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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Lulu and Annie May Trip to Surgery and Selfies

Hi ya kitty cat frinds! 

Lulu, 2013
Dis am Annie May and Me, Lulu (aka I Love Lulu).

Annie May, 2013

We hazn't been onda bloggie in a long time cause we hide under Uncle Mike's bed alot, likes the Trout Talkin Tabbies last Wednesday who were under da bed hiding frum da scary snake dats wants ta takes over da worlds wif dat bast turd shark.

Unless the Mom gets chicken or turkey out of Uncle Mike's magic cold box where good foods come from... (fridge) den we comes running to the kitchen!
If you all gets to sees us on Facebook, then you knows that on Furry Friday, me, dats Lulu and Annie May went on a long 2 hour and half trip to Manhattan, Kansas to gets our lady oppurayshuns at the Kansas State Mobile Vet Unit and another 4 hours back cause the car tooks mom onda wrong highways twice!!!

We are furry goods getting over our surgeries and long trip.
We slept most of the time there and back.

Here am selfies dat Mom helped us with after our surgeries, just before we started on our way back to Wichita. We was sleepy still so didn't looks up.

Annie May

We are now recooper rating under the bed and getting yummies to eat. We haven't found any monsters or snakes yet, just dust bunniez.

We will comes out later to tells you how we are doing.

-Purrz from Lulu and Annie May.

Now fur a furry short other mewz update. 

Debra was able to get half the bill to start cremation fur her sweetie. We helped some with that... now to make payments on the rest which is about 80 dollars. 

Silvia's girls, Natasha and Mama Narcisca saw the vet but he didn't do bloodwork yet. He suggested that they might have fatty liver syndrome and to eat one meal a day and wait for them to feel like eating... Silvia tried this but didn't help.

They still don't have appetites and throwing up when they do eat. (FLS requires blood work to confirm the lack of not doing blood work is very confusing.)
Please keep them in your purrs.

If you would like to help with these kitties, please paypal gift to friends of any amount to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com

-Katie the Mom.

Monday, May 28, 2018

We Remembers Hero Cat and How You Can Be Hero Too


Furstly we wants to say thank you to all our friends who comes by to commints - Katie Mom am been working so hard helping us kitties and stuffs that her gets to bed furry late and furry tired - so we hazn't been visiting our friends like we want to... Howsumever there am Sumpins us Katie Katz likes to talk about on Memorial Day am how animals haz been furry brave. Here am the story of  a furry brave Cat... (resource: Priceonomics)

The Most Decorated Cat in Military History

During World War I, the British army employed nearly 500,000 of the felines to fend off unwanted critters on land and at sea; nearly every World War II vessel had at least one aboard at all times. Yet Simon stood out for his outstanding valor. His efforts for Britain’s Royal Navy during World War II -- first surviving a brutal attack that killed his caretaker, then proceeding to annihilate rats and raise the morale of his crew -- made him a national hero and earned him the prestigious Dickin Medal. He is the only cat to ever receive the award.

In the Spring of 1948, while walking along a busy naval shipyard on Stonecutter’s Island in Hong Kong, British seaman George Hickinbottom spotted a tiny, “undernourished and feeble” cat making his way across the docks.  Seaman smuggled him onto the ship and he soon became ship's cat, getting rid of rats and boosting morale with his antics like leaving dead rats in the seaman's bed and sleeping in the Captain's hat. 

Then On April 20, 1949 during an attack from the People's Liberation Army, Simon was injured with shrapnel. After the attack, while the men were being attended to medics, Simon slunk away into the deep of the ship to heal. Missing for several days, the crew thought Simon had died, only to have him emerge looking for food and water. A medic tried to patch him up the best he could, yet Simon insisted on taking out the shrapnel himself and wanted to get back to work as soon as possible as the Ship's cat. To read more of his story and how he won his medal for bravery... click on the title or follow these links:

Furry Lates selfie and other stuffs that am happening with Katiez Katz and Friends... and how you can be a Hero today.
Mitchell (left) Bobby (right)

Furst ofs all... Our Sunday Selfies am furry lates: a mew selfie from Mitchel and Bobby, hanging out with Mom Liz... Sent yesfurday. Katie Mom and Uncle Mike worked furry hard trying to helps us kitties and friends by cleaning two good stoves to sell at a friend's flea market booth. They got them delivered to the flea market just before closing, so they will be up fur sale next week. (And den Uncle Mike and Katie Mom waz furry busy this morning feeding us kitties and trying to sell another stove too, but the stove was one inch too big)

Furry Good mewz: KFM did a memorial for Natasha, one of Silvia's cats over a month ago - there was a miscommunication: Natasha is still with us!! 

Yet Natasha still needs our help. She and her Mom Narcisca have anxiety after storms or rain and won't eat right until it's over. Yet they haven't been eating right since last rain and now need to see vet due to diarrhea and throwing up what little food they are eating. 

Both need to see vet who wants to take x-rays and blood work before treating their chronic condition again. One of them has had blood work already, yet still need blood work on Natasha and x-rays on both. If anyone could even help a little bit toward their vet visit would be greatly appreciated... Natasha and Mama Narcisca need to be seen ASAP. You can call Arapahoe Vet Clinic and place credit on Silvia Espinosa's Account at (316) 262-6491

Debra sells plants at the same flea market that we haz the stoves fur sale. She lost her kitty to FIP this past week.  We helped her get him into see a vet who gave him a B12 shot. Just made him feel better for a few days, yet gave time for Debra and her sweet Baby Gabie (rhymes with baby) to say goodbye. She is selling her plants to pay for his urn ($172). So far there is only 25.00.

Please help Silvia and Debra by paypal
to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bobby Update and Mew Kitty Needs Home

Hiya. Dis am Bobby and my mew broffur pal Mitchel. Although I miss litter mates, Mitchel sure makes up fur dat! We hangs out together alla time!  

Here we are taking a selfie with the help of my mew Mom Liz. Mitchel am the big orange boy. I am the tabby and white kitty. See how much I growed from last post?
I turned 3 months old on May 14... I lives in Topeka, Kansas now. Hopes to show you more selfies furry soon.

Speaking of mew kitties, my foster Mommy Katie Kat gots a mew kitty looking fur her furever home.  And you nots going to believe dis, but dat kitty am named Kat!  So Katie Mom calls her Katie Kat Too.  Kat's former Mommy had her car burned up by a furry bad purson and part of the siding on the house melted too... Dats why Katie Kat has grey soot in her paws and on her tummy.  (any suggestion on how to get the soot out? -Katie Mom) 

Da former Mommy could not stay in town no more and had to move to another state. Her was furry sad to not take Kat with her.... Well Katie Mom am looking fur a mew furever Mommy now fur Katie Kat who am the sweetest kitty who just wants to loves on people.  Please keep her in your purrz datz a mew furever Mommy am found furry soon. 

 Love and Purrz, Bobby and Mitchel

Hiya every peeples! I just loves you and asks fur purrz to helps me find a furever Mommy who loves kitty hugs and nip kisses!  I just gots to be in somebody's lap and gets loves before I can eat my breakfast. I am a small girl and furry goods. I likes other kitties, too.

Dats all today...  

Loves and Loves
Purrz and Purrz
frum Katie Kat Too

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day From KFM

Mommy'z tired frum a long day at neighborhood cleanup yesfurday getting metal stuffoms fur us so that we haz foods and litter and shelter and vet visits and stuffs....

so Ize helping with this post and wishing all the Kitty and Doggy Mommy's lots of cuddles with their Fur babies today

Love and Purrz from
Chiquita and all the kitties at
Katiez Furry Mewz