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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Emergency!! Screen Door Slammed Tobys Tail

Lil Bear (Front) Toby (Back)
Screen Door Slammed on Toby!
Tail Tip to be Amputated Early AM.

- We inturrupts our Easter Posting fur Emergency Mewz,
Lil Bear and Mom Repurrting. 

Updates 2:40am CST: The emergency vet called.  4 year old Cousin Toby comed out of surgery less than an hour ago and is waking up a bit, but resting.  

After fur shave, Doctor found Toby's tail was furry awful bruised from being pinched by bad screen door.  4 vertebrae were amputated which am almost 2 inches of hims tail.  Will update wif photos when Mom and Uncle Mike pick Toby up later today.  Uncle Mike and Mom may go to Easter service fur prayer.  Plz keep Toby and Uncle Mike in your purrz as Uncle Mike loses him job in June...  - Lil Bear.


Dearest Furr Friends on Internets,

Lil Bear: Earlier Saturday Afternoon about 4pm, Mom waz getting ready to do a lates Good Friday/Easter Post when Uncle Mike burst into the room.

Mom: Uncle Mike had been working on the kitchen sink and going back and forth to the garage thru the back door.  Since Uncle Mike's house sits on a corner, the back door is actually on the left side of the house and opens onto the covered patio that connects the garage to the house.  Uncle Mike had let Toby out thru the front door to get daily exercise.  Uncle Mike and I always let Toby out the front door for a good run, cause he always jumps out the door onto the concrete porch, scurries around the side of house thru the covered patio and over to the same spot to eat grass in the backyard.  But I didn't know Toby had been out until Mike came into the computer room.

Lil Bear:  I saw what happened...Uncle Mike was coming back in house and Cousin Toby runned in wif out saying nuffin.  Him usually meows so Mom or Uncle Mikes know to keep screen door open.  Screen am got spring dat make door close real fast! Mom got her foot hurted one time cause door slam shut so quick.

Uncle Mike didn't see Toby coming in til screen door closed real loud and Toby runned behind couch.  Uncle Mike tried to get Toby to come out but he ran under the recliner.  Den Uncle Mike moved the recliner and Toby ranned into da kitchen and jumped onto the window sill above the sink.

Mom: So Uncle Mike said, please come help me check Toby. He was outside and the door slammed on him. He's hiding in the kitchen window. I left the computer room and went into the kitchen.  But Toby wouldn't let me check him.  He growled and refused to leave the window.  Mike called our vet who was still open.  Since I couldn't get Toby to leave the window, I brought the carrier to him. Surprisingly, Toby crawled out of the window on his own and into the carrier. I caught a glimpse of the end of his tail and the tip was bloody.  Mike drove while I held the carrier.  Upon examination, Dr. Johnson moved the long hair away and showed us how the skin was gone from Toby's tail tip.  Unfortunately, that meant in order for Toby's tail to heal, the tip will have to be amputated.  He could do the surgery, but being so late in the day he suggested that we take Toby to the Emergency Clinic so the staff there would be able to monitor him during the night.

We left Willowbend Animal Hospital and took Toby to the Emergency Vet.  It is now midnight here in Kansas, and due to a few other emergencies, Toby has not had the surgery yet. 

Since most of you won't see this until morning... will add a post about his surgery as soon as we have that info.

Lil Bear:  Please purr fur Toby as him gets well frum surgery... Toby and hims siblings will be 4 years old in May. Mom am wondering if any bloggers has a cell phone dat we could text during an emergency so we can lets our innernets frinds know sooner to purrz and pray.  Am anyone doing a purr list likes dats or puts ups a post during mergencies???  If you knows, please leave commints and send us an email wif purrsonal stuffs to laugh_safely ats 

Mom: Please keep Uncle Mike in your purrs too.  Toby is his first "cat," and Mike is feeling really sick over hurting Toby.  Mike is also losing his job in June due to company takeover by a larger corporation who is moving the whole assembly plant to Warsaw, Indiana. 

Lil Bear and I will write Our Good Friday/ Easter Post Tomorrow,
including Remembering whom Angel's Lil Bear was named for:
Puzzles Spunky Bear, aka Boo Bear, Good Friday 1989 - Oct 25, 2008.

Resurrection Morning, copyright by Kat-Renee Kittel


  1. We are so sorry for both Toby and Uncle Mike. We will start one of our 24/7 purr-a-thons for them both, and Mauricio will post in Cat Scouts Quiet Room and ask all the Scouts to also purr and pray. Glad that the surgery went well. Have a blessed Easter, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. we added a photo you can use - you can turn it around if you likes too.

  2. We're really sorry to hear for Toby's tail, and Mum says Uncle Mike certainly feels awfully sad for his kitty. We send Toby healing purrs and are glad to read that the surgery went well. Purrs

  3. That must have been so painful for Toby and our eyes are watering at the thought. We will purr for for him.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Saw the post at Cat Scouts. Purring for Toby.

  5. Tons of purrs & mojo from teh boys and me!!!

  6. Oh Toby, we are so sorry that you had to have surgery on your poor tail. But we are so glad you came out of the surgery A OK. We sure send lots and lots of purrs. Have a Happy Easter.

  7. So sorry to hear about Toby! Poor Mike. I'm sure Toby knows he didn't mean to shut the door on him. Cats know how much their people love them. <3

    We are your "neighbor" here in CO, and the Mom is happy to help spread news if you need hers to. You can add our Mom on Facebook if you like. Hers is "Sierra M Koester" and has an orange cat as her icon. We will e-mail you our cell number in a moment, too.

    Hugs and purrs to you all <3

  8. Poor Toby. We are all sending our best healing purrs and prayers. Hugs to Toby's Daddy too, we know he must feel terrible.

  9. Oh, no! We're sorry to hear about your tail, Toby. We hope that your recovery goes well. We're sure that Uncle Mike feels terrible and must be very worried.

  10. We are sending BIG purrs to Toby so he can heal quickly.
    We understand it was an accident,so Uncle Mike need not blame himself.
    We also send purrs to Uncle Mike. Losing a job will be hard.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  11. We are so very sorry about Toby and we know it was a total accident so we hope Uncle Mike will not blame himself. We will keep Toby in our purrs as he heals. We hope that Uncle Mike finds a better job!♥♥♥

  12. Oh no! Poor Toby! We are so sorry that this happened. We are purring and praying that your tail heals well and quickly. And we are purring and praying for Uncle Mike, too ... we sure hope he gets a new job soon. HUGS!

  13. Poor Toby and Uncle Mike - our paws are crossed for a speedy recovery for Toby and a new, better job for Uncle Mike; we are sending strong healing purrs flying across the Ocean. Thinking of all of you.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  14. oh no.....accidents happen, but that doesn't make anyone feel better about it. we hope Toby heals up soon and Uncle Mike can find another job quick

  15. Ouch! that must be some heavy screen door. We're sorry Toby lost part of his tail and Uncle Mike feels responsible. We hope Toby heals quickly and Uncle Mike understands it was an accidnet.

  16. Poor Toby, that must have HURT! We're sending purrs and purrayers that he heals quickly and adjusts to having a bit less of his tail. Ditto re: Mike understanding it was an accident.


  17. Healing purrs to all, and have a Happy Easter anyway.
    Extra treats to Toby.

  18. Meow O My how scary fur Toby and Uncle Mike. Dad knows a little bit about cat medicine and says that he will be ok with a lot of love. We will get our furmaly purr circle going full speed fur Toby and Uncle Mike. We will turn the power up to help him with work.
    Timmy Dad and Furmaly

  19. PS you can always email us fur purrs. Dad does not have a new phone if you can believe it.
    timdatomcat at gmail dot com

  20. Poor Toby! We will be purring hard he recovers quickly. That darn screen more treats for it!

  21. Poor Poor little Toby. We hope yous all better. Sissy did something similar about 20 years ago with Pup Malcolm. He was ok and his tail healed, it was just sore. We hope uncle Mike doesnt feel too bad, it was an accident.

  22. Hi our new furiends!!!!! We are so sad about Toby!! We rushed right over after you left us a message and we are sending TONS of love and healing purrs. We are happy to meet you but not under such sad circumstances!!! Mom and I signed up to follow your blog from now on so we can make sure that Toby stays well! Much love, Caren and Cody

  23. Ouchies. Purrrrrrring that Toby recovers soonest from his tail bobbing.

  24. That's a big old ouch for poor Toby, I am sending him my best rumbly purrs to help his tail heal up and some for Uncle Mike too. Don't be too hard on yourself Uncle Mike, it was an accident and I know you wouldn't hurt Toby for the world

    Luff Mungo

  25. Aw, Poor Toby and Poor Uncle Mike too. We kitties are very resilient and also very forgiving--Toby knows no one meant to hurt him. We are purring hard for efurrybody, and specially for Toby so that he recuperates fast--he's a young healthy boy so we are sure he'll do well! XOXOXOX

  26. How awful it is to hurt one's tail! But Toby will be okay with part of a tail. Just tell him to be sure to leave it alone while it heals. Maybe the vet will send him home with an e-collar to keep him from biting the end of his tail. And please tell Uncle Mike that accidents happen. He should give himself a break. He didn't do it on purpose. I'm sure he loves Toby very much.

  27. Ouch !
    Sending lot of (((purrs))) so Toby will heal up real quick !!


  28. Poor Toby, we are sending healing purrs. Accidents happen please tell Uncle Mike not to blame himself.

  29. Sending healing hugs for Toby and his SHORTER tail. I'm sure that was a very painful injury but once he's all healed up I bet he'll be right as rain.

    Hugs, Sammy

  30. That must have been some slam of the door. I hope Toby heals nicely and his shorter tail doesn't worry him too much. As long as the rest of him is healthy, he'll be all right.

  31. OH I am so VEEY terribly sorry for all this. POOR poor baby. Oh I hope all will improve quickly and that he is not in pain right now. I am sorry. xxxoox


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