kitties in need***

Whin Katie tollz Bootsie ta looks fur Mom on
Toosdayz Postie... dis da uther parts uf da storee!

Bootsie looks fur Mom...

"Mawmee! Readz a storee frum Slickfester Dude! Him tells Bedtime storeez!"

Okay Bootsie, I'll read you the first chapter, okay? Now be a good girl and don't roll around on the book.

Katie Too pouts, But Mawm, we iz writin a bloggie!! oh pooh...(Katie luks thotfull) Ohtay, kin we puts it on da bloggie den?

Yes, Katie... let's do that! Our Kitty Friends and their Beans might like the story, too! Slickfester Dude Tells Bedtime Stories is a really cute and humourous book written by Carol Duerksen and Slickfester Dude who live at WillowSpring Downs in Hillsboro, Kansas. Our copy is signed by Carol and Slickfester Dude himself! ISBN: 0964852578.

Note ***to buy dis signed by Carol Duerkson and Slickfester Dude!! Just goez here...To the Purple Kattery. Portion of dis sale will helps kitties in need***

Okay, Bootsie.
Here is a story.... Where Reuben Goes.

...The night the stories started, I was lying in bed with my husband Maynard, not far from sleep. I felt the waterbed move softly, and Slickfester Dude, our black cat, three-legged his way across the covers toward me. Slick's right front leg had been permanently folded across his chest since before we found him, so everything he did was in a three-legged mode.
..."Hey, Slick, how're you doin', Dude" I greeted him.
...Slick Responded by sitting down squarely on my chest. Gazing at me with those big gold eyes, he reached out his good front paw toward me.
..."What?" I asked.
...I want to hold hands." Slick said.
..."You want to hold hands."
..."Yes, I would like to hold hands. It makes me feel secure."
..."Okay." I took his paws with my fingers and held it.
..."Thank you. That feels good." Slick was quiet for awhile, then he said. "Would you like to know a secret?"
..."Sure! Tell me a secret."
..."I know where Reuben goes."
..."You do? Where?"
...Now I must explain here about Reuben. Reuben is a black pug dog. For the last few days, Reuben hadn't been around the house at all during the day, and when he showed up in the evening to eat, he looked and smelled bad. Actually, he'd been looking and smelling more like a pig than a pug.
...Slick just looked at me, so I asked again. "So where does Reuben go?"
..."Down by the creek, where that crippled pig is living in the mud. He sits there with that pig."
..."You've gotta be kidding."
..."I told you it was a secret. I didn't say it was a lie."

..."Sorry. I believe you. But why? Why would Reuben spend days with a sick pig? Especially when his best friend is a chocolate Labrador. Who would leave a dog for a hog?"
..."Maybe because the pig needs him," Slick looked especially wise when he said that. Now it was my turn to think for a while. Yes, that porker had been the victim of domestic violence in the pig pen. Maynard had moved him outside the pen, away from his abusers. Somehow, the hog found his way down to the creek, where the shade trees and mud soothed his wounds. But what could Reuben
do for him?

..."But how?" I asked Slick. "How does the pig need Reuben?"
..."He just needs him to be there. To sit beside him."
..."Oh," I said. "You really think that makes a difference?"
..."We'll see," Slick said, taking his paw back from me. He began to lick it, and then to give himself a face wash.
..."Well thanks for telling me where Reuben's been," I said. "I'm going to sleep now. Good night, Slick."
..."Goodnight, Carol."

And that is Chapter One, Bootsie...

Bootsie, Mawm, Whut happin to da Pig n da Puggie?

Katie Too, Dat in Chapter 2 Bootsie n Ize tired uf typin... weze haveta waits til nex bloggie time!

Purrz, Katie Kat
Bootsie Woo n Katie Too

Back of Cover second paragraph:

So it Began. These stories are true. They are the stories of animals I know - most of them have lived on our farm in central Kansas. The part that might be stretching the truth a bit is that Slick actually, out loud, told me these stories. But if I looked into his golden eyes long enough, I could hear his heart talking. - Carol Duerksen

Yay! One comment saved this story! But Katie Too wont type Chaptur Too wifout morh commintz... pooh. -Bootsie Woo.

***But ifns you woods like to buy dis storee it am sined by Carol Duerkson and Slickfester Dude!! Just goez here... To the Purple Kattery. Portion of dis sale will helps kitties in need.***

Bye bye

Katie Kitty Too


  1. otay... fanks anoni mouse!

    now any offur peeplez wants ta hear chaptur too?

    Katie Too

  2. That is a cool story dat you's shared☺

    Come see us today. We are talkin' 'bout sumpin' furry imPAWtant.


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