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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Da Three Jayz Gets Nooterd

Hiya effursome buddies!

3 uvs Mai brofurz am havin dere boy vets tyme tooday.... and me am glads - dey playz ruffs wif me. Now maybe dey gets calmer....

Ai iz gurl so no boy vets tyme fur me!!!

Miri looks at Mom.... Ai have gurl vets tyme???
oh.... Miri runs away.

Not Toodayz!!!

Plz purr fur mai brofurs dats dere nooterin goez okayz,

Lady Miri Gentlepurr

From left to Right:
Jazpurr (white) , Justin (black) and Jordi (white, bicolor eyes)



  1. We're sending lots of purrs to your brothers, that all goes smoothly today! They won't miss their boy bits at all. But we hate to tell you that neutering certainly hasn't made a difference to our Nicki (he was neutered already when we adopted him). He's wild, wild, wild!

  2. We are sending tons of purrs for your three brothers! Gus had his done a couple months back - he is still a crazy boy but we think when he gets older it will make him calmer (Virgil did eventually calm down a little but it took a long time - Barney is still a crazyman but we think he will calm down when he is older too)! We hope they don't bug you too much Miri!!

  3. We are sending mighty purrs your way for your brofurs today. xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. We've all crossed our paws and are sending lots of purrs and tail wags for your brothers today.

  5. Da Boys say, "We have all become Tims instead of Toms and we like it a lot. We have had 'sisters' as well and they went to the vets to become Princesses instead of Queens. We all felt much better afterward. We're all napping very hard & purring for you & your brothers."

  6. Ooh, that's sure scary that your brothers got neutered today ... we cn see why you were hiding! WE are sending lots of purrs and prayers for your brothers.

  7. Purrs and purrayers for you, your brofurs and for sure, your mommy.

    Love and purrs,

    The Admiral

  8. We're purrrring that the 3J's are sleeping and recovering by now.

  9. Oh what handsome lads they are! ....and now so much more mancatly because of the little op!

    Really gorgeous cats there Katie!



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