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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update bout Mouse

Hiya! Mom sayz Thanks to all our kind n gentle furrfrindz. We gotted all funds we needed for Mouse E.s Memorial. We kin even payback $$ we borrowed frum our brother frind Mike for the down payment.
hanks to Brandy, we kins pay him back!

We are so grateful to the following folks who helped us:
Brandy at The ZOO
Charlemagne and Tamar
(Dey dont haz a bloggie, dey likes reedin dem)
Margaret Cloud at Old Digger.
Deb Taylor at Homeless Cat Care
(We sint sum moniez left over to Deb)
Jacqueline and Hur Luverly Kittiez
(Hur iz noo at bloggin - doo stops by!!)
Gypsy and Tasha

Mousie is now with her brothers over the bridge.
Mom picks up Mouse's pawprint and box this week from Pet Traditions.
We should have a noo blog entry soon wif a moovie
Me n Katie Too fightin over a our Secret Paw Giftbox. (Guess who wins!)


Maxwell Tigger and da Katie Katz
P.S. The items are still available.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mousie Passed Away on Sunday

Mouse E. Cat went over the Rainbow Bridge early Sunday Morning... We don't knows why. Could be lots of things. Hur was old and lots of health problems likes corn allergiez. Hur had gotted cataracts and one time gotted all hur teef pulled! We iz gonna miss hur lots and lotz. Her waz furry sweet and never complaned bout nuffin. Hur purred loudly and snuggled in Mom's arms. She also like to have hur bak end skritched. Mouse waz 16 years old.

(Mom's Comment: loosing Mouse right now is very heartbreaking... she was the last of my oldest babies and the sweetest cat I have ever known. Will tell her story in a later blog when I can compose myself to write it.)

Mom will know what dat Sonogram found bout hur liver on January 13... in da meen times, We iz gonna be down whiles Mom changes stuffoms. When we gets back we shows u whats we gotted from our Secret Paw.... (Cory)

Bye Bye,
Katie n Katie Too.

Purr. S.
If anybodiez coods help wif Mousie's memorial expenses (cremation and box / 195.00 at Pet Angel), weze gots sum fings we coods give u.

A Snuggly - it am 15 in x 15 in and reversable!

Mr. Snuggles - him iz bout 1 1/2 hands size and ceramic. Him kin hold fings or beze a small planter.

Froggy, the Toilet Lid Cover.

Pleeze add five dollars to your gift for shipping and handling. Thanks for helping us pay for Mousies memorial. You kin use the button below to gives and let us know which fing u likes... (or we sinds u a surprise sumpin.)

Thanks fur all your purrz n support...
- Katie Too