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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dehr Bill n Ted Can I Play 2?

Hi everbuddy. Im Sandy Red Tigger n I wike shooz... Mommiz shooz. Im 15 1/2.
Dat's Katiez feet showin. Da udder nite Mommi n me waz watchin dis funni movie. Bill n Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Dese 2 guyz wike guitarz n hav band. Da Wild Stallyns. Dey go bak in time n borrow peeple 4 show n tell at skool. Dey had Billy da Kid, Socrates, Joan da Ark, Abe Linkon, Gengis Kahn, Beetoven n Napoleon...
Mommie waf so hard dat I ran outa da room for while. When I cum bak? Bill n Ted usin dis telefohn booth like a boht or sumtin wit all da historikal peeple in it.
Da histry peeple mess up da mall. Den run frum copz n fall down. Napoleon at 'musment park. He wike water 2 much. He kep goin down slidez n gettin wet. Dey were funni.
I wanna know... How cum Katie gotta be staffmembur n how cum Bill n Ted get ta hav so much fun fur? I wanna play too... I got dis song Mommi made for me n everting... it gohz like dis to da toon uv Henry da 8th I am:
I'm Sandy Red Tigger I am
Sandy Red Tigger I am I am
I wiv wit da wae-dee nex doohr.
She nevur hav red tabbee b4
But she tink I jus dandee
I'm hur preshus wittel Sandy
Sandy Red Tigger I am I am
Sandy Red Tigger I Am!
--Sandy Red.
(Okie dokie Sandy -- ya get ta play, too...("Oh and Be Excellent To Each Other" - Bill & Ted.)
- Reni & =^..^=)

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1 comment:

  1. Reni,

    Great schtik. (Is that spelled right? (Is it even Jewish or Yiddish? (I'm a gentile, remember? (have it plastered right on the top of my blog!)))) (I love putting perentheses inside of perentheses. (It makes my research papers look more important.))

    Anyway, I will leave the funny funny to the professionals. Thank you Thank you.

    Anyway, I remembered you in prayers last night. I hope you are blessed. I do not ask a lot of questions, in large part because I figure there is a lot of personal and sensitive stuff that you probably should be cautious with even if you don't want to. And in part because I would not know what to do with the info if I had it. But that does not imply lack of care or interest.

    Assuming you want my prayers, here is my offer: I will voice prayer on you behalf for you and your husband any time you wish to request it. You and I are strangers, but G-d knows both of us. I can petition Him and He knows what to do.

    Many blessings, Reni.

    and my wife's cat is named Cinco after the Mexican Holiday.


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