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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Chrissymous n Happy Noo Yearz

Ssssshhh..... Mom am sleepin agin.
Sum bad bug called ColdVirus dun bit our Mom last Windzday n hur bin sneezin an feelin awfulz fur almohs a week!!

Hur slept rit thru Chrissymous Caturday! Srsly....
We purrz dat u hadz a goodz Hannukahz, Chrissymouse and havez a Happy New yearz!

We gonna makes Mom go see da doctor tommorowz.... plz sends heelin purrz n stuffoms...

Hur gots ta gets dem drawingz dun! day waz all half dun Last Toozday.
But dat buggy dun bit hur and hur not want bugs to bites da drawingz soh....
We gonna sleeps on Mom til hur purrz bettur.

Purrz to One and All!!!

Katie Too
Bootsie Woo
Daisy May Daffodil
Maxwell Tigger.

And da Foster Kittiez
Sammy, Toby, Miri, Jaspur, Justin (aka Boo Boo), and Jordi.....


  1. We're purring that your mom will be better soon!

  2. No fun to be sickly at Chrissymouse. Hope your mewmie is feeling better soon! Our Teri is back to 98% of herself and the nightstand doesn't look like a drugstore anymore!

  3. Oh we are sorry your mom got bit by that dumb bug! We are sending her tons of get well purrs!!

  4. So sorry your mum not well and we send purrs and hugs. We lost you from our blog roll so have been missing your posts, now you left a comment we found you again and will add you back. Sometimes blogger does strange things. I am so looking forward to seeing the drawing . Hugs GJ xx

  5. We hopes your Mommy went to the people doctor and got some medicine to make her feel better. We are sending lots of healing purrs and we thinks sleeping is good for her so make sure she gets plenty of sleep.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Oh, no, we hope your mom was bitten by a dog KNOWN to have had its rabies shot. We are concerned for your mom and send lots and lots of purrs and tail wags.

  7. We have your Mom in our thoughts, we hope she is ok and will feel better very soon.

  8. Mom not got bit by a dog... hur got bit by lots of little bugs called viruses... Hur went to da clinik today and got aunti biotix fur secondury infecshuns... to fite dem bads bacteria buggz!

    Purrz frum your furever frindz,
    da Katie Katz

  9. Okay, Jan is off the cough medicine and is wearing her glasses. So she now sees that your mom was bitten by a BUG not a dog. We hope the bug had its rabies shot too. :)

    We hope your mom is feeling better and you will all have a happy 2011.

  10. It is always a JOY to read your blog! ♥♥♥♥

  11. I'm immediately sending a hooge load of healing smoochies fow youw Mom wif the bug..I hate bugses
    I will also cwoss my paws so she gets bettew vewy soons
    Thank you fow visiting awe awfully cute..all of you
    smoochie kisses

  12. I was here before but couldn't comment but able to follow, which is my pleasure. I enjoyed this post and I sure hope your Mom is better and got rid of the bug.
    You new furriend, Kassey

  13. Your new bloggie is so cute! Hope your mom is much better now.

    Thankyou so much for coming around and purring for me when I was down. Much appreciated!!! I am a little better now but am fit to go visit old and new furriends whose purrs have helped me through my illness.


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