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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Diz Iz Leo Charles Thomas

Dis here iz Leo Charles Thomas da Furst. Hez a furry big boy. Himz lotz biggur den me. He waz abandonned and weze don't know why. He camez to our door sum weeks ago. He tole Mawmee, "I dont knohz whatz Ize doin out here in da rain."

Mawmee said, "I dont knoh whatz u doin out here neethur." And putz him in da bathroom til she gotz him a whole room of hiz own to sitz around in.

He waz like 15 pounds and dat waz undur wate fur him whn he camz to our door! Now hez about 17 pounds!

Mawmee sayz hes gotz soft eyes and iz sweet to hur. He likes ta be carried around, but we cantz goes into hiz room cuz hes a big boy and duznt knohs us. He still growlz bout uther kitty smells.

He needs ta go to da vetties cuz hiz long fur gotz matted. But Mawmee can't take him cuz dehrz noh money fur dat. Soh shez gotz sum scizors and tooks sum uv da matted fur off. But he gotz lots of mattiez...

Pweze pray dat Mawmee findz him a furever home....
- Katie Ann Kitty Too =^..^=


  1. oooo what a gorjuss kitty...we hopes yu can find him a forever home too...

  2. Oh, Katie, Leo is just beautiful! How could anyone abandon him?


  3. KC said...
    O, Leo, you is so handsome, such a big mancat.
    i's bet him won't haf any trouble finding a noo home.
    if i's can help, jus let me know.

  4. Hi Leo, what a beautiful cat you are. I hope you can find a new forever home soon. How anyone could abandon you I just do not know. Katie is very kind to help you :)

  5. Awwww, Leo is such a big, beeyootiful gorjus floofy mancat! He reminds me of my big bruther Brainball and he melts Momma's heart. I hope so much that he finds a wunnerful and loving furrefur home.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  6. Awww, how could anyone abandon a handsome kitty like Leo? He looks like a big, lovable, sweety.

  7. Hi Katie! Thanks for coming to visit our blog. It is very nice to meet you!

  8. Such a big, floofy kittie. Leo is gonna be a beauty once he gets cleaned up a little and fattened up a little.

    Leo, we're all hoping you find a great furrever home soonest.

    Radcliff, Allie, Luna, Ozzie, & Mary & Anne the pirate girls

  9. Hey, kitties & Kat -

    We're not sure what your problem was with Neko. She seems to be working fine for us. If you want a personal copy of Neko, check

    Mary seems to have something wrong with one eye. It doesn't seem to bother her any, and we really don't have the money to do anything about it anyway, so we are just keeping an eye on it.

  10. Leo is a very handsome boy! I sure hope your Mom can find him a forever home.

    Thanks for asking about my paw, I burned it on Mom's electric stove right after she turned it off. It is a little better today.


  11. Oh, he's a big long-haired orange tabby like our Rusty. We do hope he gets a forever home!


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