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Monday, May 31, 2010

Furr Memorial Day: Cats in Wartime

Here are some wartime tales from
According to their website, "many of these wartime tales are short and without photos, as they date from decades ago now; information is sparse and snippets have been gleaned from many sources."

Mourka was a cat during the terrible German siege of Stalingrad (now called Volgograd) in 1942-43, who risked all his nine lives carrying messages about German positions from a group of Russian scouts back to their headquarters. He was probably well rewarded for his efforts and devotion to duty, as there was a kitchen in the HQ building.

Here is another good story: One war widow had a 10-year-old son to support and a feline companion known simply as Cat. The day came when she could no longer afford to feed Cat, who was told by her grieving mistress that she was going to have to be 'put to sleep' the following day. Cat seems to have taken in this information, for early next morning she went out and returned later with a dead wild rabbit for the pot. Thereafter, for the duration of the war, Cat's hunting skills earned her keep; three or more times a week she brought in rabbits that were often bigger than she was. She always waited patiently for her share.

Plz cheks our more stories about how cats helped in wartime:

Dis also goods time to remember beloved babies who are over the bridge. My oldest boy, Spunky Boo Bear, who passed on last year and Age 19. And Bella.

Bella of the Special Kitty Unit - over the bridge at only 11 months.


  1. What a touching tribute. Happy Memorial Day to you too.

  2. Happy Memorial Day.

    It must be a very hard day for those who have lost a son or daughter to war.

    It's always nice -- but hard -- to remember the humans or the furries who have passed.

  3. We hope you all had a good Memorial Day remembering those that came before....

  4. A lovely tribute to Memorial Day and to your beautiful babies that have gone to the Bridge...kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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