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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bootsie Woo Update After Sugery

Update on Bootsie after her lady surgery on Friday.

I asked Cat Hospital to board little Bootsie over the weekend so they could keep an eye out for any complications.
(They also did routine bloodwork before the surgery... still waiting on the results.)

I picked her up Monday afternoon.
Poor sweetie had a bladderful and relieved herself the moment they put her in the carrier. (I'm wondering if she didn't much like the litter box they gave her.) Stopped by a store and got her a little blue lap blankie. After I switched out the old soaked towel, she was so happy, that she started paddy pawing the new blankie!

Got her home and isolated her in the bedroom from Max and Katie, so she could rest. I made a little nest with the blankie and she rolled round in it. Would show you photos, but the USB transfer cable is hiding somewhere...

Bootsie smelled like icky perfumed clay litter and fresh urine. The little sweetie let me give her a paper towel bath moistened with baking soda water, while she rolled around on her new blankie.

I'm concerned that Cat Hospital did not give me any antibiotics or pain meds to take home with her as that was normal procedure at Indian Hills Animal Clinic. Yet so far, Lil Boo's incision seems fine, but I'm surprised at how long it is on such a short little girl. And she doesn't seem to be in much pain at all, just a little sore.

Will write another update tomorrow and hopefully the camera cable will wriggle out from hiding by then!

Katie Kat