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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Special Kitty Unit's Excellent Adventure!

Sleepy Bella

Reel short updates (fotoz latur)
Toosday was da SKU's Eight week purfday!!

Happee purthdae Kitty Babiez!

On Monday Mom and our Bruther Frind Mike took

Elliot, Olivia, Munch, Harlee and Bella on a trip to PetSmart!!!

Mom lined a shoppin cart (trolley) wif cardbord and den put dehr carrier in dat.
Onse inside dat Pets Mart Plase, hur
tooks da top off. Dem babiez sats in da carrier and wundered about da world!!

And dey waz petted and awwed ovfur by lots of nise peeples. Evfurry one did purrtee good on dehr furst adventure... (Goin to da vets wif me whn Mom thot I had mastitis was a furst in da carrier.)

Dey was a bit skerd and cold at furst. (cold cuz high A/C
in PetSmart).

Olivia had da most skerdiez...
Elliott waz a shy boy.
Bella was da bestest baby.
Munch and Harlee wanted to climb over da cardbord and outta da cart!!
Den dey all went Sleepy in da grocery cart!!

After dat dey gotta visit our Mike's howse and stayd in his bafroom fur a rest brek wifs water n Kitten Chow while Mike and Mom ate Wendy's stuffomz.

Dey hurd a toilet flush fur da furst time!!! Dat was a scary noize!!
Dey all jumped whn Mike did dat! Poor babiez! Dey just lurning ta watch water fall in dehr water bowl at home!

(Elliott iz a big skerdee boy..
.Him hid behind fings in da bafroom, like da toilet soh Mom not flush noh morh...)

Morh bout dis aventure latur!!

Luv, Daisy May Daffodil
who stayed home and got sum rest frum bein a Mommy!


  1. Happy Eight Week Birthday, kittens! You did have a big adventure.

  2. Happy eight week birthday SKU! Your big adventure sounds scary and fun at the same time.

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  3. Happy 8 week purrthday, SKU! None of us have ever been to Pet Smart before, sounds fun!

  4. Well, it's about time you got a rest, Daisy! You must have been glad for the temporary peace and quiet.

  5. Thanks for the purrs for Sebastian and Reilly, they are doing better! In fact, we are going to have an update about them tomorrow! Thanks for your concern!

  6. Wow! That is some adventure you all had! We hope that you can all get adopted soon, and off to your new homes. Your big adventure is good practice for socializing for your new homes.


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