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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Kittens and The Big Adventure Plus Kitty Vet Visits

This am Andy... Guess where we went on Furry Friday???

On our big adventure to haz our opurrayshuns and find our furever homes!  And Bobby went to hims furever home.

 Furst Katie Mom helped us take our selfies. The lighting was furry golden looking. In Birth Order: Luna, Bobby and then Me, Andy Lil Tigger.

Luna Pumpkin
Bobby Big Boy
Andy Lil Tigger

We am only eleven weeks old and already over 3 pounds. I am going to be the biggest boy!

And then Luna and I gotted in one carrier and Bobby in another carrier.

And Katie Mom put us in a small rental truck... yep a truck. She forgotted to take photos. Exteneded cab and very good ride fur two hours... 
I complained why dis ride take so long, but mostly we felled asleep. Bobby rode in front so Katie Mom could talks to him and him not be so lonely on the ride. Me, I cuddled with Luna so her not scared. I was furry brave.

And den we gotted to a town called Manhattan and we went into another big truck! K-State Mobile Vet Unit.
Did you see the sign on the truck? PetSmart Charities Helps dogs and cats get their surgeries!!

And Wayz... we did furry goods after surgery. Me, I wanted to chew on the puppy pads cause I was furry hungry! Luna was still mostly asleep though. After that, Natalie the nice lady who owns Cattails in Manhattan took Luna and me back to her house and gave us yucky pills fur our sneezing. And we went to Petco on Saturday to meet people. And we had another adventure there...and did real goods.

Now Katie Mom after our surgeries tooks Bobby to another town called Toe-Peeka or sumpin. Don't know why folks want to peek at toes. Me I want to play with them and smell them. Toes smell funny. Andy Wayz, Bobby gots to meet hims new Mom and hims New Housemates!

That's Mitchel on the right, a kitty Katie Mom helped rescue two years ago and now him am a big lion ginger kitty! 

Bobby gotted hims yucky pill fur sneezing with food wrapped around it. Den him ates, went to potty and felled asleep. Dis am Mitchel and Bobby playing on Saturday.

Please keep us kittens in your purrz, especially fur Me and Luna as we looks fur our furever Mommies and Daddies!

Purrz n Stuffs,
Andy Lil Tigger

Mama Narcisca
Now fur Katie Mom's Update: Please keep these kitties in your purrz: Silvia's Mama Cat Narcisca and Ronnie both went to the vets yesterday...

Mama got a pill at the vets yesterday morning to help with her appetite as she had not been wanting to eat for over a day...
Ronnie at ER

and Ronnie who had symptoms of a UTI as he tried to go and threw up instead. Silvia and I went with him to ER last night and a gracious lady helped pay his bill. Ronnie thank goodness was not plugged up but he was dehydrated and upset tummy. He will be seeing the vet tomorrow for a follow up.

Oreo Robinson
Also another cat, I helped take to the vet yesterday afternoon, His name is Oreo and belongs to friend named Jean who scraps metal - He has a nasal cold or allergy - He will be on prednisilone fur a few days to see if his coughing clears up... Please keep him in your purrz too.

We have had lots of expenses this weekend, and so very thankful for the kind stranger who helped pay for Ronnie at the ER... If you have a few greenies as the kitties call them to spare, would be greatly appreciated... 

Please consider Paypal as a gift to friends at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.

Purrz and Nose kisses from
Katie Kat all the kitties
at Katiez Furry Mewz.


  1. Mee-you Andy that was sUM adventure mee furend! You did pawsum! Speshelly purrtectin Luna!
    Wee are berry happy adoptshunss goin well.
    Wee sad about Oreo beein unwell an Ronnie all so. Mee say speshell purrayers fur Narcisca...mee berry worried about her...
    An Lady Katie if wee could send you $money$ wee wood....butt LadyMum is flat broke frum thee Dental Dee-ackle of 2 weekss ago. If onlee wee were a bit better off...LadyMum getss dee-pressed knowin shee can not help...
    Butt wee can purray an send you good werdss an sue-pport you an Lady Silvia here!
    ***paw kissesss*** an purrayerss Siddhartha Henry xxxXxxx

  2. Oh my, such big adventures for so small guys. I thinks you all did really well, cos travelling for a long time isnt easy for an adult cat let alone a kitten.
    We be sending lots of purrs for those in need, and hope also those that need their new homes get them very soon.
    Toodle pips and purrs

  3. I'm very proud of you sweeties, ya did so good with the surgeries. You all will be home before you know it. Purrs and prayers to all those in need.

  4. Way to go with those surgeries, you little cuties. We're purring and praying that you find those forever homes real soon, and that those who are sick get well real fast.

  5. We're happy that the sugeries went well, kitties, but we will purray for all of you. Healing Pawkisses are on the way and Good Luck Pawkisses for a furrever home for all the kitties and here are some extra for your mom, who takes so good care of you all <3 <3 <3

  6. guyz.....paws crossed everee one findz & iz IN ther foreverz bye de end oh de francis' blessingz two ewe.....and all sew two ewe Narcisca , Ronnie N Oreo for grate health.... pleez ta tell de momz ta reed up on sardines; in water, noe salt added etc. .....noe joke... haz her google "sardines for cats"...... they help in a LOTTA wayz ~ ♥♥

  7. I hope all you furry kitties get nice homes. You are all such cuties and I hope efurryone of you get healthy and happy new homes and mommies and/or daddies.


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