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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where No One Stands Alone...

For all our sweet babies whom God has shared with us - now over Heaven's Rainbow Bridge.
We misses our Tigger, Snow Baby and so many more. See you soon sweet Kali & Storm.

(Mosie Lister) '58 Mosie Lister Publications

Once I stood in the night with my head bowed down
in the darkness as black as the sea.
And I felt so alone and I cried oh Lord
don't hide Your Face from me.

Hold my hand all the way every hour every day
from here to the great unknown
Take my hand let me stand
where no one stands alone.

Like a king I may live in a palace so tall
with great riches to call my own.
But I don't know a thing in this whole wide world
that's worse than being alone.

Hold my hand all the way every hour every day
from here to the Great Unknown.
Take my hand let me stand
where no one stands alone
P. S. Our grand Mawmee used ta perform dis here song backs in da 1960's... and she gots ta know Mosie Lister, too. Somewhere dehrs an old tape called a "reel to reel" wif hur singin it.

Bootsie is doin bettur - after Mawmee wrapped hur in a towel and put herbal stuffins in hur ears. Mawmeez gonna wait and take hur to our speshul vet: Dr. Johnson aftur work.

-Spunky Boo Bear
Certified Eccentric & Ornery
& borned on Good Furry Day, 1989!


  1. We read your comment on the CB and came by. Thank you for posting that song. Jan says she really needed to hear it today.

    purrs and tail wags
    and {{{hugs}}}

  2. That is a very nice video song :) Thanks for sharing.
    I hope Bootsie Woo is better. I will give her lots of purrs!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  3. That's a great song.
    I hope Bootsie Woo feels all better fast! We will send her lots and lots of purrs!
    Alla the Hotties

  4. How lovely! We're happy to hear that Bootsie is improving, and we're gonna pray and purr for a quick and full recovery. Purrs, hugs & love to all of you!

  5. KC said...
    so glad to hear Bootsie is getting better. Fanks fur tha nice song, too. We's all purring an purraying for all of you...
    Love & Purrs,

  6. I am glad that Bootsie is a little better!

  7. that is a nice song. we're glad to hear Bootsie is doing better. we'll keep purring and purring for a quick and full recovery.

  8. I am glad to know that Bootsie is doing better. I will purr for her to get all better!

  9. You posted the perfect music video yesterday. We just read your message on CB about needing help moving. We are purring, praying and wagging tails for everything to work out well for you!

  10. hello there my friends...we finally came to listen to the song in its entirety - we tried a couple of times but we got too sad - but today we is feeling a bit stronger cos Stormie is home with us again...thank you for posting this song, it is beautiful x


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