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Sunday, October 05, 2008

LOLS on Sundee

"Vulcan Mind Meld: Ur doin it rite"
Da Belz (L&O: SVU) iz holdin puppy needin adoptin

Caption by: Kid Sister.... Photo from North Shore Animal League

Yays!!! Weze Back!
Mawmees bin awfurry bizzy n tarred n stuffoms wif hur nu jobbee.

Weze writes sum mohrs fur Mondays bloggee postums.
N weze gonna show our I can haz cheezburgur fotohs, too!

Luvs, Bootsie Woo, Daisy May, Mousie, Spunky Boo n Katie Too!

(Psalms 91 & Isaiah 43:1)


  1. We hopes dat pup gets a grrrrr eat furever home!

  2. Dat's a cute puppie woofie we sure hope he finds some beans to love him. We din't know yoor mom founded a jobie, dat's good, we know what it's like when mom's are bizzy at der jobies...dat's bad.


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