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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sweet Bella has gone to the bridge

One of Daisy May's babies - Special Kitty Unit's dear sweet Bella has gone to the bridge... in the line of duty while lookin aftur her humanz.

mom just founds out today when hur was fixin da instant messenger. Sarah, hur noo Mommy connected when hur saw our Mom online...

plz purr fur her Mommy Sarah who luved hur lots. Sarah just moved to Kansas and had been living in the middle east wif hur dad before dat... Dis all noo fur Sarah.

And purr fur us cuz we iz havins a furry sads rite now...
Our Mom keeps thinkin bout holdin her as a tiny baby and teachin hur to eats n stuffs and How Daisy put Bella onda beds wif Mommy whn hur waz sleepin. Hur wz speshul gurl. Hur would beenz 1 year old on May 26.

Will post sum more photos uvs hur whin we gets dem. - Katie Kitty Too.


Updates on BiBi - Hur is all bettur frum dat gland infekshun and hur iz bin luvin our granma - dats hur Mom n stuffs... soh weze gotz a glad bout dat... =^..^=

Katie Get It