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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Buddy Update Leg has an Abscess

Update: 1:30 pm cst
The Vet clinic in Washington State just called me!
Buddy does have an abscess. And he will be getting neutered too! Estimate for the bill was about 451 dollars.

Funds from Give Forward now are 375.00 - so all is good so far!!!  I will pitch in whatever might be left to pay. You can help if you use the PayPal button on the side.

When Toby had to have hims tail amputated, the emergency vet quoted a bill for the same high amount,  turned out to be less than estimate.

The vet clinic is going to do the surgery today.... However, last I heard, Charlette hadn't finished setting up the Give Forward account, the funding company that Charlette used to raise money for Buddy.  

Rep for Give Forward told me that Charlette still needs to set up the account system called "WE Pay" which is like PayPal.  Until then, she can't access the funds raised.  

I asked the Vet Clinic to let Charlette know to finish setting up her fund account.  After setup is complete, those funds may still take several days to be available.

If you would like to give and help today, please use my PayPal account button on the side.  Those funds are available immediately and I can get those greenies straight to the vet.

Katie Kat


Buddy started limping on his leg two days ago. Swelling started at the shoulder and now down his leg.. Possible that an abscess closed up.  Either way his leg has been injured.  Buddy's needs will put a strain on this family's income and they love Buddy so much.  

You can send funds here
or use my Paypal button on the side... with a note to help with Buddy.  If you use the Paypal button, all funds will be sent directly to the vet using my paypal debit card.

Buddy's needs were first posted on Facebook at a page to save Believe, a TV series on NBC.  The series is about a girl named Bo who only wants to use her special gifts to help others and the bad guys who want to sell her to the highest bidder (government).  I believe in the shows message and helping others...


  1. That is good news for Buddy. We already gave a. good chunk at the other site and I wish we would have known or we would have sent it to you. The We Pay setup is pretty easy.

    1. oh so that was you dearest Brian. Didn't recognize the flower icon.. mol. All is good howsomever. Buddy's people were able to pay today and then the Mom had the extact amount available on her cat greenie card to pay the rest! Here am proof that Jebus works in mysterious ways... purrz n stuffs... Oreo.

  2. We are glad to hear this good news about Buddy. Thank you for the update!

  3. Glad dat hims gettin' da cawe hims needs. Wees purrayin' fuw hims.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥



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