Dearest Furry Friendz of the Internetz...
KFM fosters thru a licensed Kansas rescue
Katiez Katz stay with different family members.


ISO information about this wordpress blog that disappeared - link found at 15 and Meowing: Two Blind Cats and Crew


ML of Cat Blogosphere left her first comment about Sandy Red Tigger Passing
and that's how I found the Cat Blogosphere - one of the kitties below let her know...

Tail of Two Kitties (2011) and
House Panthers (Current Blog 2017)
Butterscotch Last seen 2007 (pixel kitty blog?)
Cat Eyes (Current Blog 2017)
Crews Views (2014 when George passed on)
Gigolo Kitty (2007)
House of Mostly Black Cats (2016 Sept 11)
    see also HOTMBC and George the Duck last seen in 2016
Meowsers From Missouri (2015)
Patches and Mittens (Lost kitties and husband 2013)
Kimo and Sabi (2016)
Victor Tabby Cat (2012)
Zeus Excuse (2010)

In Hopes Some Paw Will Step Furward
and Share How Their Humans and
pawsibly new kitties are doing now.

Cat Blogosphere Founder - ML, KC Giggleman and Gang
Missy Blue Eyes OTRB April 2016  and Taylor Cats

Fuzzy Tales - We don't know what happened to dis bloggie.
We found this link to Nicki, Chumley and Derry

Skeezix the Cat (blog won't come up)
Skeezix Goes To Work

STOPPED IN 2010 or Earlier

ABsharpeii May 2010
Artsy Catsy stopped 2009 blog / 2012 Twitter
Beezle Dec 2009
Bonnie Underfoot (OTRB) May 2008
    when Bonnie passed away (I remember her last blog post)
     See also House Panthers current blog

Simply Siamese September 2010
     (See Kaze, Chase and Latte in 2012)
Buster, Misunderstood Mind Of June 2010
Cat Line Crew February 2010
Cecil the "Cougar" August 2008 Feline Direct Kitty
Cheezitz Colby and Cheddar October 2009
Emma Petite Kitty July 2009 (born 2004) 

Kitten Paparazzi April 2010 

1 Happy Cat August Darby, a sweet silver kitten
A Kitty Named Reese June
Athena Torbie Cat November
Arthur and Beowulf February
Beau The Southern Gentlemen Cat August,
   See also Beau's Sunday Sermons August (Beau's Mom is now in Heaven)
Bijou Cat June

Catmyology When Aloysius passed away in September
Captain Jack, Sir Dante and Fagin April on Fagin's Gotcha Day
Cats Stephens April link to new blog (Percy OTRB 2009)
    See Also Percy's Place August 2011
e. e. Cattings Poet December
Figgies Blog (therapy cat) December
Peggy's Place December Bob was 10.
Polydactyl Princess Digi July
Rusty Kitty May 2011 - Rusty OTRB JUNE 2010
Save Moki The Wobbly Cat September (honoring Beau's Mom Cathy)
   See Moki's Facebook Page (April 2016)
Tybalt Prince of Cats March

4 Ever Pawz / Purr Ever After January
Ballicus Blog April
  (Cats of Author Thomma Lynn Grindstaff)
Bengal Business March
Buddy Bear's Cats World December
Cat Room with Bonkers November
Cat Talk with Ariel August
Dexter Told Delilah August
Fat Eric and Friends See Also Between Cats (April 2014)
Fizz and Sage June
Flock of Fuzzies July see A Crazy Cat's Life Sept 2016
Furry Paws March
Kaze, Chase and Latte (Simply Siamese)
Mr. R W Emerson OTRB,Jake and Bathsheba OTRB
My Grumpy Tail starring Wilfred April
Nomis Little World
OK Cats of Oklahoma October
Simon's Daily Adventures January
Victor Tabby Cat February

Missy Blue Eyes and ML = we miss you so much! February
Rose and the Royals The Royals Mom Rose passed
    away after surgery... as far as I know the Royals found a home -
Mr. Beau Found a home - gentleman-cat-beau-and-his-new-forever.html


Babe Cattykins October when Danny Mittens passed away. stopped twittering in 2014
Big Piney Woods Cat May After losing Beautiful Tortie Mittens Polly Paws
Cats in Trees Dushi and Paddy April
Cosmo Kitty
Crazy Cat Lady Carm March
Dr. Tweety (2000-2013) and Fab 5 August when Dr T went Home
Everycat (after Gerry died August 2013)
Forever Foster September
Lee County Clowder October
   See Also Cuddles and Catnip (Feb 2013) and Moonspun Cats (July 2015)
Kirsten Holgate Pet Artist February
Man Cats Club February
Pitter Patter of Baby Cats
Paw Relations stopped Dec
Random Drift With Cecilia June,
   After Honoring Well Beloved Skeezix
Sass Sir Andy Shelly and Sierra last seen 2013
   SASS was originally started by Mama/JudiBug with two senior Texas dudes (Sammy and Andy) and later added
   two young sisfurs (Shelly and Sierra). Sammy ran off to the Bridge in May of 2012 and Andy April 2013.
   Dear, sweet Mama/JudiBug passed in November of 2012, after a short battle with Pancreatic Cancer.
   TraciBug tried to keep the blog going.

Abby Normal, Sticks, Worm and Mom Cathy Rowell December
Attie Cattie July with photos of Blurpy.
Alex and The Russian Blues (Krasota Castle) May
Alexicon Kitty April
And Then There Were Five April
   see also House Panthers Current blog
Between Cats - Dora Explorer July Dora turned 4 (Kate Dixon on FaceBook)
Boobah's Little Sunshines April
Bwog of the Genius Cat Boy (1993-2014) June (Boy went home)
Camies Kitties November
Catsparella March
Chesney Cats September
Elin Cute Cat (2004-2014) July
Foster Kittens aka Elephants Upstairs April
Freya Bengal Rescue Cat April
Kazoku Neko February
Kelly The Orange Cat December
Lily Le Mew August
Sam the Meezer passed away May
Puffy Puffmeister
and May
Pawsome Cats May
Tiger's Lily Pad December

Swami Zoe Retired From Blogging February 2015

Friends of the Cat Blogosphere

Boris Kitty Approximation
Carolina Cats November when Buddy went Home
Cat Realm August
Cat Tails by Myst and Blackie June
Cat's Meow - Milo and Alfie Marshall October
Caturday Blog April
Cherry City Kitties December
Chicats May (comments were hacked)
Chloe and Cecil February
Creek Cats June
Daisy Mae Maus (Angel) and Toffee Ripple November
Furries of Whispy (they haz doggies too)
Furry Kids April
God’s Little People February
Gypsy cats August (not found)
    see also Camies Kitties November 2014
Its All About The Meow December Loss of Nugget
Life With CH Cats February (Cerebellar Hypoplasia)
Lilacs and Cats September aka ~ JC and The Purr and Fur Gang
Marsh Wood Cottage November
Misadventures of Me on Blogoversary year 8 June 5 -
    now on Facebook at
Mom, Me and Kassey January - Kassey went Home 2013
Moonspun Cats July
Teddy Westlife January  Huffle Mawson's (2012) Brother
Twinkle Toe Tails Oui Oui and Carl September (Carl 1997 - 2015)
Under The Paw September Bear Passed away in 2016
Yvonne and Nibbler in Secret Paws 2015

2016 When Last Seen
A House With Two Cats April
Angel, Junior, Orion and Sammy February 6th
Ask Fisher Blog - May
Batu Khan January
    Batu Khan passed away in 2015 - Welcomed Jamuka Khan
Beau Beau and Angie’s Fur Days November
Billy Sweetfeets Norton Gingersnap (2013 - went OTRB 2016)
     See Also Meezer Tails - Honoring Billy's Dance Pawty
Breeze Kitteh December
Casper's Mom April when Missy Blue Eye's Went Home
Cat Banter with Kimo and Sabi August
Cat Street Boyz August when Gramom and Teak went Home
    Many of their kitties went home last year
Cats By The Sea Busby OTRB January 2017 source: Facebook
Cat's Cats Fab Five February ML's Birthday Wishes 2012
Cats, Goats, Quotes (Bobbie and Bunch) March after CatCat passed away
China Cats November
Cokie the Cat and Stray Animals October
Cory Cat Talks August after Ginger OTRB
Crazy Cat's Life September
Criz Cats July when Mama Jessica went OTRB
Cujo Cats December
Diva Kitty (Sophia RIP Feb 2016) February after Sophia passed away
Diamond's Lair October (Diamond went Home)
Faz Calico Kitty March
Furry Bambinos October Samoa went Home
Furry Kids April
Furry Tails PDX Pride October
Furries of Whispy January
House of Mostly Black Cats and George the Duck June
    See their Facebook Page (
Kwee Cats and Art August
Ladies of Autumn March
Momma Grace and Company December
ManCat Musings August
Marty Denman has several lovely cats! December
Moe and Cookie are Over the Rainbow Bridge October
Myst the Blogging Cat March
Noir’s Nook July
Our Furry Boys - All White Kitty Blog - October
Patty Skypants - Bhu Passed away in December
Survival of the Furriest June
Teddy Westlife January
Us Three Coons October - More on FaceBook

If anyone knows any pawdy you woulds like to honor,
please let us know and we will add their bloggie link.

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