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Monday, April 09, 2007


(Previous Reepurrt at Cat Bloggeezfeer: My big brudder Snow Baby iz gettin hims teef cleaned ta day an gettin some teef remoovd. hez gotz diabeeteez sohz dey havta moneetur him durin surguree. Cuz uv da diabeeteez, he didnt knoh he waz hurtin himself wit hiz uppur fang. It gotted stuck in hiz lip. Hez on antee biotix fur dat. =^..^= )

Da Dentist Vet jus calld n Baby onlee gotz 5 toofees left!! Poor Babee. But himz recuverin gud and deyz gonna keep him ovurnite. Deyz gonna giv him sum stinky goodness n hiz insulin n sum mor antee beeotix n stuff. 2nite he stay at da mergencee vetties ta keep closur eyez on him.

Weze keeps u posted on hiz recuveree. Da Dentist Vet iz gonna let Meowmee make paymentz sohz datz a gud ting.

Pweze keep brave Babee in yur purrayerz az he recuvurz frum surgeree.

Tank U!!!
Katie Too...


  1. So glad to hear he is doing well and it is good for them to keep him, they can watch him really close.

  2. Absolutely we're thinking good healing thoughts for him.! What a brave Man Cat he is. We're sure you'll be glad to have him home tomorrow. Your vet is nice to let your mommy make payments.
    Take care all! Gentle headbutts and purrs to Snow Baby for a quick recovery.

  3. We wish Babee the very best. Purrs & gentle headbumpies...

    Mia & Ghost

    Babee, I have lost all my teethies due to infections, fights & not having them to start with... Once your mouth is over being sore from all the work - it will be okay. I do just fine without any - can eat crunchies or wet food. I do have a hard time sometimes picking up the hard stuff like treats though... Ghost

  4. Poor Baby! I hate teeths, they cause many problems for many cats. I think it is just as well that they got taken out because those teeths were mean to hurt his lip. I am purring for Baby to feel better soon.

  5. We're sending purrrs and prayers fer snow baby!

  6. We're sending healing thoughts and prayers also!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  7. Ouch, I only gots one toof pulled and it wazent any fun at all. We'z all be purraying and purring fur Babee to feel better.

  8. Poor Snow Baby, dat don't sound like no fun atall. We'll be sendin purrs n purrayers fur him to reecuvver reel soon!

  9. wow... lol. hope he gets better.. lol.. kinda hard to read your blog at first.. takes some getting used to.. So hows it going?

  10. Oh bless his heart!!! Dorf sure knows what it's like to lose teeth, and Maw knows what it's like to pay the dentist bills!!! Whoo hoo. Purrayers and hedbutts to Snow Baby.

    Luf, Us

  11. Tag, yer it! Come by our bloggie fer instructions.

  12. Hi! I'm very glad to hear an update. I was worried! I'm glad your mommy got a jobbie and hope she feels better soon. Maybe the stres caught up with her. You need to gives her lotsa snuggles and head nuggies.

    Tell Snow Baby that we are glad he is doing well. Take care!

  13. We send combined attack of well-being to Snow Baby!!!
    Thank you Katie for your wonderful visit to our blog! So sweet of you.
    A wonderful day to all of you!

  14. I Dare You!
    Come on over and check it out!

  15. i've just been to the dentist so i know you're pain well actually i don't because they anethetised me but when it where of i will.


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