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Katiez Katz stay with different family members.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Chrissymous n Happy Noo Yearz

Ssssshhh..... Mom am sleepin agin.
Sum bad bug called ColdVirus dun bit our Mom last Windzday n hur bin sneezin an feelin awfulz fur almohs a week!!

Hur slept rit thru Chrissymous Caturday! Srsly....
We purrz dat u hadz a goodz Hannukahz, Chrissymouse and havez a Happy New yearz!

We gonna makes Mom go see da doctor tommorowz.... plz sends heelin purrz n stuffoms...

Hur gots ta gets dem drawingz dun! day waz all half dun Last Toozday.
But dat buggy dun bit hur and hur not want bugs to bites da drawingz soh....
We gonna sleeps on Mom til hur purrz bettur.

Purrz to One and All!!!

Katie Too
Bootsie Woo
Daisy May Daffodil
Maxwell Tigger.

And da Foster Kittiez
Sammy, Toby, Miri, Jaspur, Justin (aka Boo Boo), and Jordi.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mommy bin catchin up on drawings

Dis am Pogo (5x7) and Bell as puppy (5x7) an dey
went to VAHorsenut


=^..^ =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Dis 8 x 10 am all done!!!!
(dat bads scanner cant see da eyez rites.) Dis one waz fur Starshin at Starshin's Stuffage

=^..^ =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Dearest Alassandra and Charybdis, Ginger Jasper, Samantha and Clementine, Our Mom is workin on yur purrtraits rites now. Hur gotted alla da first sketchums dun today on all fur... um four and hur hopes to mail dem sumtimes dis weeks. Den you haves um fur New Yearz!!!
(Below are da photos mom ams workin frums: Calico am Charybdis, Ginger Jasper am Red Purrsian, Clementine am Red tabby baby and Samantha am Tuxie!)


=^..^ =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

In case Mom dosent lets us have da compewter agin dis week.... Haves a Purry Purry Christmas!!!

Katie Ann Kitty Too
and Da Katz Gang....
Bootsie Woo, Maxwell Tigger, Daisy May Daffodil

and da furry six orphans.... Jaspur, Jordi, Justin,
Toby, Sammy, and Miri.