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Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Goods, The Sads and The Mew Purrz

Katiez Katz haz lots of Mewz to share today... First

With great sadness we must share four beloved kitties have gone over the Rainbow Bridge: Miles Meezer, Milita of Fur Everywhere, Bionic Basil and Sister Precious of Brian's Home... Please visit their blogs if you haven't done so yet and send purrz and hugz to their paw parents...

Beautiful babies gone home...  

We must also share that a left behind kitty named Mustachio that Auntie Silvia was looking after was sick and we didn't know the cause nor have the funds to treat him. Auntie Silvia and Katie Mom took him to Veterinary Emergency Clinic ER fur surrender, hoping he would get treated and possibly be picked up by rescue after going to the shelter... Instead he was discarded and PTS - no treatment or tests, no records made, nothing done to see if he had an incurable disease or could have been saved. Like he didn't even matter, he wasn't worth their effort... We don't have better photo of him... we believe he was left behind when an elderly lady who fed outdoor cats went to nursing home.

(I started writing this blog post last week and just stopped here - everything was just too sad. Will try to finish today - Thursday September 20th after Yom Kippur. -Katie the Mom)

Chiqui is doing much better
Howsumever, we haz good mewz to share too. After several weeks on prednisilone, Chiquita's rash is gone, except for a small sore by her ear... yet since we don't know what caused the rash, the Mom will have to watch watch her as the meds are tapered down... we still have almost four hundred dollars to pay back on Care Credit. We are trying a food with a single source protein, but she doesn't really like it that well and it is expensive.

Rescued Kitty : Katie Kat and her Kittens

And other good mewz: Mom drove our rescued kitty mama Katie Kat and her five kittens to Cattails Rescue in Manhattan Kansas on September 7th where they all got fixed and will finds furever homes! 
Handsome Lil Isaac on way to Rescue

Here am little Isaac (Joy is behind him) in the carrier on the way to Manhattan. Mom Katie was in her own carrier and then Adam, Joshua and Caleb were in another carrier. We had to buy new carriers to take kitties to Manhattan cause Cattails needed the carriers and we will exchange them next time we go back... cause guess what?
3 day old kittens on porch

Katie Mom and Uncle Mike rescued a mew Mommy and her four kittens two days after Labor Day... Tuesday after Labor Day lots of raining. To keep them safe, an abandoned pretty girl kitty left her four 3-day old kittens on the back porch of a house belonging to a motel owner. Auntie Silvia called the Mom Tuesday night. Katie Mom and Uncle Mike tried to get Mommy to go into a kennel cage where they had placed her kittens, but she wouldn't go in, not while people were hiding... So next day Wednesday, Katie Mom tried a trap, but forgot to put flooring on the bottom of the trap. There was a puppy pad left inside. The young Kitty Mommy didn't go into the trap until Katie Mom went to work... so the Mom had to leave work (lost 55 dollars we really needed) to help Uncle Mike with the trap and to take cardboard and put under the trap. Took long time to carefully makes sure all the kittens were safely on the puppy pad. Uncle Mike and Katie Mom took mama and kittens to vet to have them checked out cause tan kitten hurt his hind leg but all healed now. ***( This was not a safe way to catch a Mommy cat. By the Grace of God Mama and kittens are ok. Whatever you do to rescue kitties, please don't do what Mom did and put kittens inside the trap... just use food.)***

Mew Kitty Mom now haz pretty name too, Giselle. Her am grey tortie and haz 3 boys and 1 girl kitten. Boyz = Cheddar - bright orange, Colby (small tan boy under Giselle's hind leg), Pepper Jack dark tabby and pretty Heather am grey tabby girl.

Giselle and her mew kittens
Giselle and her babies are hanging out in a big kennel suite fur now... unfortunately Katie Kat's kittens made big messes in the bathroom while learning to use the litter boxes so the Mom and Uncle Mike haz to take outs the carpet and put in linoleum before any kitties can stay in the bathroom again. So we gots to figure out funds fur mew flooring. To be continued... 

-Katie Ann Kitty Too,
Jr Exec, Katiez Furry Mewz.
(If you can help Chiquita and Giselle, please paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com with gift to friends... thank you furry much)


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Healing Purrz and Funds Needed Fur Chiquita

Last Sunday, dear Chiquita was hiding under the bed and would not come out...
Chiqui's red ear deep inside.
When I finally got her out from under the bed, she ran to the laundry room shelf behind the curtains. Her face and nose were red and she favored her right ear. These visible signs of something wrong were not there Saturday. My first thought - she had jumped off the bed in the night when I kicked covers off and banged her head on the metal bath chair at the foot of the bed.

She would not let me near and ran under the bed again. Hoping to her get out later that day, I went on to work. Coming home after nine pm, brother and I got her to run onto the laundry room shelf. I could tell her face and ears were swollen. Brother helped me get Chiquita into a carrier. She and I went to Emergency Vet Clinic. Brother went home to bed - he gets up at 4 AM for work.

At the ER Vet Clinic, found out Chiquita was running a temp and right ear was red and covered in crust and way down inside, right ear starting to get red too. Vet found two mammary glands also swollen. Suspecting mites or fungal infection, vet took samples of dried up scrappings and checked the microscope, yet only found opportunistic bacteria - no mites or fungal problems. ER vet suspected allergy or immune mediated response.

Just made no sense that this much swelling in her ear would happen over night. Apparent that the places on her chest were older so the rash seemed to have spread from her chest to her face.

Before leaving ER Vet, Chiquita received an anti-bacterial shot and Monday morning, I made an appointment for Chiquita to see Dr. Johnson at Willowbend Animal Hospital on Tuesday.

Tuesday, I'm with Chiquita at vets. Doc checked for yeast infection in her ear and found several more inflamed spots on her body besides the two on mammary glands. One on her back by her tail. The sores on her face and infection in her right ear. Ear mites and ring worm were ruled out. If allergy then prednisilone can help yet no telling what the allergen is. Dr. Johnson said that to completely know if this was an immune disease would require biopsy... Too expensive. Re-tested for FLV (she had leukemia shot when spayed) and tested for FIV since he had no records that those tests had been done, did blood chemistry. Got prednisilone pills for the rash and Tresaderm for her ear infection - to be given twice a day for ten days.

Tests came back on Wednesday. Negative for FLV and FIV. CBC blood chemistry did not show anything that explained this sudden onset of rash. At least she takes pills well and has been letting me put the meds in her ear this week. The rash on her mammary glands is much better and swelling on her face is down. 

Her poor ear is much less red. She has lost a lot of fur on her ear that hopefully grows back. All still a mystery as to the cause of the rash. Dr. Johnson suggested trying a different food with a meat protein that Chiquita has not had before. I am hoping to get something to try soon. Has anyone had a similar situation? Thought for sure it was mites, but no sign at all. Until we know what caused rash, could come back.

Chiqui really could use your help in paying her bill. Spent over $400 on my emergency Care Credit. This is all been a shock to us and poor Chiqui as well.

Any amt would help pay on her care credit. Please help with anything at all to Paypal gift to friends laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. Fur Chiquita's sake, thank you so much. Any amount will be sent directly to Care Credit bill.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Katie Kat and Kittens Selfies

Hiya, This am Katie Kat the Mama Cat.
We hoped to gets back to evfurry one yesfurday....
(by the way a very big part of our town has power outage due to raining and storm all night - Nana and her kitty Bibi has no power right now.)

Katie Mom was furry tired and her phone won't take photos (update or lack of memory corrupted the camera) ... so we borrowed Uncle Mike's phone fur my babies to takes their furry furst selfies with Katie Mom and Uncle Mike. My five kids are 36 days old and love to eat turkey Fancy Feast. and Iams Kitten wet foods. I still nurse them a few times every day too.

Joshua and Uncle Mike
Furst off am my chubby long haired boy Joshua. He had trouble getting a good selfie cause he am a wiggle boy. I think this one am really goods. Uncle Mike am holding him...

Little Joy

Here am my only daughter, Joy. She is furry sweet and smaller than my boys... She wanted to do something with color fur her selfie....

Then Adam, my smart little tabby boy,
and sweet Isaac - he is my other chubby long haired boy!


Lil Caleb

 And cutie Caleb!  He has fuzzy fur and white hairs on hims legs... He is a real sweetheart.

What do you think of my children?

Please purrz that we all find the bestest furever homes....

-Katie Kat, the Mama Cat

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Furry Goods Short Thankful Jade Update

Little Ms Jade am in a wonderful Foster Home near Manhattan, Kansas...

A transport pawson tooks her up there yesfurday along with another rescued kitty.

Jade is now only showing a slight unbalancing - slight sideway walk when she is plays. but nothing real noticeable... Her mew foster Mommy who also has CH kitties will help her lots and lots.

Her mew foster Mommy loves her soo much. she says that Jade am a hoot! so furry playful and loves to cuddle. 

More furry good mewz on Caturday!! 

 Brian's Home Thankful Thursday Returns to Normal!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Little Jade am need your purrz

Jade am gotted bigger already since Wednesday - 19 ounces now instead of 16!!
(Please see last blog postie Thankful Fur Kitty Fings)

Mom helped Jade have fun with arts at Luna Pic floating effect.

Jade need purrz that we finds her a furever Mommy furry soon...

Her am furry lonely and wants to play alla times...Her wobbles when her plays. Jade's favorite toy am Mom's legs!

Her am little and we haz no rooms fur her to stay in... so her has a kennel suite in the laundry room.

More updates furry soon... about Jade, Katie Kat & her kittens, and vet updates on Maxwell Tigger and whether Jade has Cerebellar Hypoplasia...

Purrz from the Katie Katz. 

(our phone including the camera am acting furry weird lucky dat Jade gotted some cute selfies while playing  - plz purr fur us a mew phone too.)

Caturday Art

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