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Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Year of Wisdom

From The Desk of Kat Renée Kittel
(Revised: 21.2.06 - reprint from Got Chutzpah???)

I'm another year older and many years wiser... from the School of Hard Realities. What is the main lesson I have learned??

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." -Unknown.

I don't know why my family was "thrown into the lion's den" or why it seems way too many years have past since I last remembered how to give the gift of laughter... but there it is. Now I find myself giving joy even when my heart is breaking...over the loss my brother & stepfather, and not knowing when I'll be reunited with the kind, dear soul I call my husband.

Does that mean I'm going to gleefully run out to the only comedy club in this Hayseed County, grab a mike and make half-drunk twenty-something's laugh? Not particularly... I drove by there tonight and the place looked claustrophobic and too much like a loud, overcrowded smoke-filled room destined to give me an asthma attack or a migraine.

Forgive me y'all—from the looks of the marquis I couldn't tell if they knew real funny from a chicken bone stuck in someone's throat and I'm not that good with the Heimlich manuever yet. Although I did save my cat the other day. Besides I would really rather draw roses than host a spelling bee in a bar.

Well I did get to have fun before age twelve in front of around 3,000 people, playing a male role, fake mustache and all (well the auditorium did hold about that many...I dunno). And I spent more than ten years in front of a nursing home audience, doing what some religious ministers think women ain't supposed to do... sharing sermons and stories to folks who in all intents and purposes were just waiting in the station for their train ride home. My worst audience so far would have to be a man who held up the convenience store with me the sole employee for the night.

(If I had a chance to step into theater or act before a camera?? Would I love to play next to my big brother Richard Belzer? As my Spanish teacher used to say— "Que fun." As long as he teases me a little and I get to wear his hat... )

Still I figure this—how my gifts are used will have to be up to Providence to decide. (I still don't know how I get people to laugh so easily...)

So what am I doing for my birthday? Well, I went looking for black tennis shoes. Haven't found a pair that fit. Other than that, I gave my gift of joy to a friend... (mon chat vous aime)

A bit of news. Writing has been an essential part of walking out of a nightmare and toward a new lease on life. I've started a slightly funnier column--"Laugh Safely...Please" at this address: "" Previous "Agape" entries will be accessible from the links on the right side of the new site. Use the "Go to Laugh Safely" link to return to the new journal.

Shalom everyone... I leave you on my birthday with this intriguingly interesting poem:

Little Eagle Dancer

Twirling in the moonlight
Bowing to The Maker
Blowing kisses to His Constellations

Barefoot now and knee length deerskin dress
Long black hair swirling as you tease
The grass with your light-foot steps

And picked the eagle’s feather
From the nest

Now laughing at your bravery
You dance with the feather
At the edge of running water

Joyfully waiting for
Your older brother
Who gave you the dare

© by Dreamof-Roses, 2006.

Kind Regards and Laugh Safely,
Reni =^..^=

"There is no problem that cannot be improved by effort, and no effort that is too paltry to be worth undertaken." -Sam Waterston.


Reprint from Got Chutzpah??? (Orig. Agape is A Five Letter Word For Chutzpah).
©2006 by Kat-Renée Kittel. All Rights Reserved. Photo: Gil Perez. Please be kind & give laughter/funny credits to author & founder of the Laughter Safety Valve Commission™. (Thanks for the hug...)

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  1. I'm glad to have found all the fellow travellers along my path. (I have actually worked with Sam Waterson a few times on Law and Order He's a good man. I asked him once what had happened to a certian actor we know...he said "Too much fun" pretty funny since i have been a vivtim of that in the eighties and early nineties..
    Anyway, thanks for being out there...

  2. Happy Birthday! And Shalom.

    I couldn't help but wonder if you ever did in the nursing home like the magician in the 'got milk' tv commercial where he made the milk disappear in his hat and then the old folx form a mob ;)

    Anyway, Keep smiling.


  3. "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."-Unknown.

    This is a quote by Plato... Just so you'd know..

  4. Hi Mike.

    Ahem... A word to the wise, mate.

    I have a thing about the difference between banality and originality. There are certain words beginning with the letter "f" that are just so way over used that they are banally unkosherly unoriginal. In fact I like to come up with more bleepingly bloomin' creative words that have no constructive meaning... but I can say them around "Moe-Moe" Kitty, our junior funni staff member.

    Having said that--you left a second comment which included the wisdom of bathroom stall messages that were original about 10 years ago.

    So I put your comment through the Kosherizing process in keeping with the same Higher Authority Standard that Hebrew National Hot Dogs uses, before answering your question.

    Here is the new version:
    MIKE EXUM's Question:

    Hi, I am back.

    I was thinking, and you seemed like the person to ask...

    Do you ever see blogging as a little like reading bathroom walls in truck stops? I mean, maybe not the schmlut etc, but the more poetic stuff--after a fashion.

    Why do people write on bathroom walls? Do they feel a need to leave their mark? A way of saying, 'I was here' in some cosmic bid for existential meaning?

    Sometimes it is funny. I think of these wise words I found from the great wall of bathroom: Confucious say, He who eat jelly bean –schphlart in technicolor! Or my personal favorite: Please don't throw your cigarette schblutts in the schplurinal; it makes them schploggy and hard to re-light! ;)

    And then there are more serious sides to the experience. But the funnier parts come to mind just now as I am visiting your blog....



    NO. ^..^

  5. Well, I'm still the comic relief around here, you know...


  6. Hey...
    Thanks for reading my stuff... my thoughts come like little visitors.
    Poetry Like Lyrics is always a surprise to me. Sometimes pretty good other times... oops.
    Thanks again for taking the time.
    Poet Guy

  7. I uhm... deleted a "happy birthday" from brb...cause

    ...i'm confused, sorry.

    But that's sorta normal right now for this dingy nut out in hayseed county.

    I can't get back to the odd blog connected to the empty profile. The blog was black... was that a clue or something? Am I Sherlock Holmes Kid Sister & no one told me???

    I'm just the comic relief. The Mystery Blog Department is at 221B Baker Street in London.

    I do have comment verification, so:

    Dear Real Person,
    Thank you for the Happy Birthday.

    Could you pretty please write in French next time.

    And leave a bar of kosher dark chocolate with Dr. Watson...

    or Professor Moriarty.


    Reni. ^..^


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