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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Late Toosday/Early Windsday

Dis here iz Leo's first night in a new home... He mites get scared... but he likes his new Mawmee. His new Mawmee's name is Lacy. Leo even asked our Mawmee ifn's it was alrites fur Lacy to hold him. She gaves him a kissy.

She losted hur last Persian, a white floofy gurl named Jasmine. Jasmine gotted out when hur sittur didn't pays attenshun. Jasmine gotted lost and nevfur found. Lacy was furry sads fur a long time.

Leo didn't like gettin stuffed in a carrier, but he was furry goods about it. When he gotted to hiz new home, he hafs a small room to know his new Mawmee in.

Plese purray dat Lacy and Leo gets to luvs each ovfur fur ever!!

Your Furry Mews Repurrter
-Katie Too


  1. Oh, Katie, we is so happy to hear that. We wishes Leo an his new mommie Lacy a wonnerful furrst night together, and many, many more to come.
    Fank you fur tha good news.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. What a happy story. We're see glad that Leo found a loving home.

  3. Hurray for Leo! I'm so glad he's gotten himself a loving new home :)

  4. oh oh oh we is purraying that they will be happy furever!!!

  5. Oh I hope this story has a very happy ending!

  6. Congratulations, Leo, on finding your forever home!!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  7. Katie
    DAT is grate noos bout Leo...we is so happy we is gonna do our happy dance...


  8. Hooray for Leo! I hope he has a wonderful life with his new mommie Lacy.

  9. What great news for Leo! I'm sure Lacy will just adore him and he will get used to his new forever home soon. We'll be purring for them both!

  10. We too hope Leo and his new mom bond so he has a forever home. He is a beautiful kitty. Hopefully she will fall in love with him.

    purrs and tail wags

  11. We will purray very hard! It sounds like Leo and Lacy are a good match! I is very excited for them.

  12. Oh we are so happy for Leo & Lacy! Thank you for coming to our blog birthday party! You can have all the balloons you want!!!


  13. yaaaaaay thats grate that Leo has a new home.

  14. We are very happy for Leo to have found a nice forever home! We are sure he and lacy will love each other and have wonderful times together.
    Thank you so much for your condolences regarding the loss of our sweet Emil, we appreciate your coming by!
    Karl and Mrs. OZ

  15. Yippee! We are so glad Leo and Lacy are going home together! That's so wonderful!
    Your FL furiends,

  16. Way to go, Leo. Sounds like you've got yourself a good furrrever home.

    Hope Leo & Lacy are very happy together.


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