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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Friday in Manhattan Kansas Kittens in Carriers Selfies

Heather and Colby
Cheddar and Pepper Jack
Katie the Mom helped us take our selfies just before we went into the K-State Mobile Vet unit in Manhattan, Kansas... on Furry Day - 10 o'clock Friday Morning.

Now we are at Cat Tails Manhattan getting loves and yummy foods... We will be in foster home furry soon to help us keep socializing til we visit Petco where we will wow the sockies off uf evfurry bodies who meets us!!!  Please purr fur us dat da bestest furever mommies and daddies find us furry soon!

Please purr fur our Mommy Giselle who went back home with Katie the Foster Mom to be Katie's Mom's mew kitty. Giselle needs checked cause her mammary glands are too full...  Purring that her not has fever and stuffs. Katie the Foster Mom wants to take her to vets fur checkup.
Purrz from Giselle's kittens
and Katie the Foster Mom. 

From Katie the Mom:
Please keep Silvia's Mama Cat Narcisca in your prayers. She has quit eating and has become lethargic.  She needs checked to find out what is wrong...

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tomorrow Am Giselle's and Kittens' Big Day

Hiya furry friends and humans, Katie the Mom here
Tomorrow I will be transporting Giselle and her kids to Manhattan, Kansas - two and half hour drive to the KU mobile vet unit to have their operations and shots. Please keep us all in your purrz for the drive there and successful surgeries.

Cheddar, Colby, Pepper Jack (PJ) and Heather will stay in Manhattan with Cat Tails Manhattan to find their furever homes... 

Giselle (Gigi) will be coming back with me to see if she and my mother aka Nana are a good match - Mom is still missing Bibi - yet her house is just too empty with out a fur companion.

My camera phone is still acting oddly - hopefully soon will be able to afford a new phone.  Today will work on getting some new photos of the kittens - they have really grown. The kittens will be 11 weeks old this Sunday. Will share those photos this weekend.

We are so thankful to have found Gigi and her babies day after Labor Day - miserable rainy September 4th and save their lives. Looking forward to seeing how they do at Cattails Rescue Manhattan where another foster will look after them until they find their furever homes....

How sum ever to get the car ready for the trip two tires had to be taken care of. One bald and going flat every 8 hours - had to be replaced. The other was not holding air - slow leak. Went to U-Save Tires yesterday morning - very honest business that shares everything they do before they work.  Come to find out that the tire not holding air had a nail and rim was too dirty to make a seal. 

So far the cost to get car ready for trip tomorrow was 93.53 - money was borrowed from a donator and has to be repaid back. And the right rear keeps making a squeaky noise that needs checked tonight - been making that noise since the brakes on that wheel were replaced a few weeks ago.  Please purr we find out the source of that noise! If it is the shock - will have to wait to change out until back from the trip and when funds are available.  Well we will talk to you later - hopefully from Giselle's purrspective on the whole ordeal. 

We sure need your purrz for this life-saving trip - and if you can help with repaying our gracious friend who let us borrow emergency funds, you would be a part of something wonderful - saving five precious lives abandoned and homeless on a rainy day Labor Day Weekend. 

Purrz from Katie and the Katz
Giselle, Cheddar, Colby, P.J. and Heather

(Please make donations to paypal at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com - thank your so furry much for your loves and support)

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Giselle's kittens love to play

Hiya internet peeples. Did you see one of my kittens whizz by behind me? That was my daughter Heather. She and Cheddar have two speeds - full speed ahead and stop. Even tho it am Blog Blast fur Peace Day, Furry hard to get kittens to stay calm and peaceful furry long!!!

Yet they am furry goods and Katie and I am purring that they will finds wonderful loving and caring homes.

Yes they loves to play and make messes with paper...

Would you like to see some photos of my kittens playing?

They just can't get enough of wrestling with Katie's blue jeans.  From the upper left going clockwise, Cheddar, Colby and Pepper Jack on top of Katie's leg.

Heather and Cheddar love to wrestle.
Pepper Jack aka P.J.




Thanks fur stopping by... Please keeps me and my fur kids in your purrz... Very soon we will be going to Manhattan, Kansas for shots and getting fixed. My babies will stay there to find mew homes. I may be coming back to help Katie's Mom not be lonely without Bibi.

Giselle, aka Gigi.

Please keep Chiquita in your purrz, Her rash started reappearing two days ago... just started diminishing her prednisone down to half a tablet every other day. Had to increase the dosage back to half tablet every day. I hope this is food related. Will look for a single source protein food for her. -Katie the Mom.

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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Furry Thankful Bibi is Coming Home

Just a few days ago Miss Peach helped me write a blog post about Giselle and her kittens, and especially about the loss of Bibi, my mother's long time companion.

More than enough money came in to help Bibi come home, thru Facebook funding and Paypal - most of it thru Paypal, thankfully since Paypal sends funds immediately whereas Facebook may take weeks to receive.

I am overwhelmed because not only did we need funds for Bibi's urn but I lost two days this week looking after Mom - we needed more than just for Bibi's homecoming.

Thank you all my dear friends from the depths of my heart. Bibi was very special. We don't know what her life was like for her first three years, save she was left behind when a family moved out of my neighborhood.

One Friday in 2004, sometime in March or April, Bibi showed up in my back yard, eating some cat food I had left out for another abandoned kitty. I sat down on the porch and she crawled into my lap. Her tummy was plump. Was she pregnant? She stayed in my lap for a long time as I wondered about where this sweet kitty came from. Finally I picked her up as she protested and carried her into my garage where I sat her down. She hated being picked up! For days I tried finding where she came from. I tried bringing her with me from house to house. She refused to go back outside!! Scared to death of being abandoned again.

The only thing I found out was that a neighbor a block away had been feeding her. I told Mom about her and she hoped that this cat would be a good replacement for Kitty who had passed away in January on the anniversary of my brother's tragic death. She stayed in my bedroom for several days while I made sure she wasn't pregnant. In fact we found a small tattoo, indicating she was fixed. (Vet confirmed this on her first checkup.)

Finally my stepfather came and picked her up to take her home. The moment she saw my mother, she claimed one of the pillows on her bed! From that moment on, she was Mom's Bibi or was Mom Bibi's big baby? After my stepfather passed away in 2006, every night Bibi made sure Her big human baby was tucked in and going to sleep before Bibi went night night in the other bedroom. Bibi called Mom "mah" and she would always say "mah" to let Mom know she was going into the other room.

Bibi was funny about toys too. Either she played with the feather toy if Mom played or she took her stuffed toys and placed them in specific hiding places, but never played with them. If anyone moved her toy, she got upset and put them back. We think that Bibi may have had kittens before she was fixed and perhaps they were taken away from her too soon.

Thank you all from Angel Bibi and Mom for Helping with getting our sweet Bibi's urn. Although Mom stayed at home and could not go to the vets with me because of tummy flu, at the moment that Bibi went over the Rainbow Bridge at the vets, Mom heard Bibi say "Mah." Bibi told Mom that I am just going into another room - I will see you again...

oh Lord, You save both people and animals. How great is your unfailing love
that we take refuge in the shadow of your wings. -Psalm 36:6-7

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Kitten Sunday Selfies Late and Furry Sad Mewz

Hi everyone. Monday was National Cat Day. Dids you know that? We have a day just fur us Cats!

This is Miss Peach watching Giselle's kittens playing in the hallway. The Mom wants to apologize for not blogging fur almost a month... our camera is all catputted and don't take furry goods photos no more...

The rescued Mama Giselle's kittens, Cheddar, Pepper, Colby and Heather just turned 8 weeks old and we waz going to show their mew selfies Sunday...

Yet we has furry sads mews. Auntie Bibi has not been feeling well and been hiding alot.

Furst we show you Giselle and her kittens.


Pepper Jack (PJ)



They are furry playful and furry interesting to watch while they play... Mom says they are rambunctious and climb up her blue jeans!! Cheddar and Heather need more time with people. They gets fussy when picked up... Mom thinks they gets rumbly tummies cause they been burping their food. Giselle is shy and nervous in new situations, yet her am very sweet girl who was abandoned that am sad. Giselle and her kids will be going to Manhattan On November 16 to gets shots and fixed and then find furever homes. Please keeps them in your purrs fur their trip to Manhattan and Cattails Rescue. The Mom am going to ask around fur Giselle a mew home cause she might be scared at Petco with lots of people which is where Cattails shares kitties to help get mew homes.

Now we must tell you our furry sads mews, why Nana's Bibi has been hiding. Nana, Mom and Uncle Mike had trouble finding where she was hiding...for several days. She would show up for a while then hide again. Finally Bibi used the last of her strength to climb up the basement stairs to the landing in the kitchen by the back door. Katie Mom was in Nana's kitchen at the time making something fur Nana to eat cause Nana has the stomach flu... Mom gently picked Bibi up and she was furry cold and hardly moving... and rushed her to Nana's bed. Bibi did not want to go over the bridge alone... She wanted to be with Nana.

Bibi was 17 and half years old and had struggled with CKD - chronic kidney disease for many years... Nana has not only been sick with the stomach flu, yet now she is missing Bibi soo much, the grief is overwhelming.

Bibi has been Nana's companion for almost 15 years since the day she came to Mom's house in 2004 at 3 years old looking for help after being left behind to fend for herself. A few weeks later, Bibi came to lives with Nana. The first time Bibi saw Nana, Bibi claimed one of the pillows on the bed!!

The saddest thing is that Pet Traditions will not even cremate Bibi until the entire bill of $210.00 is paid. They used to let pet parents put half down for cremation, urn and then make payments. Katie Mom took Bibi to the vet to pts because Pet Traditions would have charged another $50 to come to Nana's house. Please can you help get Bibi back to Nana? We are afraid that she will not even get out of bed until Bibi comes home. Nana is 78 years old and disabled. She feels there is no reason to keep going without her Bibi. 

Miss Peach and Katie Mom.

Dearest friends and Cat Bloggers, This is Kat. This blog post has been so hard to write... We have asked for help for Chiquita's $400 plus bill months ago when she had a mysterious rash, yet only a few dollars came in. Thank you to the one dear friend from over the blue who helped at that time.

Yet I am begging for my Mom's sake to help get Bibi back home. There is no way we can come up with 210 dollars in cash up front. All cards are maxed out from kitty cat bills and the pet helping ministry. I am barely getting in enough money for food and litter fur our foster cats.

The grief of losing Bibi is so overwhelming to my mom. She has lost so much, her parents, her husband, her son from 200 hundred feet fall and now her only companion Bibi. Our paypal email address is laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. please use option gift to friends.

If you would like to help pay Pet Traditions, directly, please email me or contact me on Facebook at Kat-Renee Kittel Thank you so much for helping my mom. If you can't help pay for Bibi's urn, can you please share the need? Thank so much.

-Katie Kat