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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ninja Cat Movie Poster

Ninja Cats: The Movie
Starring Bruce Meezer and Chuck Morris
A Meshuganeh Katz Film Purrduction®


  1. That movie looks so much better than any movie out there right now... when will it be released?
    Missy Blue Eyes

    pee ess: Cute poster! Great photo.

  2. bonjour mon ami, merci de me rendre visite ! (apologies for my poor french, I am sure I have said it incorrectly)

    that looks like a brilliant movie!

    thank you for coming to see me and giving us the tips about the baby food and glucosamine. ise been given the chicken and pumpkin baby food in the past to help with constipation. my meowmie has a new jar in the cupboard, she will try this later and see if I respond, thanks for the reminder!


  3. Wow, this looks already like a very promising movie!

  4. where is the premyer going to be ? Can yu make sure its in the Yoo Kay ?

  5. This is a looks like a really good movie! I would love to go see it!

  6. J'aime bien votre photo!

    I would love to see that on the big scrrreen.




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