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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Wittel Update Still URGENT

Mahmee iz writin fur us at our frind Mike's house... hims a furry funny aktor dats builds TV cradles fur hims day job!

Mahmee wentid to gets hur breethin test yesserday... Dey puts hur in a glass box n she breeths into a mouthpiece.... Den she takes a breethin med n duz it again!! dey said dat after hur meds, it improved like a hunert purcent!! We Givs mohr bout dat adventur latur dis week.

Granmahmee goin 2 hur doktur pointmint taday... Mawhmee n Granmahmee iz sharin a car. Soh Mahmee gots ta goh hohm n give Granmahmee baks hur car!!!

Weze cant make Granmahmeez house paymint yet. PLEEZE HELPS WIF DAT!!! Ifns u cood sinds even a dollar, we puts u in our Squillion Raffle...Fanks!

Now Dis mewz bouts Holocaust Memorial Day Toosday.
Luv n hugs,
Da mostly Kosher Kitties of Katie...
Katie Too.

(From Charlotte Observer)
An Israeli girl attaches a yellow Star of David, shaped like the ones Jews were obligated to wear during World War II, to a black banner before a ceremony at the Chamber of the Holocaust museum outside Jerusalem's old city, Tuesday, April 21, 2009. On Tuesday, Israel marked its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day honoring the 6 million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

Here am a good movee frum too yehrz agoh frum Yisrael. bye bye.


  1. we sent yoo sum moneys thru paypal ta help sum. we are sending purrs and prayers too.

  2. Hai, we dun know hows to find yer squillion raffle can we has a link? Perhaps yoo cud post it on The CB, we's will also post it on our bloggie fer yoo too!

  3. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to you and your Mahmee and your Granmahmee. We hope everyone is feeling better now, including your car!

    We wish more humans around the world understood about Holocaust Memorial Day. My Mom gets very angry and even scared when someone tries to say the Holocaust never happened. We need to remember it and watch for evil around the world to keep something like it from ever happening again but it does not seem like enough people care any more.


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